Only 3 days were left before July could finally come to an end.

Baymard had gone through a lot of changes throughout the month.

So far, the first construction site was 80% completed, the second site is 72% completed, and the third site is 60% completed.

When building, Landon utilized all his time effectively.

When they were waiting for the concrete to harden, they went to the other industries and repeated the same procedures there.

And with the help of 8500 workers, the job got by quickly.

Overall, Landon was happy with the overall construction progress.

Within this month, the industries had also flourished and thrived on their own.

All of them had accomplished their tasks for July by creating new products. And the hospital staff, had also improved their skills as well.

On the other hand, school would reopen on the 2nd day of August..... So Landon wanted to know how prepared the teachers were.

As a king, it was necessary to have regular meetings with all parts of life in Baymard.

Landon still remembered the day that he went over to the school for the end of semester results.

Some children were crying so hard, as they held their report card books. Their families were on the side trying to cheer them up.

Others smiled and jumped around as they were truly happy to advance to the next stage.

Mother Winnie, mother Kim and Grace were also there, as they congratulated Linda and little Momo for also advancing to the next stage.

Some parents held their children's report cards and exclaimed proudly.

"That's my girl!!..I knew you could do it!!"

"My boy is so smart... when we get back home, I'll buy meat and those delicious spices, and make you a feast!!"

Those who failed were really sad, but when Landon made his encouraging speech, they quickly regained their confidence.

They vowed to work hard and make their parents proud in the next semester.

Before, they had really never taken school all that seriously, but when they looked at the happy faces of the other students and parents, and compared it to their families sad faces, they truly felt pain in their heart.

Why didn't they try their best? Deep down, they knew that they didn't give it their all.

They vowed. Next time, they would make they parents smile, like others.

The results for this semester were actually pretty good…. More than 70% of the students had advanced to the next cla.s.s.

Presently all the teachers were now gathered and ready for their meeting with Landon.

At the beginning of July, Landon had given a detailed outline of what everyone would be teaching, but today, he was here to give them their schedules for the semester.

Landon quickly distributed the papers to the teachers.

There were also 4 new teachers from the group, that came at the beginning of July. Making a total of 14 teachers in Baymard.

•Chemistry 1: mother Kim and mother Winnie

•Math 3: Two teachers from the group

•Math 2: Grace and two other teachers

•Math 1: Two new teachers that came in July

•Pyno 2: Lucy and one other teacher.

•Pyno 1: Two new teachers that came in July.

Math 3 would incorporate everything from Math 2, but would also start teaching the students about fractions and decimals.

This holiday break was used by all the teachers to get familiar with their new courses.

During this holiday month, Landon had been teaching his mother Kim and Winnie basic chemistry.

He had even given them access to the alchemy industry during the day time.

They had learnt a lot from chief Wiggins, and had also understood how to use the periodic table and what reactions were.

In Landon's mind, these women were smart. Landon didn't want them to know everything, he just wanted them to know the basics.

Afterall, even chief Wiggins was still learning, so how could they know everything in one go?

What they knew right now was enough to teach chemistry 1, and that was good enough.

They had gone to the alchemy lab and tested out a lot of things with several chemicals and the gla.s.s beakers.

They wanted to test most of the reactions in the chemistry textbook which Landon had given them.

They had done several experiments and had observed the real meaning behind the different chemical reactions.

They started by writing down the equations like chief Wiggins advised, and coming out with the products that was to be formed at the end.

They almost lost their cool when they were experimenting with reversible reactions.

They placed water in gla.s.s beaker and added glucose to the water.

After swirling the beaker for a while, the white powdery glucose substance dissolved, as if they didn't add anything to the liquid.

They then added pota.s.sium hydroxide into the beaker, to act as a catalyst for the reaction.

They then added a few drops of methylene blue into the beaker and swirled..... At the end, the liquid in the beaker had sky blue.

At this point, they paused and wrote down their observations in their little notebooks.

As they wrote, they realised that the blue was vanis.h.i.+ng, and the water was becoming clearer.

What sort of magic was this? They were so shocked that they nearly broke the beaker from excitement.

But when they swirled that same liquid again, it turned blue.

Was this what a reversible reaction looked like?They opened their Chemistry textbooks and observed that these were the characteristics of reversible reactions.

From then on, apart from teaching their morning holiday catch-up, they would go the the alchemy Industry and continue their experiments.

Speaking of which, they really found it cool to wear those plastic lab coats, goggles and so on... They felt that it made them look very professional.

Everyone's teaching schedule was evenly spread out throughout the semester.

The schedule gave them ample time to go about their lives... They were just happy that after this coming semester, they would have 4 months of complete freedom to themselves.

The next semester started in August and ended on the last day of November.

From there, they would have December till March as a holiday period… And the best part of it all was that would be no makeup during that period. would depend on the teachers.

If they felt like teaching for a month during their holiday, they could do so.

Of course after the holiday, school would start in April.

His highness had said that since the Winter was bad, there was no point in having the children and citizens run here and there for

He had also told them that after the next 1 or 2 years, he would adjust the school periods so that summer was fred for the teachers and the students…. But for now, their king felt that this was the best arrangement.

And they couldn't agree more with him.

They all knew how bad and cold winter got.

It was better to stay indoors and they really didn't want to wake up early in the morning during the winter season.

They didn't know how their king was going to make the place warm... But since he had promised that he would do so, they had decided to wait and see.


After meeting with the teachers, Landon headed over to the military fort.

So far, Baymard started increasing their military in May.

Although a handful of the original citizens of Baymard were recruited in the last week of April, Landon had already decided to add them to the group of those slaves and refugees that came in May.

For those who were grouped as the new recruits that came in May, this month would be the end of their 1st three month period within their ranks.

Landon had said that every 3 months, they would have an exam to test their skills and knowledge on what they had learned so far.

And after 6 months, there would still be another exam.

Those with good combined scores for both exams, would move up a rank.Landon also discussed about the details of their exams, and what he wanted to see from the recruits.

At the end of the day, Landon took his tired hungry body back to the castle. It was finally time for dinner.


--- Royal Palace, Capital of Yodan---


"Did you find them?"

Queen Ivy asked.She had been looking for clues or hints about that sl** Winnie and her b.a.s.t.a.r.d children.

"My queen, we found a clue... Apparently, they were headed on a s.h.i.+p that came from the empire of Carona." A middle aged mercenary answered as he kneeled in front of her.

"Good... get your spies to head on out towards Carona... I want no errors this time"

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