--Royal Palace, Capital of Yodan--


King Maclaine looked at his daughters whom for the first time ever, had requested for an audience with him... In fact at this point, they were demanding for an audience with him.

Ever since the news that Carona had gotten themselves a female ruler spread throughout the empire, all the women had become crazy over night.

They now demanded equal pay as men, and also wanted to get similar jobs to that of men.

They had also formed cliques around each of king Maclaine's daughters, and demanded for women to choose when to pleasure their husbands.

It had even gotten to the point where it couldn't be ignored anymore.

These women requested to partic.i.p.ate in court Meetings, and also requested that men should do some household ch.o.r.es daily.

Of course, the men were strongly against the idea.

They had been firmly rejecting it, and even said that they would never go to war with a woman by their sides.

At the end, every man agreed to keep their wives and daughters on a leash.

For now, their plan was working.. but Maclaine knew that down the line, these plans would crumble down and fall... hence he decided to give into one of their demands.

He had allowed them to do daily jobs for men, excluding knighthood.

But no!!!... Apparently, this wasn't enough for these b.l.o.o.d.y blood sucking demons?.. they wanted everything.

Maclaine had already made up his mind that he wouldn't entertain them anymore.

Let them do their worse!!!

And now out of nowhere, all 11 his daughters had joined in and demanded for an audience with him.

He looked at his daughters from the youngest (6 years old), to the oldest (19 years old).

He didn't even know 2/3's of them personally, yet here they were.

And what was a 6 year old doing there as well? ....sigh... Forget it..

"Father, there is something that we would like to request of you", the oldest daughter said.

"So you all are requesting, was it?... if I didn't know any better, I would have thought that you all were giving me orders!!"

As he raised his voice, his daughters began to s.h.i.+ver and tremble with fear..... But they quickly took in big gulps of air, and calmed themselves down.

It was now or never.

"Father... we would like to be allowed to partic.i.p.ate in the battle for kings.h.i.+p."

"Father, I want to be queen."

"Father.... it's only fair that you pick me to be queen since I'm the oldest in the family."

"Father, I promise to do a good job as well"

When the princesses realised that their father wasn't saying anything, they quieted down, and the room instantly turned dead silent.

"Hahahahahah... this must be the biggest joke that I have heard all year!!

What makes you think that, you all can rule an empire?

For the fact that you all didn't even think things through, shows me how stupid and naive you all are!!

You think that you all can compare to Queen Penelope?.. Hahaha what a joke!!!

At age 7, she began sword practice... since then, she had been practicing her skills for 11 years now..

She had also been studying the art of war throughout those years, as well as partic.i.p.ating in several battles for her empire.

In addition, she aided in trades, and all monetary deals and positions in Carona..

Did you all think that she was given that position because of favouritism?


I've met her before, and I can a.s.sure every one of you that she is more outstanding than most men.

But you all!!... what do you know? looking at boys, doing needlework, gossiping?

Can any of you tell me how to run an empire?

Do you even know all the cities, towns and villages within the Yodan?

Can any of you go to battle, and come back alive?

Hehehehe... I had heard previously that some of you faint whenever you see little traces of blood, or even things like spiders...

Do you all know how to handle government positions?...

Before this matter came out, where any of you ever interested in the empire itself?

I remember that I used to order and force your mothers to allow you all to study.

And you stand there to tell me to allow you all to rule my empire?

As what?... As jesters?

Do you want to ruin it for me?

You all coming here without thinking, shows me that you all would make stupid rulers whom anyone can control.

Without even knowing or verifying all details from the news you heard, you immediately started causing havoc around my empire.

Ask yourselves, could you all do what queen Penelope did?

Get back to our rooms and pray for brains!!!!"

Once Maclaine finished speaking, the girls all burst out into tears and ran off.

As he looked at them running, he couldn't help but feel immense disappointment.

There was no bravery, no courage, no qualities that could even make them 1/3 of Queen Penelope's attributes.. yet they dared to compare with her.

Maclaine decided that he would address this matter publicly.

He had to let these women know that it wasn't by favouritism that Penelope became ruler.

He would not allow any woman to feel ent.i.tled to anything, unless they were truly capable of doing the job required.

Should he just give them government positions, when most of them didn't even know how to read or write? Bullsh**.

Maclaine was sure that if 80% of these women were actually tortured, they would confess all the secrets that they had learned in these government positions.

Even after giving them equal jobs, they still couldn't perform the same as men, hence their pay was still less.

Many women started working at building sites and had found out the hard way that a man's inmate strength, was generally stronger than that of women.

If the men there could carry 40 large stones a day, those women carried could only about 20 or 23 large stones a day.

And because of this, they immediately shut their traps about equal pay.

They decided to let the equal pay matter go, but they still wanted every other benefit without having the right qualifications.

This why Maclaine decided to address the matter publicly, as well as to explain Penelope's success story to them.

How dare they think that they all were as good as Penelope.

Penelope's brain from an early age was quick witted and fast.. she absorbed knowledge like a sponge.. she was rare a genius..

Please!!!.... He would rather believe that the world was round, than to believe that all the women were like Penelope.

Truth be told when he first saw Penelope, she was 10 years old and had greatly impressed him.

He immediately rushed back to Yodan, and wanted his own daughters to learn as well.

But the heavens were truly cruel to him.

Most of his daughters only learned when forced, and weren't even interested in any physical exercises.

Only his 9th daughter and the other one that was banished from Yodan, were able to use their brains to some extent.

And although he didn't spend time with his daughters, his personal guards and knights had been reporting their every move to him.

In his opinion, they where just too disappointing to look at.

King Carmelo, that old dog was really too d.a.m.n lucky to have such a daughter.

Other people were having daughters like Penelope, and here he was with 11 daughters that all had coconut brains.

He was sure that the fault lay in their mothers..... there was no way that he would agree that his seed could produce such fools.

Otherwise how come his sons were brilliant, but his daughters were fools?

The fault clearly didn't belong to him.. his wives and concubines must have done, or eaten something during their pregnancy.

In the case for his daughters, he had to constantly force them to study.. while in the case of his sons, he didn't even need to lift a muscle.

And out of nowhere, his daughters now wanted to rule his empire with those fish brains of theirs.

Maclaine would rather kill himself than to let any of his daughters succeed him.

Just as he was going through his own problems with the women, the other rulers were also facing similar situations.

But since those rulers governed their empires with fear, the women in these areas didn't even dare to voice out their complaints.

Hence those empires were still somewhat peaceful.... but the women in their palaces, were a different matter all together.


--Royal Palace, Capital of Arcadina--


"Father, I would like to be the first queen of Arcadina!!" Jenette Barn said

"Get out!!!!"


--Royal Palace, Capital of Deiferus---

"Father if you do not make me Queen, then I'll kill myself."

"Go ahead!"

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