"What about grandma Patricia? is she getting any better?" Doctor Gerson asked.

Nurse Shanell took over and presented him grandma Patricia's hospital book.

"Doctor Gerson quickly grazed through it and nodded as a sign of agreement to what was written in it.

"It looks like the swelling on her waist has gone down drastically...So his highness was right.. For now, continue all her treatments as planned.

Since she has improved, I will meet his highness to see if we should adjust anything in her treatment or diet."

Grandma Patricia was one of the elderly women who came to Baymard as a refugee in June, with her family.

She had fallen down while farming, and had rolled down a hill that was covered in stones and dirt.

Elderly people have soft tissue bones, and any sort of fall could lead them to hospitalization.

When she fell, she had fractured her hip bone, which led to the swelling around her waist.

Her entire body felt completely alien to her at that point, the pain was truly unbearable.

Her family had gotten a healer, who had advised them to keep her lying in bed all day long. She had been lying in bed for the past 3 months now.

When she wanted to relieve herself or take a bath, her daughter or daughter-in-laws would help her.

But that healer's advice was actually a bad move.

Since then, walking had been too stressful for her as well.

When injured, the elderly needed constant ma.s.sages and light exercises to strengthen their bones… They needed good physical therapy.

A healthy strong body, could better fight off infection and make recovery from injuries way faster than a weak one.

Exercising could also delay or even prevent diseases like diabetes, cancer, strokes, and many more...just to name a few.

The most important thing was that, exercising could definitely improve their quality of life and life expectancy.

Just lying on the bed for so long, had led her to develop back pains and other body pains.

Landon had given them instructions on what her diet should be like, and how they were supposed to aid her through her healing process.

It had been a month and a few weeks now, and there was already a ma.s.sive improvement with her body and her att.i.tude towards life.

When she arrived, she acted like she wanted to die early…. But now, she smiled everyday, and also spent her time gisting away with the other seniors in the hospital.

Her family was so happy seeing her walk, that they started crying. They had really thought that she would live the rest of her life laying in bed.

What Doctor Gerson really appreciated the most was what his highness called a 'medical walker'.

The Walker had 4 legs and was made of iron, and had rubber tubes as the shoe of the iron legs.

Rubber was also placed around the side handles, and acted as a soft cus.h.i.+on between the iron and the palms of the senior citizens.

The Walker really aided Grandma Patricia when she walked around the hospital, during her rehabilitation exercises.

As Gerson looked at the report, he couldn't help but smile.

"Good...good.... you all have done a great job as nurses."

Nurse Laura and Shanell were blus.h.i.+ng at Gersons praises,as they smiled from ear to ear.

They too felt that this is how a hospital should operate.

"Now, let's go do our rounds, and see how all the patients are doing."


They arrived at a room with a name tag by the side of the room.

The name 'Ward G-1' was painted on the name tag, and showed that this was the first Ward on the ground floor of the hospital.

As they walked in, the children were chatting and drawing on their pieces of paper.

Some of the children's families who were not scheduled for work, were also in the ward visiting their children.

Now that they had been better educated and had spent time with their children, they quickly realised that the whole empire had a wrong idea about chickenpox.

They even started feeling guilty towards their children for treating them like leprosy patients.

Thank the ancestors that their king had been given the wisdom of the heavens to enlighten them.

Once they saw the group come in, the children started smiling and waving happily.

"Hey, its Doctor Gerson"

"Doctor Gerson?..where?"

"Nurse Laura.."

"Nurse Shanell"

The families of the children come forward to say their thanks.

"Doctor, thank you for taking care of my little Bibbles…...My wife and I would like to invite you to our home to convey our thanks"

"Nurse Laura, thank you for doing your best... My boy tells me that because of your care, he had started getting better..."

"Nurse Shanell, my daughter sings your praise daily, and says that you have the healing hands from the heavens"




Everyone was happy as they offered their honest grat.i.tude towards the hospital staff.

Honestly, the nurses and Doctor Gerson were really happy with the recognition they were getting from the citizens.

The nurses almost became emotional, but they knew right now wasn't the time to cry. They had to be strong and keep doing their jobs.

For the first time since they started their profession, they felt like they were doing something right.

It wasn't all about the money.

They quickly realised that saving lives and treating Illnesses, gave them great joy and a sense of fulfillment.

As they checked all the patients, the nurses took down notes of any patient who had developed any other complications or problems with the medicine given to them.

Landon had told them to always do this because people could be allergic to certain drugs. Even the water from the boiled leaves could cause allergies or rashes to some people.

Once they were done, they visited all the other Wards with Chickenpox patients and finally headed over to the other patients in the Ward.

They stepped into Ward G-23, and saw some senior citizens, and their families who came to visit them.

"Ahh! Doctor Gerson..hehehe... I was just talking about you"

"Nurse Laura welcome!!"

"Child Shanell come over to granny"

The patients welcomed the group and even teased them here and there.

"Child Laura, I have a grandson who isn't married..hehe. I think you would be a good match for him. That way I can have you as my grand daughter-in-law."

"I want nurse Shanell as my grand daughter-in-law."

"Do you know, I heard that Doctor Gerson's wife is as beautiful as a flower."

"Of course she is beautiful!!..do you think that just anyone can be with my new son Doctor Gerson."

Concerning this group of seniors, the hospital staff had already given up on them.

When these seniors were together, they could really tease someone.

Gerson had already been adopted without him even knowing, while the nurses were already grand daughter-in-law's to several senior citizens in the hospital.

This was the everyday life of the hospital staff.

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