--Royal Palace, The Capital of Arcadina--


"My king, right now the first prince and 7 other city lords are the only ones to arrive the capital to take their a.s.signments.

The 2nd and 3rd princes should get back here in a week or 2.

And by the second week of August, all the other city lords from far away should arrive as well.

Once everyone arrives, they will all move out together towards the different cities under attack." Minister Tawney said.

"Good..... has city lord Shannon arrived yet?" King Barn asked.

"My esteem king, he should arrive in August."

"Hahaha.. When he arrives, make sure that he sees me before going out on the mission. I need to give him a personal a.s.signment on my behalf."

"Yes my king"

King Barn looked at his trusted knight and signaled for him to come forward.

"Summon Princess Jenette and Captain Anthony here"


--Eli's old courtyard, the Capital of Arcadina--


"My lord, I think those old ministers are trying to use this war to the advantage of your brothers.... My lord, should we get secret guards to protect you?" Zarius asked.

Right now, Eli had made his way into the Capital so as to receive his a.s.signments.

Eli stood in his old courtyard and smiled.

"Why worry about those tiny insects so such?"

"But my lord, I think that they will try to a.s.sa.s.sinate you again if you don't go prepared" Zarius replied.

"Who says that we wouldn't be prepared?... Do I need to use my brain to deal with these baffoons?.. The biggest set back is that we cant besiege Baymard. "

Zarius' eyes lit up.

Because of this border war, Eli might not be able to get that Baymard under his control until next year.

The official date to head out to the border, is on the 15th of August.

It will take 2 months to go down south to the border.

And once he completed his mission, his father would probably request that he stay there for at least 4 months, so as to make sure that those pesky Deiferus knights dont bring more reinforcements to take back the land.

After 4 months he would have to take another 2 months to head back to the Capital, so as to receive his rewards and have a parade as the crown prince of Arcadina.

Aftrr the whole ordeal, he would need another 3 weeks to go back to his territory, before attempting to attack Baymard again.

And one should not forget that Baymard is 4 months away from his territory.

That's almost 11 months by horse travel, before he could successfully attack Baymard.

At most, he could only start his operations by July next year.

"Apart from Baymard, that d.a.m.n Ghostly prince keeps giving me sleepless nights...The fact that I don't really know his next moves really irks me." Eli exclaimed will squeezing the life out of the orange in his hand.

"My lord, do you think that while we are away, he would finally make his move?" Zarius asked inquuisitively.

Just before he was about to answer, someone knocked on his door.

After 2 minutes, a thick, curvy beautiful woman walked in and sat on a chair beside Eli.

This woman was his mother.

"Little Eli... Once you head out, make sure nothing fails.. the sooner you get back, the earlier we can officially start with our plans." Said queen Sera.

"Mom, everything is ready..... Don't worry... Although this trip was a little unexpected, it won't stop our plans."

"Good.... the sooner we kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, the sooner I will be at peace". Queen Sera said with an evil glint in her eyes.

At this point, she too hated King Barn.

h.e.l.l has no Fury like a woman's scorn.

When she was still young, she was officially engaged to him and was deeply infatuated with him.

He said that he would love her till they grew old together.

Granted, she would always kill and torture those women that claimed to love him too.. but did that really make her a bad person?

She loved him like crazy and would sometimes ask her father, who was a minister within the court, to find out his schedule so she could 'accidentally' b.u.mp into him her and there.

If he ever showed interest to any girl other than her, for sure that girl wouldn't last a week.

And if the girl came from a wealthy family, she would hire gangs to rape the girl and destroy her public image.

Didn't she do it all for love? Wasn't that what love was?

Not even 3 months after his marital vow of evaluating love for her, he cheated on her and married another woman.

He said that she seduced him and was the one who did all the work in the bedroom... Of course she believed him.

How could her love be interested in that s.l.u.t?

But a few months before she was to go in to labor, that s.l.u.t had the nerve become pregnant as well.

And 2 days before her labor date, another s.l.u.t had married into the royal family.

And another year after that, a cheap common maid had taken advantage of her drunk husband and gotten pregnant with a b.a.s.t.a.r.d child.

Why were all these women coming for her man?

But she quickly realised that the first 2 harlots were much wiser than the last one.

So she decided to first eliminate the last s.l.u.t.

But who would have thought that chief Commander Lucius would always protect that b**ch.

All these d.a.m.n b****es made her sick.

To make matters worse, it had been 6 whole years since he last touched her.

She tried everything, from the latest plum makeup, to hiring street harlots to teach her the game of seduction, to acting like a pampered princess.

What else was she to do?

And to top it all off, she as a woman that needed and craved for satisfaction as well.

She wasn't asking for to much... Even once a year was a good deal to her at this point.

Her husband could have many women, but she couldn't?

If she ever found pleasure from any other man, she was sure that she would be locked up in a prison-like courtyard for all eternity.

Over the years, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d had gotten ordinary street harlots to please him in bed, yet he refused to even look at her?

Sometimes, she could here their screams of pleasures all the way from her courtyard.

It felt like torture.... 9 whole years of loneliness.

She just wanted to be touched... she had been dying inside for ages now.

Everytime she tried to talk to him about it, he would make up an excuse and run away from her... there were times that he would ask her if she was a dog... because according to him, only dogs went in heat.

Out of those 9 lonely years, she had spent 3 years begging for his attention daily.

But on the 4th year, her love for him had completely died.

She had overheard him talk to a young maid, promising her love and riches if she could sleep with him.

He even said that he couldn't stand her because she was fat!... her fat!!.. hahaha... it was on that day that she finally realised how stupid she had been.

To think that this was the man that she killed countless women for.

Since then, all her love for him instantly turned to hate.

And as years went by, her murderous side began to take over her mind.

He had to die.

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