Days went by and it was finally time for the military results to be released.

Landon had decided that there would be no today, for those who took the exams previously.

At 9 A.M, the test papers, evaluation papers for each physical test, as well as a midterm report card for each individual, would be tied together with rubber bands and handed to the recruits.

The recruits were to go to the training field and wait for their papers there.


Today.... Mustafa, Micheal and their friends were lost in thought as their did their early morning training routine.

Ever since Michael won Mustafa during the physical combat exam, they had become close.

Since Michael's dormitory room was just 2 dorms away from Mustafa, they would gist in each others dormitories before lights out.

At 8:40 A.M, they had already hurriedly eaten their breakfast, and were currently making their way back to the training fields.

Once they got there, they saw several other students waiting anxiously as well.

Someone waved at them from the front of the field, and they made their way towards the person.

"Good thing you guys came now rather than later.... or else even if I had called you guys by over, there would have been no s.p.a.ce for you all to pa.s.s through to the front." Solomon said.

(**Solomon was also one of their many new friends.)

Everyone around them started speaking to them as they waited.

"I'm so nervous... I can't wait for the results... what if I fail this midterm?"

"When I remember the exam, I feel like crying..there were some questions that I truly didn't feel confident about."

"Bro.. your not the only one.. I lost a match in the combat examination." Mustafa said.

"Me too!!"

"Ahh!! For me it was the gun shooting examination... I couldn't run and shoot properly."

"So at 9 A.M we'll receive all the papers for the exams?"

"Yes!! All the written papers, as well as different papers on the physical examinations... I think it'll also let us to know how we were graded in each physical exam."

"Yeah... I want to know how they gave us our scores, so I can prepare for the next exam as well."

"Didn't you remember that his highness said that no two exams would be the same?"

"Look!! Look!.. The warrant officers have arrived!!"

There were at least 4 warrant officers handing out exam papers for each letter of the alphabet.

Mustafa stood around the warrant officers that were handing out papers to those whose names started with 'M'.

"Mustafa Kanan!!"


He quickly dashed through the crowd and took his papers from the officer.

All his exam papers were already arranged, and joined together with 4 rubber bands.

As he was too nervous to take a look, he decided to wait for Solomon and Michael to get their papers first.

The first paper on the stack in his hand, just had their names and military matriculation numbers written boldly with Pen, hence he hadn't been able to guess what scores they had gotten so far.

The first paper was more like a Cover page for the other exam papers.

For Mustafa, the cover page just had:

•Military Midterm Examination Results

•Mustafa Kanan

•Matriculation number: 00000514

•Authorized by his Majesty Landon Barn and General of the Army Lucius Fullbuster

•Landon's and Lucius' Signatures

•August 17th, Year 1024.

Speaking of dates, ever since Landon had come to this world a lot of things shocked him... especially the fact that these people somehow called months, the same way he did back on earth.

Right now, calendars already existed... but they were just not put down on paper.

Every city, town or village, had a group of people that were in charge of dates.

There were buildings that were built just for date recording..... Stone buildings, stone tablets or stones, where generally preferred.

For example in Baymard, every morning, someone would come up to the abandoned stone building at the entrance of the upper region, and use a sharp stone, to place a straight stroke under the month name on the building wall.

The first floor of the entire building had already been completely marked, as they had been using this building throughout the years.

It was kind of cool.... it looked like those ancient Egyptian markings in the pyramids.

In places without stone buildings, large stone rocks would be cleaned and smoothed out to form stone tablets.

The people would then place several strokes on the tablets as the days went by.

These stone tablets were always placed in a safe public area, were all could see.

Back on earth, Europeans came up with the calendars in the 10th century as well... But the Egyptians were different.

The Egyptians had already come up with calendars ages before the Europeans.

The Egyptians were just too advanced for the world..... In fact, they had left the Europeans in the dust.

Infact Egyptians and Asians were also advanced as well, especially the chinese... They were one of the first people to use sundials, to tell the time and so on.

Like earth, Hertfelia had different continents that probably had different cultures as well..

Who knows if there was already another continent right now that had already advanced in development like the Egyptians or the Chinese?

Although he had compared Hertfilia with earth here and there, Hertfilia had some areas that were more advanced when compared to earth in the 10th century.

Some things were similar to earth, but not all things.

This was a brand new world with its own practices and its own traditions.

For some reason, their s.h.i.+p making game was on point... it was more st.u.r.dier than that of earth in the 10th century.


Once Mustafa and his friends had collected their papers, they sat on the gra.s.s and looked at their results.

The warrant officers had said that the only thing that they were allowed to keep was their report card paper.

When they were done checking their papers, they where to return them back.... No one was allowed to take the other papers away.

"Okay guys, let's open them together.. 1... 2...3" Solomon said.

They immediately took off the rubber bands and removed the cover pages.

The first sheet after the cover page was a report card, that showed them all their results.

"Ahhh!! I pa.s.sed..."

"Me too!!!"

"Hahaha me three!!"

They continued looking through all the other papers, so as to understand how they were graded.

Mustafa looked at his Physical Combat score, and was shocked.

He opened his eyeb.a.l.l.s widely, and even thought that his mind was playing tricks on him.

"Ehhh.... I pa.s.sed the combat exam?"

Micheal and Solomon were shocked.

"What you did you say?"

"Quickly, let's look at how our Combat papers were graded"

"Ahh I see!!, I scored higher for perseverance, bravery and combat knowledge... hehehe.. but of course I had a 2/10 for task completion."

"So they check several things when accessing us?"

"It looks like it"

"Oh?.. they even told me how to correct my stand for the Backward kick move."

"So they also give advice on these evaluation papers?"

"Hahaha.. I don't care.. I'm so happy right now... lets go buy food at the market square."

"I second that"

They quickly binded all their papers back with the rubber bands, excluding their report card paper, and handed them back to the warrant officers.

Celebration time.

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