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2 days had already pa.s.sed, and the concrete had successfully hardened.

Within these 2 days, the men had been installing those iron-net prison fences around the site.

So far, they had only succeeded in completely fencing the back, and the sides of the water and sewage treatment plant.

Landon kept the front open, so that the trucks could move in and out of the site freely.

9 A.M

Landon had the men remove all the wooden boards, molds and rails that were previously placed around each would-be building on the construction site.

Today, they had to focus on constructing the first floors of every building on the construction site.

Landon again, demonstrated what they were supposed to do. And once they had grasped the concept, he decided to have them start on their own.

He also tasked 500 workers with mixing the cement to form concrete, and wheeling them over towards each building on the site.

The rest of the 8000 workers crowded around all the buildings sites, ready for work.

The concrete had hardened and had successfully glued the steel rods firmly to the building floors.

And although these steel rods already indicated all corners and rooms on the first floor, it was still important to make sure that the walls were straight and not bent.

That's why Landon had the men tie ropes between each rod, so as to accurately form straight lines within the buildings.

Landon listened to the workers, as they went about trying the outline the buildings.

"The rope is slanted, I think we should connect these 2 rods"

"I don't think that we need to tie the rope between these to rods, it should be between the other 2"

"Ahh!!...Your right!!...The floor plan given by his highness shows that this s.p.a.ce between the rods is a door"

"We need to tie the ropes only between the rods that would be turned into walls."

"What about the parts were his highness wrote 'hallway'?"

"I remember that his highness said that the hallway is also like a pa.s.sageway or corridor"

"That's true, I remember that I wrote it down on my notes.... thanks for the reminder"

"Yeah, thanks.. To think that I actually forgot about it.. I need to go home and revise more on it".

"Thank you for explaining these things to me, I just got here 4 days ago.... so I have no idea what most of this stuff means... But now, I believe that I have a little more understanding towards this."

"Don't worry, once you keep working and attending your school lectures, you too will get it... Its actually not that hard."


The men continued to chat and learn from each other, as the work progressed on.

When they were done, it was finally time to start creating the interior and exterior walls.

The men used those ropes as their rulers, and started stacking up the cement blocks.

The men layed out the concrete on the floors along the ropes, and placed the cement blocks on the concrete.

Just like that, they kept stacking up the blocks on one another, with the use of concrete.

Landon thought that the men looked extremely funny.

Imagine a long line of people waiting to have access into a club.

That's how they looked as they worked around and inside each building. .. They were packed like tiny sardines, as they went about their work.

Each person just had 1 foot of working s.p.a.ce in front of them.

Most plants back on earth, for example power plants, provided energy for an entire province or atleast 3 or 4 cities at once... Hence their sizes were bigger.

For example, the Parlo Verde plant in Arizona U.S.A, provided energy to Los Angeles, San Diego, Tuscon and many more Californian metropolitan areas.

The same could be said for 80% of Industrial plants back on earth.

For Landon's case, he was just providing for Baymard alone.... That's why Baymard's Industrial plants didn't need to be so ma.s.sive.

Hence, although he made 500 men mix the concrete, he still felt like 8000 workers were really alot for a normal size plant.


Once the men had stacked up to 1 meter high, the men used the iron bridge ladders to continue on.

The first floor was going to be a high ceiling floor, so Landon needed it to reach at least 3 meters tall.

The iron bridge ladders could hold up to 3 people at once, and resembled those ladders that window cleaners used back on earth.

Landon then divided the men into groups of 6.

3 people would stand on the ladders, while the other 3 would be on the ground.

2 out of the 3 men on the ground, would aid in giving those on the ladders cement blocks and buckets filled with concrete... While the 3rd person, would keep an eye on the ladder footing, so as to ensure the safety of those on top.

Again, 2 out of 3 workers on the ladders would continue stacking the walls, while the other one be in charge of collecting the buckets of cement and blocks from those on the ground.

The work went steady. And by closing time, the first floor of 75% of the buildings, had been successfully done.

Now, they had to wait for 2 days again, for the concrete to completely harden before they could successfully form the second floors.

Of course for the next 2 days, once the men completed the first floor of the buildings left, Landon had them start constructing the first floor walls for the other 2 sites.

Honestly, Landon was getting ticked off with this d.a.m.n cement hardening stuff.

Like why couldn't it just dry down after several hours? Why wait for days?... he needed this industries built fast..

Chop! Chop!.. Time was money.

But since he was doing all the plant sites at once, his irritation about the matter lessened.

And just like that, Landon spent most of his days with the construction team.


--Empire of Arcadina, Secret Hideout--


William wore his boots, tied his hair, and placed his sword in his sheath.

Mona rushed up to him, and gently held his checks with her palms, as she fought back the urge to cry.

Her son was a man now, so it was really inappropriate for her to always cry or hold him back.... He had responsibilities, and a duty to fulfill.

"Little William, make sure to stay safe.... And if you are ever trapped or discovered, make a run for it and don't try to be heroic.. Heroes usually die faster. "

Oden walked up behind Mona, and placed his right hand on William's shoulder.

"Its been almost 2 months now, and that Slytherin b.a.s.t.a.r.d should be making his way over to Sangria city.

And In another 3 weeks, he should be arriving.

You need to make sure that you get to Sangria before he does.

Once you successfully get through the city undetected, Captain Remlock would be waiting for you at the Quinzy Inn.

And like your mother said... If anything goes wrong, RUN!!

Your mother and I can live our lives without having to fulfill our desire for revenge... But without you, there would be no point living for us to live on.

Be safe!!"

"Dad, mom, Aren't I the ghostly Prince? Since when did I ever loose to anyone?.. Rest a.s.sured, I will return back to you all safe.... And besides... I'm no hero. "

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