It's been a few days since the whole Chickenpox fiasco.

Doctor Gerson looked at the reports from the nurses and nodded.

His highness' treatment procedures had worked.

When Gerson first came to Baymard, he wasn't really sure about how his life would turn out.

He came in May due to the multiple attacks that were taking place in his city, at the empire of Yodan.

When he boarded the s.h.i.+p with his family, he kept on praying that Baymard was as good as the s.h.i.+p owner had said.

He was scared silly because he didn't want his wife, his children, his brother and his sister's families to end up as slaves.

But when he got here, he knew that all his worries were for nothing.

This new king of theirs seemed to know everything.

From what he gathered, their king was the one who came up with all the ideas in Baymard.

At first he didn't believe it, but when their king started teaching them first aid, and the medicinal importance of several plants, he was really taken aback.

Their king seemed to be a super genius.

He didn't know if he should call the current King of Arcadina foolish of stupid.

How could he banish such a treasure? Was he sick in the head?

At this point, he had given up on trying to understand royalty.

For him, he really enjoyed talking with his highness.

He had observed that Landon didn't put on airs with him, and also admitted to his faults when he felt like he was wrong.

Like the other day, Landon apologised for not telling them to register every ones illness earlier on.

Although it really wasn't his fault, their king felt solely responsible for the chickenpox incident.

This king of theirs was weird…. but they liked him.Landon had told them that they should call themselves doctors, and not healers or apothecaries.

He had to admit that the word doctor, had a better ring to it.

Doctor.... Doctor Gerson... Yup.. it was way better than the other names.

In this world, nurses were also called 'helpers'.....So of course Landon also changed their names to nurses.

The hospital nurses always had their hair placed in a bun, or tied away with clothing while at work.

Both doctors and nurses had to put on their gloves when treating injuries, as well as their clinical rubber shoes.

For the doctors and nurses, Landon didn't want to bother the women around Baymard to sew lab coats, so he had given the hospital staff transparent plastic coats for them to wear at work.

The coats looked exactly like transparent raincoats, and were also the same ones used by the alchemy Industry while they were in the labs.

The coats had b.u.t.tons and 2 large pockets at the front waist region.

The nurses also had to wear pants while at work.

Actually, all the women in the Industries, also wore pants.

How could they work with those long skirts and gowns that kept dragging on the floor and collecting dirt and mud?

When the women moved, they usually had to gather up their gowns as they walked.

Several of them had fallen down on the first day, during their jobs.

How could they carry anything and climb the stairs, or move at work with what they were wearing?

Some women had broken some gla.s.s items already.

It wasn't a big deal to break these items, but having the workers injure themselves was really frightening.

Landon had removed several pieces of gla.s.s from their skin, and given them first aid multiple times.

That's why Landon made the rule way back in May, that all women were to wear pants at work.

What if they fell onto the broken gla.s.s pieces and lost an eye?

There was a reason why all industries back on earth required people to wear pants, and that was mainly for safety reasons....Even women in the hospitals wore pants.

Of course the military women as well wore pants... but for different reasons.

Who could complete the obstacle courses or do rock climbing and so on with those ridiculously long gowns or skirts?

Plus Landon was pretty sure that their underwear would show when they were doing all those military stunts.

The women also found that they could do their jobs more efficiently in pants compared to skirts.

They were also happy that they had stopped breaking things here and there.... They were really grateful that his highness didn't fire them from their jobs.

For them, the things they broke were really expensive, but their king didn't pay any mind to it and worried about their safety instead.

Hence pants was the way forward in Baymard.

Each doctor and nurse also had a name tag that they had pinned to their uniforms, so that all the patients could remember their names.


Right now, the caretakers that Landon had a.s.signed around the hospital were looking after the patients.

While the only doctor and 2 nurses in the main hospital, were having a short but brief meeting.

Nurse Shanell had just come for her s.h.i.+ft, while nurse Laura was about to end her own s.h.i.+ft.

The hospital was open 24 hours, so for sure, nurse Laura would come again late at night after Shanell closed from work.

Landon had told them to persevere till the end of the month, before he would a.s.sign more people to work as nurses.

By that time, he would task training the new people to the present hospital staff.

For now, the hospital was really understaffed.

"Doctor Gerson, so far we have seen a remarkable Improvement with the Chickenpox patients... From the tests, in the next few days 90% of them should be free to leave." Nurse Laura said, as she handed over all patient reports to him.

"We have also started recording all the citizen's health statuses and diseases that they had gotten before." Nurse Shanell added.

Actually, Doctor Gerson was really impressed with Landon's was of thinking.

Landon had placed several wooden shelves in one of the largest rooms in the hospital, and called it the 'Archives'.

Each shelf case had a letter carved onto it from A, B... through Z.

It was kind of like a filing system.

Every citizen's name would be written on the corner and top of the books, and placed on the shelves.

The doctors and nurses would be the only ones with access to the room, hence only they would get the keys.

The books would show the patient's name, place of birth, date of birth, occupation, all visits to the hospital, illnesses, doctor's prescriptions, recommendations, doctor's signature, and so on.

The patients were required to buy another hospital book from the hospital.

This book was the one that they could take home.

This hospital book would also show them the drugs, treatment recommended by the doctor, and what they should do to relieve themselves from their illnesses.

This book would also be used anywhere in any clinic within Baymard… Afterall, all the hospitals and clinics in Baymard were considered as one.

Since there were no computers yet, Landon needed a way to make sure that everyone's information got recorded properly.

The patient was supposed to keep the note in his hospital book when he or she gets home.

And the doctors in the clinics were tasked with heading over to the main hospital and recording all the information in the patient's book stored in the archives.

That way even if the patient lost the note, or his personal hospital book, the doctors can still look up his files from the archives.

This was to be done, at least until computers got invented.... which would be way tar ahead...even in the next few years, Landon was sure that he wouldn't be able to do it.

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