Actually, William's plan was never kill Slytherin.

Slytherin was a key chess piece, in Eli's rise to power.

With Slytherin's help, Eli could easily take care of his siblings.

William didn't want to start attacking any of them until a Winner emerged from the group.

Why go through all that stress when he could just kill the winner?

William was clear on his thoughts.

If the winner didn't step down from the throne, then the winner had to die, simple.

Slytherin was part of Eli's backbone and it wasn't necessary to have him killed just yet.

He did all this just to send a message to his little cousin Eli and Slytherin.

William had left the message in Slytherin's hideout outside the city gates.

He was sure that right about now, Slytherin should have gotten the message.

And he was right.

Slytherin reached his hideout and was shocked silly.

His men were all dead, and all their horses had magically disappeared.

The funny part was that all their belongings and clothes had been stolen.

There were just naked dead bodies lying around.

He quickly rushed towards his room, and pushed the door wide open.

Everything was gone.

All his gold, his silver and a few doc.u.ments that he had within his care, were gone.

They were really gone with the wind.

Luckily, Slytherin had always kept his most important doc.u.ments with him, he couldn't imagine what would happen if his enemies had gotten them.

He had to admit that he had really underestimated that b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

This was the last time that he would ever make that mistake again.

There was a note on his table with a knife stabbed on it.

The knife had a unique craftsmans.h.i.+p, and had the initials 'G.P' on it's handle.

Slytherin immediately knew who the culprit was.

As he read the letter, his blood boiled and he couldn't help but crumble the letter in his hands.

He swore that he would for sure kill the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, even if he had to die trying.

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d had to die.After reading the letter, Slytherin placed it in his pocket and went outside his room.

He quickly burnt down the base and took off.

He had come to Sangria with 150 men excluding the 50 that usually stayed in Sangria to keep an eye on things.

All 200 men had died, with only him being the sole survivor.

"The humiliation you have given me today, I will remember it".




While Slytherin was steaming away like a glazed doughnut, Landon had been educating the doctors, nurses and caretakers on how to handle chickenpox patients.

The children were all infected with the 'Scourge Creeper' (Chickenpox).

Since this time was school break, the children would run around the estate playing with each other all day long.

Apparently, 1 of the children had it... but it wasn't really visible at the time.

It just looked like breakouts or bad allergies, so no one thought anything of it.

Then that child spread it to the other children, who had never had chickenpox before in the estate.Since chickenpox is an air borne disease, all those children were easily infected.

It was only a few days ago, that the head doctor in the clinic realised what it was.

In this world...since they didn't have any cure for chickenpox, all they did was let the virus go away on its own, while isolating the victims and treating them like leprosy patients.

Landon walked into the room and saw the children itching and scratching themselves aggressively.

That was the worst thing to do in such situations.

"Woo woo... its itchy"

"Will I remain like this forever?"

"I feel like my throat is dry."

Landon came into the room and ensured the patients that they would be fine…It wasn't easy.

Some children were crying and screaming in the room, while others were violently scratching themselves against the walls.

Finally, Landon decided to quiet them down with a short story.

And after the story, he began briefing all the doctors on what the disease actually was, and how they could further treat and cure it.

He also wanted the doctors educate the citizens, and the caretakers, ensuring them that this illness was literally not a big deal.

There was no reason to not visit the patients, if the citizens had already gotten chickenpox when they were younger.

It rarely affected those that had already gotten it.

He realised that he also needed the citizens to come to the hospital within this month, and register all the symptoms and diseases that they had ever gotten before.

Although these illnesses had strange names in this world, they all had common symptoms to those that Landon remembered back on earth.

He wanted to know if they had gotten or survived attacks from diseases like measles, mumps and so on.

He also realised that people in this era, could not differentiate between smallpox and chickenpox. For them, both were one and the same.

Also, there was presently no cure for most of these diseases.

That's why thousands of people died yearly within the Pyno continent from them.

To think that people could actually die from something like malaria, yellow fever and Typhoid.

They also died from Measles as well.

For chickenpox to be fully cured, Landon gave the doctors a detailed description for the treatment process.

The children were to soak in cold water that had sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) added to it....They were to do this at least 2 times a day.

After soaking, they were to bathe with soap, so as to keep their skin clean... The caretakers and nurses were only supposed to pat, and not rub their skin when giving the children their bath.

They were also to keep the children hydrated by allowing them to drink lots of water and milk throughout the day.

The children needed to fight off their fever, and the viruses within their bodies. That's why their bodies needed hydration regularly.

Heat and sweat would also make their skin itchy, so the caretakers were to wipe their bodies with wet cold rags every after 3 hours, so as to calm their skin.

Since there were no pills, Landon decided to go old school.

He decided to go towards the direction of Chinese medicine.

He had the doctors, nurses and some caretakers, boil the leaves of the 'Iplomoea' and 'Ocimum basilian' plant.

The children were to drink the liquid from the boiled leaves at least 3 times a day.

Landon had previously gotten all knowledge in farming.

Part of that knowledge included identifying all plants, vegetables, dairy farming, food and all other types of farming that existed in the world.

He knew how to grow a farm filled with medical plants as well.

Hence he could tell how beneficial each plant was to the human body.

Landon speculated that within a week and a half, the chickenpox crises should pa.s.s for most of the children.

Of course some might require more time to completely get rid of the virus.

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