Dominic was in charge of hosting today's compet.i.tion.

For over a week now, he had been practicing and rehearsing his manner of speech for the compet.i.tion.

His highness Landon had written down a script for him, and had also a.s.sisted him during rehearsals.

The crowd clapped enthusiastically as they listened to him... he even cracked a few jokes here and there to make them happy and relaxed.

"Ladies and gentlemen..... let's welcome our judges for today's compet.i.tion....

Our first judge is someone that most of you have heard of.

He is the overseer of the food industry, and the one responsible for producing all the amazing ingredients that exist in Baymard.

He is the famous, the one and only Chief Lyore!!!"

The people continued clapping eagerly amongst themselves.

Who didn't know Chief Lyore?

In fact all the overseers in Baymard were very popular, and well known amongst the people.

They were seen like celebrities.

Right now in the eyes of the people, all the overseers were seen like how 'Bill Gates' was viewed back on earth.

They earned the biggest paycheck, made some of the biggest moves and decisions within the industries.

Plus they were quiet, humble and took their jobs very seriously.

Everytime someone would talk about any of the industries, the names of the overseers would sometimes slip into the conversation as well.

Back on earth people would say phrases like: 'Do you think that I'm as rich as Bill Gates to afford a Ferrari?'

But in Baymard they would say: 'Do you think that I'm as rich as Chief Lyore to buy several bags of food at once?'

It was usually sentences like that.... Of course Chief Tim and Chief Wiggins were also made reference to, everytime people wanted to buy excess goods from their industries.

Chief Lyore waved and smiled at the crowd as they cheered.

'This feeling is good', he thought.

"Up next, we have the 2 most famous Chefs within Baymard seating here today.

Over the past month, their cooking skills and dishes have become popular with everyone, and have even earned them his highness' approval.

They are Chef Blake and Chef Benita."

Once again, the people clapped enthusiastically and discussed amongst themselves.

Those who had eaten their meals could vouch for its tastiness.... It was as if these chefs were born to cook.

Some people even went back home to try and recreate the dishes from these chefs, but it was all for not.

Even when they got the exact recipe, they still couldn't get their meals to taste the same as Blake and Benita.

These chefs were as his highness had said, 3 star chefs.

Landon didn't want to give them higher stars because for now, Baymard didn't have enough ingredients for him to gauge their true potentials.

Ordinary people were usually 1 star chefs or no star at all..... but these chefs had talent.

Just by tasting anything, they could tell Landon all the ingredients that was used to cook the meal.

They could also properly estimate and create their own way of cooking different dishes.... Plus their taste buds were more alive than most people.

As these chefs waved, the people cheered for them as well.

"Lastly, he is our beloved king and Baymard's personal savior.... As well as the creator for all the delicious food recipes that you all have eaten over the past month.

Today, he will be acting as a guest judge for the compet.i.tion.

He is highness Landon Barn."

Landon who was seated at the center of the judges panel, waved his hand Queen Elizabeth style.

"Oh my heavens!! He just waved at me!!"

"No no no... it was at my daughter!"

"I wonder who's food chief Loyre would like the most?...I heard that he himself is a foodie"

"Chef Blake and Benita are the ones that I really want to look out for.... they would not spare these contestants if the food isn't up to their standards.... Remember, his highness had said that they both had G.o.dly tongues."

"I can't wait to see who's dish would please his highness Landon."

"If I had known that his highness was going to be a judge, then I would have personally applied..... Just imagine if I had my food eaten by the king?..Ahhh!!!"


Everyone discussed amongst themselves as they listened to Dominic.

For the compet.i.tion, the judges would give points for:

•Appearance/ Plate presentation: maximum points of 4

•Execution: Max Points anyone can get is10

•Texture: Max points of 5

•Creativity: Max points of 5

•Taste: Max points of 10.


The contestants were also expected to make full course meals that consisted of:

•An appetizer


•And a Dessert

Most importantly, the theme for their dishes was: Adventure.


And for the prizes:

•1st Place got: 1 and a half month of cooking lessons with Chef Blake, and 250 silver coins (25,000 copper coins or 2.5 gold coins)

•2nd Place: 1 month of cooking lessons with chef Benita, and 180 silver coins (18,000 copper coins or 1.8 gold coin)

•3rd Place: 2 weeks of Cooking lessons with Chef Benita, as well as 100 silver coins (10,000 copper coins or 1 gold coin)


*100 copper coins=1 silver coin... 100 silver coins=1 gold coin**

Since the citizens usually made a minimum of 650 copper coins a month, the reward money for the compet.i.tion was really jaw dropping.

In the empire of Arcadina, the minimum wage was 350 copper coins.

Landon had first made Baymard's minimum wage to be 450 copper coins... but when he later accessed all the dangerous things that these people did daily, that money was just too little in his eyes.

Hence he decided to raise the minimum wage to 650 copper coins... the knights also had their salaries raised to 750 copper coins per month.

Well the overseers and supervisors obviously made more money, as well as the upper military ranks, head chefs and Doctors.

Firstly, Baymard was a self-sufficient city.

The resources like ores were all found within the territory...and Landon made a ton of money monthly from Santa.... so Baymard could actually afford to raise the wages for the workers.

Of course every month, Landon had taken out a certain percentage from each person's salary that would be used for healthcare insurance and taxes.

Last month immediately after the whole chickenpox fiasco, Landon had told the people about the benefits of healthcare, and had also told them how their taxes would be reduced from now on.

Since the taxes weren't high and their salaries were increased, the people immediately accepted Landon's methods.

Who wouldn't? Even when the tax and healthcare was reduced, their salaries were still higher than what they had been paid previously.

Landon had adopted the method done back on earth.

Everything one wanted to buy had tax on it, and even their salaries would be tax reduced well... That tax would be used for future development and so on.

To make it easier for the people, Landon had written several sheets of paper that explained how much would be deducted and also put out different formulas for each reduction.

Landon had planned that once printers came out, he would officially address all policies and Government related issues then.

He needed to print them ident.i.ty cards, Law books that had ALL policies printed onto them, and so on.

Infact, nothing could really be done without Printers... even dictionaries for schools needed printing services.. sigh...

The people here also got paid bi-weekly, so as to encourage them to work harder.

But still, even with the raise in their salaries, the prize money for today's compet.i.tion, still had them shook.

Back on earth, it was the same feeling as someone who had just seen 10,000 or even 20,000 dollars as prize money.

It really excited the audience.

Plus who wouldn't want to receive skills from famous people?

Those who were on their journey to being chefs, really wanted to punch themselves in the face.

Why hadn't they applied for the compet.i.tion previously?

This was a chance to learn Chef Benita and Chef Blake's G.o.dly cooking arts... yet they had just let such a golden opportunity slip by.

They had invisible tears in their eyes as they looked towards the stage.


Once the judges and contestants had been introduced, Landon have a short brief speech and the compet.i.tion resumed.

Cooking Time.

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