8:45 A.M

The morning dew could be seen dancing on the gra.s.s, as the bright golden rays of sun shone on the fields.

Within the military grounds, several men stood at attention on the fields, as they anxiously waited for the examinations to begin.

The Military examination was a week long one.

•Day 1: Separate theory exams on military rules, weapons, Safety and Pyno Grammar.

•Day 2: Physical exam on physical combat and gun firing.

•Day 3: Theory on scenario questions which were still based on war tactics, Code of ethics and military sign language.

•Day 4: Separate theory exams on Geography, Land Mapping, First aid and Mathematics.

•Day 5: Obstacle course, Push ups, frog jumps and so on

•Day 6: Sword fighting and cannon firing

•Day 7: Rock climbing

Generally, the theory exam was 50% of the final exam, and the Physical was also 50%.

Today was the 2nd day for the exams, and also the only day that Landon had to supervise the examination.

All physical exam marking sheets graded the recruits based on: bravery, task completion, perseverance, Knowledge, strength, flexibility and so on.


Mustafa was standing nervously on the exam ground with his friends.

Although he was sure that he was ready, a part of him couldn't calm down.

He felt b.u.t.terflies all over his tummy, and couldn't help but tap his boots as he waited.

He looked at his friend, who in turn m kept staring at the ground while being lost in thought.

Everyone was nervous.

Once Mustafa saw his highness Landon, he knew that it was finally time.

Landon, Lucius, the Major generals, Captains, and the rest of the Warrant soldiers who were also supervising the exam, walked towards the field.

Once the recruits saw Landon, they knelt down and gave him their.

"You may all rise!

Today is your 2nd Examination day, and I'm sure that a lot of you are nervous... But there is no need to be.

I, alongside the other soldiers, have seen you train and grow daily.

Today, we will be testing your combat and gun firing skills.

Both exams will go on at the same time, for the entire day... Hence, we will divide you all into groups of 2.

Once you finish taking one exam, go and line up for the other.

All of you have taken the first 4 written exams, and can already gauge how much effort you need to put towards your next exams.

Work hard!!.... And, I wish all the best"

As Mustafa heard Landon speak, he became even more determined to pa.s.s today's exams.

Out of the 4 theory exams yesterday, he was sure that he would pa.s.s only 3 of them....Hence he began to feel an invisible weight on his shoulders.

He had to make sure that he successfully pa.s.sed the rest of his exams...And with a good grade too.


Mustafa was placed in the first group, physical Combat.

There were 20 stages set on the fields, and more than 60 Warrant officers, as well as Captain Trey, Major General Josh and Gary, were supervising this particular exam.

From what Musyafa understood, his highness would be shuttling back and forth between both exam grounds for the entire day.

Mustafa and his comrades formed 2 lines along each battle stage.

As he waited, he began to observe the people fighting on all 20 stages.

"Bro, your up next after this fight..... Are you ready?" His friend asked.

Truth be told, his heart was pounding vigorously, and his palms became sweatier.

"Bro.. I'm not too sure, now that I'm next"

"Breathe in and take your time.... you'll be fine."

As they finalized their conversation, they heard people clapping.

The match on the stage had ended, and it was finally his turn.

The rules of the battle were simple, successfully kick the other person off the stage before 7 minutes elapsed.

Of course if both partic.i.p.ants were still on stage after that time frame, then it would be considered a tie..... And both partic.i.p.ants would get a pa.s.s grade for the exam.

Mustafa rubbed his sweaty hands with powdered chalk that was placed in large bowls by stage, and proceeded up.

He and his opponent saluted each other, took their battle stances, and waited for the start signal.

"Begin" an invigilator yelled.

Instantly, both of them ran towards each other as they began their attacks.

His opponent immediately slid on the floor expectantly, and tripped him down.


As he fell, his opponent quickly rolled away, stood up.

Feeling the impending crisis, he too got up as well.

His opponent then ran and jumped towards him, with both legs flying in the air, and aimed towards his upper chest region.


His opponent was going to do a 'Dropkick' on him.

To counter the attack, he quickly pushed his opponents floating legs upwards, and circled his left hand around his opponents waist.

He was going to do the 'Backbreaker'

He instantly dropped to the floor in a kneeling position, and hit his opponents back against his knees.

'Ahh!!', his opponent cried.

The fight went on.... And when it was almost 7 minutes straight, he was literally rolled out of the stage by his opponent.

He felt like crying... He had really lost.

Just a few seconds more, and he would have qualified for a tie with his opponent.

Why was he so unlucky?

Although he lost, he didn't hold any grudge towards his opponent.

He was actually surprised that he had held on that long with a fighting monster like that.

His opponent had far superior fighting skills than he did. Hence loosing to him, didn't take his dignity away as a soldier.

"Hi, I'm George... honestly, you gave me a hard time up there.....I think that we are pretty much even in strength."

Mustafa turned around and saw his opponent whom he had lost to. He smiled.

He knew that George was just saying all this, so as to cheer him up....After all, he had lost.

"Nahhh.. I think you have better battle sense, and know more fighting moves than I do... Speaking of which, how come your 'Brainbuster' move is better than mine?"

They chatted as they made their way towards the other examination ground.

Mustafa thought that he had failed that particular exam.

But what he didn't know, was that most of the examiners had given him a good score.... Afterall, completing the task was just one of the criterias.

He had executed a lot of moves, as well as fought with all his might.

And although his stances for most of the moves needed more work, he had definitely been able to get all the moves at least 60% right.

The recruits didn't know how they were graded, so those that lost, thought that they had definitely failed this particular exam.

It was done this way, so that Landon and the invigilators could see the true colors of the men.

Pa.s.sing was important, but how you pa.s.sed mattered as well.

If there were people who deliberately went overboard with the fights just so they could win, those people would fail the course whether they finished the fight or not.

All the moves that the men were taught, had their safety zones.

When using these moves on comrades, the men were to attack the body zones that wouldn't leave any permanent or serious injury to their opponents.

If anyone intentionally broke his/her comrades spine, neck or body parts, they would be expelled from the military A.S.A.P

But if it was accidental, then they only get a probation period to reflect on their actions.

Everything in the world was dangerous had its safety zones.

Working in a chemical lab, hospital, or even driving was dangerous.... But if done safely, then there would be nothing to worry about.

But if someone intentionally blinded a coworker with chemicals, or gave the wrong drug prescription, or even killed someone while driving, then they had to take accountability for their actions.

Even if it was a mistake, they would still be held responsible to some degree.

In boxing, karate or even wrestling.... If a person broke another's jaw, spinal cord, or shattered his opponent's ribs..... They might be suspended or even banned for life.

Every profession had its safety zones.

And the military was no exception.

All the men had been taught on safety right from the get go, so Landon wasn't going to pardon anyone.

It's either expulsion or probation.

But when the men were attacking enemies, Tsk....they could do whatever they wanted.

At that point, even if they broke their enemies nostrils, neck or even fingers....Landon wouldn't give 2 F's about the whole scenario.

That was the only time that he would allow them to run rampant.


The exam progressed and finally, it was the end of another beautiful day for Landon... And the end of another h.e.l.lish examination day for the recruits.

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