Once the group containing the Fantastic 7 left, Landon continued on with his duties.

He a.s.signed 20 more caretakers to look after the children, and 158 stable workers for the horses.

Now, Landon had 5,600 people available for work.

He decided to send 300 workers to the food Industry, another 300 as caretakers for all the animals, 300 to the Alchemy Industry, as well as 700 to the construction Industry.

The remaining 4,000 would work in actual construction.

The animals were placed in the stables of the food Industry.

One should know that before the industries existed, those estates were used for as residents for the barons.

Each Baron had at least 4500 knights under their care, and these knights in turn had their own horses.

So there were a lot of in-door house stables at the back of every estate.

Landon decided to have all the animals stay in those in door stables for now.

Since he was expecting these animals, he had previously requested for the department 6 of the construction company, to build metal bars, for each animal shed. He had also brought in a lot of hay and metal trays for the chickens.

For the food Industry, Landon gave them the task of creating b.u.t.ter and taking care of all the animals as per his instructions. For the entire month, this was their only task.

The Alchemy industry on the other hand, needed to focus on soap making for the entire month.

The construction industry would also focus on furniture making and, Porcelain and marble making.

Although Landon wouldn't build a gigantic villa as a house, he still wanted the houses to capture the modern essence of beauty.

That's why Landon had decided to make Porcelain and marble.

He needed porcelain floor tiles, as well as marble ones.

These materials could also be used in making breakable plates, teacups, teapots and so on.

Both marble and Porcelain could also be added to furniture, house pillars, and wall papers to create beautiful designs.

Marble in particular could also be used as aggregates for making cement blocks, so Landon thought it was the perfect time to make them.

Since the raw materials were available, why not start now?

He carefully explained the process, as he handed over an exercise book containing a detailed description on the manufacturing process to Tim.

Feldspar ore, clay mineral ore and sand were used to create porcelain.

The raw materials were to be crushed, mixed, and pa.s.sed through a screen or filter to remove any over-size particle.

From there, water would be added and a clay like product formed.

The clay should resemble all those Clay's in sculpting cla.s.ses.

The workers were to then mold different cups, plates and so on.

The floor tiles were to be spread flatly, using only very thin layers of clay.

Once molded, everything would besent to the fire.

And at the end of the day, Landon expected them to also paint and create their own designs on the cups and plates.

Who knows, they could make a teacup saying: 'Father of the year' on it.

Landon wanted the workers to use their creative imaginations, so he set up a compet.i.tion.

At the end of the next month, the top 3 designs would win several prizes from him.

He wanted to stimulate their minds and encourage their own personal growth within Baymard.

As for those in charge of furniture making, they were to get the already cut planks and wooden boards, from the wood cutting department and start making bed frames, chairs, tables and so on.


Finally, he was left with his 4,000 construction workers.

His thinking was simple.

When building a house, it was essential to hook up the water, electricity and heating before construction.

He could do it later, but that would result in more work.

If Landon did it after building the houses, he would need to break down the house walls and floors later on, just to install underground pipes and sewage systems.

That was just double work.

Before constructing houses for the citizens, he had to make sure that these 3 Industries existed: Water & Sewer treatment plant, Thermal power plant (electricity) and central heating plant.

Previously, Landon had 6000 workers that created heavy machines like tractors.

Now that Baymard had over 800 different types of heavy machines, Landon decided to withdraw 4500 out of those 6000, and add to them with the new recruits. Leaving only 1,500 to continue making the machines.

Now, he had a total of 8,500 workers ready for construction.

The old workers were now considered as veterans.

They knew how to use all the tools and machines, as well as perform quick calculations.

They also understood the concept of inches, yards and so on.

It would be easier for them to teach the new recruits while on the job.

That's why Landon had put them together.

Each old worker would guide and help atleast 1 new worker, since they were almost even in number.

Previously, when Landon was teaching the construction workers how to use the machines, they had practiced, and already leveled and prepared all the construction sites for building.

They used the excavators to dig up and clear all trees and leaves within the area.

The construction site that was filled with trees and bushes, was now 'bald'.

They also made trenches for pipelines around the perimeter of the sites. As well as trenches, that would connect all industry pipelines together.

The 3 meter wide gigantic pipes had been wheeled in to the construction site, by the use of Lowboy machines.

They were basically like those trailers you see in airports, that carry luggage to the plane. Except, this one was for construction purposes. It had no walls, no roofs, just a floor on wheels.

Of course it had several chains, to prevent the pipes from falling.

They were also good for transporting giant trees from one place to another.


With everything organized, it was finally time to start building actual structures

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