Author-san here, thank you guys for all the love and comments ❤❤...but please can some of you guys stop comparing my work to R.T.W? ??...

Honestly, I just started reading it 3 weeks ago, and I can cleay see many reasons why my work can be compared with it or others...

But you have to know that my world had no magic in it.

Heck, R.T.W has witches that can even create picture I.D's, and so on.... Baymard doesn't have a printer yet. (Which is obviously coming soon).

But right now, Landon is waiting for printing services before he could finalize a lot of Government issues.

Everything takes time with humans, so please be patient.

If there isn't anything that you think should have popped up already, you can suggest it to me and if I really haven't thought of it, I would always reply and thank you all... like food, military weapons and so on. (P.S some of you give me the dopest ideas ❤❤???)

But if it concerns city development like trains, roads, policies.. and so on.. trust me... I've already thought of it...if I haven't put it out yet, then there is a good reason for that.

Other novels have help with magic, while Landon needs people to get stuff done.

Landon will only build what he sees is currently lacking for him to move forward.

At the same time, he can only do so much within every month... so even if he needs more things, he would push and overwork the few people that he gets from Santa.

The workers couldn't rush their progress, they needed time to learn, and time to adapt by experimenting every month.

Plus unlike other fantasy novels, in real life, people needed to be trained in order to work or create stuff...

Landon needed a hundred right now, but so what?

In real life people are normally educated by going to universities and having interns.h.i.+ps... these people in Baymard were literally learning on the job.. so they needed time to adapt.

And although this world is similar to earth, at the end of the day.... It is Hertfelia and not earth.

Landon had seen people with naturally born blue hair and pinkish eyes... bruh...

This is a fantasy world in a different Galaxy from earth's galaxy.

I believe that no one wants to read exactly what other novels offer.

So as a Writer, I would really appreciate it of people don't expect, that my way would be exactly what read in other novels.


I have to say, there was a certain person who kept bombarding me with R.T.W messages almost every hour of the day... because of him, I starting looking up on what R.T.W was...

I have to say that it's an outstanding novel... but if you want to read that kind of novel, please go back and it read it again...

Leave Baymard out of this.. because everything in that novel was made possible because of the witches.

From melting iron to make cannons, to making laboratory gla.s.s beakers, to having a witch that can print and photocopy, to movie filming, ...bruhhh....

And yet someone recommended that novel to me for a more realistic approach..... Sigh...

For the user who keeps messaging me daily about R.T.W... please let me rest??

Of course for all my Baymard fans, your welcome to stay.❤❤❤❤

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