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It had been 2 weeks now, and Landon had been aiding the construction workers at the sites.

Today, Landon left the workers early, because he had a meeting to attend.

At 3 P.M, Landon headed over to the Alchemy Industry, to have his weekly meetings with all the supervisors and overseers.

Every week, Landon would use any room in any of the industries, for the meetings.

He would rotate between all industries, so as to be fair.

Last week, the meeting took place at the Food industry... The week before that, it was held at the Construction Industry. And now, it was at the Alchemy Industry.

All the overseers and supervisors were suppose to bring in their weekly reports indicating their progress compared to the prior week. And a pie chart which showed their results, as well as how many products were currently in stock.

They were also supposed to present all the problems and difficulties the workers faced, within each industry.

So far, Baymard had several sections within each Industry:

•Food Industry:

▪Department F1 (Actual farming)

▪Dep F2 (storage and distribution)

▪Dep F3 (Seasoning and spice making)

▪Dep F4 (Cooking oil)

▪Dep F5 (Vinegar)

▪Dep F6 (b.u.t.ter)

▪Dep F7 (Taking care of goats, chickens, etc)


• Alchemy/Chemistry Industry:

▪Dep A1 (gunpowder)

▪Dep A2 (Paint)

▪Dep A3 (Chalk making)

▪Dep A4 (chemical products like chlorine, etc)

▪Dep A5 (Storage and distribution of goods)

▪Dep A6 (oil production)

▪Dep A7 (Ink making)

▪Dep A8 (Soap making)


•Construction Industry:

▪Dep C1 (Mining)

▪Dep C2 (gla.s.s making)

▪Dep C3 (Warefare weapons..guns, cannons)

▪Dep C4 (Storage and distribution of goods)

▪Dep C5 (Everything Rubber)

▪Dep C6 (in charge of building and fixing all construction equipment, creating electrical gadgets and heavey industrial machines, as well as other building fixtures.

▪Dep C7 (Cement making)

▪Dep C8 (Wood Cutting)

▪Dep C9 (Everything Plastic)

▪Dep C10 (Pipe making)

▪Dep C11 (Paper making)

▪Dep C12 (Everything Porcelain and marble)

▪Dep C13 (Furniture making like bed frames)

▪Dep C14 (Construction Workers)


The room was set up like a lecture hall, with all the supervisors and overseers facing a podium at the front.

Everyone quieted down, and the meeting began.

"Chief Wiggins, since we are at your industry this time, we will start with you.. the floor is yours"

Chief Wiggins and the 16 supervisors within his industry, came forward with samples of all the products created within the week...excluding chemicals, guns and gunpowder of course.

For today, everything else basically looks and has the same texture and results, as last weeks products.. all except the soap.

Landon and everyone else nodded, as they listened to chief Wiggins.

Last week, the soap was still effective ..but it really didn't lather up as much as Landon expected.

Apparently, they didn't add enough 'Sodium Laureth Sulfate' into their products.

But this week, it looked like they had successfully done the corrections and came prepared.

As Wiggins spoke, the supervisors placed several bowls of water on 3 large tables.

"I would like everyone to come up and wash their hands in these separate bowls of water, using the soaps."

Those seated rushed to the tables, and started was.h.i.+ng their hands.

There were different colored bars of soap, placed by the side of each basin.

"WOW! This is what his highness mean't by 'lathering up'?... I have to agree, it makes me feel like my hands are really dirt-free"

"Each bar even has a name and number carved on it."

"Ahh!!!!, it smells like lavender.. my wife would surely like this one."

"Mine smells very manly."

"Can it be used for doing laundry and bathing?"

"Of course!!.. That's what chief Wiggins said in his last week report.... I think the 'B3-Soap' is the one used for doing laundry".

"It really is an improvement, compared to last week's soaps."


Once everyone sat down, Chief Wiggins continued his presentation.

As he spoke, the supervisors got all the bowls of water and threw them outside the windows... They also gathered up all the soap bars and cleaned the tables with rags.

Chief Wiggins spoke about the overall success rate within his industry, as well as the few issues and problems encountered within the manufacruring processes.

Later on, the supervisors spoke about the issues all the workers faced at work.

At the end of their presentation, everyone rose up, and clapped for them.

Brilliant!!... they had really tried their best compared to last week.

Those from the Alchemy industry all blushed and smiled, as they saw the positive response from everyone... And to top it off, his highness rose up too.

Last week, his highness didnt rise up but still clapped for them... this week, they saw him standing, smiling, clapping and even nodding several times to them.

All their hard work had paid off.

Now it was time for the Construction industry take over the presentation.

Everything all the products were same compared to last week, except the new: tables, Porcelain plates, marble cups, pens, pencils, plastic rulers, and paper.

"Wow, I didn't know that paper could be colored blue.... Overseer Tim really outdid himself this time"

"Check out this pen. The ones before had clear casings, but this one has a greyish casing and looks very cool.. Look!!! When I press on the top, the pen head shoots out at the bottom.. This is the best invention so far!!"

"Puii!!!.... What do you know? Can't you see that slick gla.s.s table over there?.. the table legs are made out of wood..but the top part is made of gla.s.s.. gla.s.s!!!.. do you think that a pen can compare to that?"

"I agree... the table is the best.. I can't wait for these products to be sold in the stores.."

"They won't be sold now..his highness said that once house construction starts, then they would be sold.... so for now, they can only be stored in big warehouses."

"But did you see that porcelain plate?.. its so artistic and funny... it says: Go away! Opening hours are closed."

"Hahaha .. I need that plate in my life... That should be my new slogan.. Everytime someone wants to talk to me when I'm eating, I'll just tell them: Go away! Opening hours are closed."


The construction industry rounded up and it was finally time for the food industry to s.h.i.+ne.

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