Once Tim was done, overseer Lyore from the food industry came over with bread and other foods, so that his audience could feel the effectiveness of his spices, seasonings, b.u.t.ter and so on.

Of course everyone fell in love with them.

The just looking at the dried spices and seasonings, made their tongues salivate.

The men sprinkled the different seasonings and spices on their meat, and felt like they were in heaven.

The juiciness... the tenderness... how could food taste so good?

The meat was well cooked..... It had an earthy color and a stringy feel to it.

As they savored the meat, they began to eat like pigs without even knowing it.

Some of the meat was also deep fried, and had a crisp feel to them... they were either sprinkled with salt and pepper, or garlic.

The single men only had one thought right now.

Who cooked this meat? Can they marry them?

They had to admit, the spiciness and seasonings, had improved compared to last week's results.

They were still eating the horse meat from the previous attack on Baymard.

And it was at this time, that they truly felt grateful to their enemies.... They sincerely thanked their enemies for dropping them several stacks of meat in Baymard.

Once the chicken was done, they started licking their fingers.


There were also several fried rice and vegetable dishes that were done with oil, powdered ginger, garlic and vinegar.

The b.u.t.ter on the other hand, was a real treat.

The rich soft feel of the b.u.t.ter on the bread, made them feel like they were floating on clouds.

The food Industry had produced 2 types of b.u.t.ter: salted and non-salted.

Was this how food was supposed to taste? They couldn't help but feel that they had been eating dog sh** all through their lives.

They began to wonder how they had ever coped all through the years.

How could they go back to eating those awful dishes? No way!!..they'd rather starve.

Right now, their taste buds had been upgraded, and they had already started forgetting what the good they used to cook tasted like.

Since they discovered that food was supposed to taste like this, most of the men had gone to the market, to buy the products that were supplied by the food company to these stores.

These products were now seen as essentials in their homes.

Chief Wiggins and Tim, were seriously having multiple food o.r.g.a.s.ms in their mouths.... It was truly mouthwatering.

They couldn't help but give 2 thumbs up to Overseer Lyore.

On the other hand, overseer Lyore who was being praised, kept thinking about what kind of food house he should build in future.... With these new delicacies, wasn't his world not complete?

h.e.l.l yeah!!!.... It was more than complete.

For now, he decided to put a stop to his food house construction.. What if his highness made more food stuff? This situation was indeed tricky.

Landon who was oblivious to overseer Lyore's food madness, continued tasting all the different dishes placed in front of him.

Overall, Landon was utterly impressed as well.

All the industries had heeded to his advice, and really improved their products compared to last week.

Once all the presentations were done, they started discussing all the issues within their industries and how to further improve their results.

"Your highness, now that we have pens, what do we do with the excess chalk in stock?" A supervisor asked.

Landon thought for a while.

Chalk itself has several uses.

It was good for raising soil acidity, hence increasing the agricultural yield of the farms.

There were svearal types of chalks, like calcium carbonate, magnesium calcium and so on.

In addition, it aids in removing perspiration and reduces slipping, hence it was already used by the military for weightlifting, tug of war, rock climbing and other gynastics.

Chalk was also used in house construction, and served as mild abrasives for several other industries, like toothpaste.

That's why it was very important for them to continue producing chalk.

"For now, still produce the same amount of chalk powder, but limit the amount that is molded into chalk sticks." Landon replied.

All the men, irrespective of which department or industry they were from, asked Landon multiple questions.

And when Landon answered them, they would immediately jotted down everything, so as not to forget Landon's instructions.

Afterall, next week, they were to show how they implemented his highnesses instructions and advice to their industries... No one wanted to let Landon down.

Once Landon was done with the group, he headed towards the estate which was presently known as the hospital.

Today, he had a meeting with all the doctors and some nurses there.

Not all the nurses could come as they couldn't close down the hospital, school, military and industry clinics for the meeting.

Today, Landon just wanted to know the results about his sanitation advise, and first aid methods were working on the patients.

Landon had been teaching them basic first aid since May.

With the help of hydrogen peroxide, wounds were cleaned up properly.

The first time hydrogen peroxide was used, the doctors, nurse, and even the patients were shocked.

How come the injured area was foaming up, yet it didn't hurt at all? And how can the dried blood on the wound come out with just a few swipes with a clean clothe?

Anyway, they were thoroughly impressed with the hydrogen peroxide.

The medicated alcohol on the other hand, had the patients screaming out loud... Although they hated it, they knew that alcohol was normally needed in treating wounds.

Landon also taught them the importance of using Aloe Vera as an anesthetic, after treating the wounds.

With the help of the thin medical rubber gloves and other hospital wear, the doctors and nurses worked properly without spreading blood here and there, or further contaminating the patients.

soap was also used to clean the floors, and other surfaces within the hospital, leaving the air with a fresh clean smell.

When Landon got to the hospital, he was somewhat shocked at the alarming situation in there..... well.. it was alarming to him anyway.

He had forgotten that children could still have such illnesses.

"Your highness, this week, we have admitted over 100 children in the hospital.

They were all infected with the 'Scourge Creeper' (Chicken pox)."


While Landon was busy dealing with the sick, Slytherin Cord had made his way to the city of Sangria.

Finally, he was going to catch that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who called himself the Ghostly Prince.

It was finally time

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