It was 9 A.M, time to work.

Since the workers came to work already wearing their new safety gears, he had them offload the trucks that contained sand, cement blocks, cement bags, aggregates, steel rods, ladders and all other equipments and materials needed for construction.

Before Landon could explain the first step to them, the old workers had already taken out their jotters, as well as their pens.

Landon smiled while nodding agreeably.

They learned so fast.

Within this time, the old recruits had learnt to write down important information in their jotters.

Since Landon wasn't there to do everything for them any more, they started writing down important information, so that they didn't have to go through several experiments again.

The new recruits were confused about what those stick things (pens) were... And did they just see their colleagues take out tiny manuals?

The new recruits started wondering if Baymard was actually super rich for normal workers to afford manuals.

Mind you, people didn't have exercise books in this era since paper was seen as a national treasure.

Paper was only used to make manuals (textbooks) or important historical records or empire rules.. ..... But to allow someone to waste paper just like that, was really something else.

How could ordinary workers afford paper, talk less of manuals?

Landon amplified his voice using the system, and also demonstrated several times on how the foundation of buildings were to be done.

He spent 1 hour, repeatedly showing then what to do.

And when they finally got it, he broke them up into groups and a.s.signed them to each building and each large tank on the site.

Since those tanks were the size of regular swimming pools, their base needed to be made out of concrete as well.

The workers first made wooden boards to the sides of the trenches, and added crushed stones (gravel) into the trenches.

The wooden boards acted as walls, surrounding the gravel and forming what construction workers call 'the Foot'.

The gravel was also spread around the entire ground floor of the building with the help of wheelbarrows.

As for the base, they placed long steel bars which were also held together by steel rods into the gravel.

Once the steel rods were placed, the trenches were completely filling with concrete. As well as the building ground floor of the building.

Finally, they used the screeds to smoothen the cement on the building floor, making it look even.

With 8500 workers doing this, after 2 and a half hours, they had completely layed down the foundation for the entire Industry.

With this many people, they should have been done in 1 hour. But since it was their first time, it was expected for them to be slow.

Now they had to wait for 2 days for the cement to cure and harden, before removing those wooden walls, and beams around the cement.

Tsk... time was money.

There was no way that he would let the workers do nothing within these 2 days.

Might as well start constructing the other industries.

Landon needed them to go to the other construction sites, to also place the foundation for their buildings and tanks.

Just as he was about to leave, he spotted 2 loading trucks heading their way.

It was probably 12:30, lunch time.

The men removed their gloves and aided in offloading the cooking pots from the trucks.

There were 20 pots and 20 cooks waiting to serve the dishes to them. There were also 20 other cooks, who were tasked in handing out plastic plates and cups to the men.

The cooks looked very professional.

They had white elastic hair wraps on their heads, transparent gloves on their hands and wore clean white plastic ap.r.o.ns.

They were also several drums filled with water that were offloaded as well.

The drums had 4 outlet taps at their bottoms, so that the men could easy get themselves water if they were thirsty.

Break time was 1 hour long, so the men had to manage their time wisely.

It was better to eat fast, so as to relief yourself if one needed to.

The men formed 20 lines, as they hurriedly took their food as sat on the gra.s.s.

Landon didn't want them to eat on the construction site, so the trucks gathered just by the side of the construction site markings.

Of course as King, Landon didn't need to wait online as his food was automatically brought over to him.

The privileges of power.. hehehe



1:30 P.M, lunch time was over.

The men to loaded all the bags of cement, and other materials and equipment into different trucks. Once they were done, they headed out to the second construction site.

By 2:15 P.M, they arrived, and only used 1 hour 15 minutes to completely layer the foundation for all buildings and tanks on the site.

They packed up again and were on their way to the final construction site.

By 5:10 P.M, they were done with layering the doundation for all buildings and tanks on site.

All the workers were working in the day s.h.i.+ft, and had spent 8 hours on the job, so by 5:30 P.M, they were required to call it quits for the day.

With only 20 more minutes left before closing time, Landon had the men gather up all the tools and drive back to the construction company.

Tomorrow, he would focus on installing the iron net-like fences around the sites, since they had to wait for 2 days before the cement completely hardened.

For the fences, Landon wanted them to be like regular Prison fences that had barbed wires at the top.

In future, the barbed wires would definitly be able to electrocute those who try to sneak in.

Landon wasn't taking any chances with anybody.

In future, without your badge, access card or pa.s.s, don't even dream of seeing the inside of the Industry.

If someone lost their access cards or pa.s.s, someone would immediately come over and verify if they worked there or not.

All spies would be electrocuted, period.

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