Landon chose to begin with the water and sewage treatment plant.

This plant would have 2 main functions; purifying sea water and treating sewage.

Landon was sick and tired of using buckets and pit toilets to do his business.

As a modern man, how could it not bother him?

It was really annoying to have the young butlers in his castle carry the buckets out everyday.

Honesty, Landon thought that this was human abuse. But the people didn't seem to mind, as if it was nothing at all.

Once, he wanted to take out his own bucket of sh**, and 1 of the young butler's started crying, thinking that Landon wanted to fire him.

What the f***?... Dude, I'm trying to help you, alright?

He had already made up his mind that next month, he would definitely make pulp and paper.

In this era, people washed their with either a communal sponge on a stick, reusable rags, corn cobs, old ropes, or their hands.

It was so disgusting.

Every household would share the same rags or sponges with each other after going to the toilet.

As for Royalty, after using the sponge on a stick, the butler would clean it up and the next royal family member could use that same sponge... the same thought process went for reusable rags.

Infact there were really few sponges around, that Landon was sure that somebody else had used his sponge.

He just chose not to think about because the last time he did, he kept puking all through the night.

To make matters worse, the system was a scammer when it came to toilet paper.

How could 3 squares of toilet paper cost 20 Development points? Was he using gold to wipe his a.s.s?

Landon really thought that the system was intentionally making things difficult for him this time.

At this point he couldn't help but blame truck-kun for seriously killing him back on earth.

If the truck hadn't ran over the red light hurriedly, he would still be alive up till this day.

Before dying, he had seen the shocked look on the drivers face, so he knew that it was an accident.

Since he didn't want to really blame driver-kun, the truck was at fault.

Sigh... truck-kun.

In this era, the people weren't too big on hygiene, so they didn't mind sharing the same toilet rag or sponge with each other.

He had been painstakingly waiting for the time when he would succeed in toilet paper making.

On that day, he would probably dance 'gangnam style' in his bedroom.



For the water and sewage treatment plant, Landon needed several buildings and pipes in place.

Since he decided to treat sea water, Landon needed 3 gigantic pipelines, to be placed underground from the sea in the coastline region, to the plant in the lower region.

2 of those pipelines would be used daily, while the other one would be there as backup, should incase the other 2 needed maintenance or fixing.

All the water would pa.s.s through the pipes and head toward a 300 sq foot building, which should have different filtering equipments used for filtering out any sand particles or hard rocks from the water.

After filtering, the water would still go through several buildings that would focus on filtration and chemical addition, until the water is entirely clean.

All the tanks needed, would be the same size as a regular swimming pool, except for the chemical storage tanks.

Landon planned to build these tanks like how one would build an aquarium seal show or a regular swimming pool.

There would be safety bars and waist high iron fences around each pool, that wouldn't allow people to come close or touch the tanks carelessly.

For water and sewage treatment, it was industrially better for everything to be eye level.

Several chemicals would also be added to the water treatment process.

Chlorine for example would be used for disinfecting the water. And lime for raising the water's pH level, hence reducing corrosion in the pipes.

As for the sewage treatment, Landon realized that he needed 11 more buildings within the plant.

Waste water would be collected from toilets, drainage pipes, homes, schools, industries.. in fact from everywhere.

So of course they needed their own buildings and treatment tanks.


Landon also realised that he needed more buildings that would host, the workers daily necessities.

Landon decided to adopt the standard industry setup for a power plant, back on earth. Hence the industry would have 2 sectors.

Before anyone could pa.s.s through the main gate, security would check if they were authorized or not.

The 1st sector would immediately follow after the main gate.

This sector would have: 6 buildings for staff and office personnels, 1 infirmary building and 1 security building.

These 6 buildings would have; staff and meeting rooms, large locker rooms for both male and females, a large kitchen, a large cafeteria, bathrooms and showers around the buildings and equipment rooms.

Some of the buildings would be 4 stories high, while some would be less.

There would also be a wall and a gate dividing the 1st and the 2nd sectors.

Only authorized personnel, workers or engineers will be able to go to the 2nd sector.

The 2nd sector would have the fire department building, control tower, chemical laboratory building, engineering office building, the production vessels, chemical storage building and another security building at the gate of the second sector.

Landon wanted the plant to be professional.

He couldn't allow people to just walk in and out as they liked.

The security had to be tight.

Only those with badges, access cards or could move in and out of the plant. ... And even those who worked in sector 1, couldn't pa.s.s through sector 2 as they liked.

That's how it was done on earth, and that's how he was going to so it here. No room for errors.

One had to be like Tom Cruise in 'Mission Impossible', to get into the plant unauthorized.

Heck, what if someone wanted to steal important doc.u.ments in the Offices? Or blow up the plant from within?

What if an enemy wanted to steal his technology? Or poison the workers?.

Security was a must.

He also needed a car park that would be the same size as that for Walmart or any large shopping center.

The car park should also have reserved s.p.a.ces for the company buses, a.s.signed for picking and dropping workers to home or any where within the various bus routes.


He wore his safety gear and headed out to the construction site.

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