Today was the 19th of August, and only 12 days were left before the month ended.

Right now, there where currently 5200 men who were a.s.signed to construct these sites, 1000 men who were building the greenhouse, and 6000 workers who were doing road construction in the District E.

So far only the Water & Sewage plant, as well as the power plant have been completed.

While the central heating heating plant was only 98% done, as the workers were still installing essential fixtures like sinks, to all buildings on the site.

Since the first 2 plants were done, Landon decided to start teaching the men how to operate both plants, as well as a.s.sign some workers to start placing underground electrical wires from the power plant to District E.

For the 5,200 men who were previously a.s.signed at the construction sites, Landon divided them up like so:

•1000 workers to complete construction on the Central heating Plant.

•700 workers to operate the water & Sewage Plant.

•500 workers to operate the Power plant.

•And 3,000 workers to place electrical cables alongside the roads.

These new industries basically needed chemical engineers, alchemists, electrical engineers and so on.

Hence Landon requested that some of the electrical engineers in training, should be placed in each site.

As well as some of the Alchemists, who would be trained to chemical engineers.

On the other hand, the mechanical and civil engineers would definitely come from the construction workers whom he had a.s.signed to the plants.

Chief Tim and Chief Wiggins, were also to appoint supervisors for every sector within these plants.

For example in the water & sewage plant, after the water leaves the sea and travels through the pipes, it would go to a 300 sq foot building.

This building has different equipments used for filtering out any sand particles, or hard rocks from the water... As well fishes that made their way to the building.

In that stage of water processing, Landon wanted 2 supervisors in charge of all mechanical and chemical processes involved within the building.

They were to supervise all activities taking place in that building before the water leaves and goes to the next processing stage.

Although Landon needed guards and cooks within these plants, he didn't want to a.s.sign any just yet, at least until September... For now, the men would still have their food brought into sector 1 by trucks.

Landed decided that for these first 4 days, he would alternate between both plants.

Today, he would only be teaching the workers in the Power plant how to operate the plant.... and the next day, he would do the same for those a.s.signed to the Water & Sewage Treatment Plant.

Landon decided to use this 4 days to give them an intense theoretical lecture on both plants.

And for the remaining 8 days, all the workers from both plants would officially start their training.

Within this 8 day period, Landon had decided that he would spend his mornings in the Power plant... And for the afternoons, he would spend it within the Water & sewage treatment plant.


Early in the morning, the selected workers jumped into the trucks and headed out to their new work sites.

Today was their first theory cla.s.s in the plant.

Once the workers who had never been to the construction site before stepped onto the first sector, they were utterly shocked.

They felt like they had just stepped into another world.

At the front of the sector was a large cemented block that had different words carved on it... The words read: 'Baymard Power Plant'.

The block was standing on another platform that was surrounded by a ma.s.sive pond... And around the pond, was a small field of gra.s.s

Basically, the large words were on a fountain.

The beautiful, smooth and black roads, made the fountain look like a roundabout with several roads going towards different locations within the first sector.

In this sector, there weren't many buildings since most plant activity happens in the second sector.

This sector would mostly be used for the business side of the plant, as well as house the plant clinic, security offices and so on.

The buildings here were fully cemented, and went as high as 4 or 5 stories.... With the exception of 2 large ones that were both 3 stories high, and covered with only blueish gla.s.s walls.

These 2 gla.s.s wall buildings were connected together on their second floors, by what looked like a gla.s.s bridge.

As the trucks drove by, the workers looked around excitedly like tourists.

"Wahh!.. look at that building!!"

"Oh my heavens!! Buildings can be built like this?"

"Look at that large gla.s.s door at its entrance!!"

The workers weren't the only ones stunned silly.

Chief Wiggins was really having a hard time believing what he saw.... Once again, the way he looked at Landon had completely changed.

In his mind, Landon's t.i.tle had now been changed from 'messenger of G.o.d', to 'G.o.d of knowledge'.

Although Chief Tim had seen the plant during construction, he couldn't help but be amazed when looking at the end result.

As both overseers looked around, they couldn't help but wonder when their own estates would be renovated.

The workers really wanted to have a tour of the first sector.... but sadly, Landon had the drivers drive straight to the next sector.

Landon had promised them that once all 3 sites were up and running, he would give them a grand official tour.

For now, all these buildings were locked, and their keys were placed on Landons desks, as well as Chief Tim's desk.

The only buildings that were open right now, were those in sector 2.

These few days left, as well as the entire month of September, was their training period.... Hence only by completing their training, would they truly belong to the plant.

Plus by the end of September, they would all get their badges and work Ident.i.ty cards for access within the plants.

Once the men arrived at the 2nd sector, Landon began his lecture.


7 days had gone by, and both plants now shared electricity and water between them.

At this point, the Central heating plant was completed.. hence Landon kept 500 workers to operate the plant, and sent the other 500 to aid in installing underground cables along the roads.

And just like that, the last day of August had arrived.

As for the workers, they now felt a little more confident in their plant operation skills and knowledge.

Granted, they made a lot of errors on their first few days, but Landon had expected as much.

Hence he wasn't worried about their learning pace, after all they still had the whole September to learn brush up their skills.

When it concerned learning, no matter how many years one spent in school, nothing could compare to actually doing the procedures.

One could spend 4 years studying chemical engineering... but that didn't mean that if that same person went to an oil plant, that person would automatically know what to do.

Knowledge without practice was useless on the field.

Back on earth, there were people who had never gone to school before, but they could fix any machine, car or engine, just because they had been taught on the job.

And even those who had spent 10 years working on oil plants, didn't know everything about their jobs.

While on the job, new problems would definitely arise daily, making everyday different from the next..

It was impossible to know everything at once.

In schools, people would sometimes cram a lot of information, just so that they could graduate.

That was why practice was important, as well as schooling... both went hand in hand.

So he had first spent his time teaching them the theory, before showing them how the plant actually operated.

Right now, Landon didn't need them to know everything... he just needed them to learn at their own pace, and safely operate the plant.

The more they did, the more they would remember.

I mean.. he couldn't possibly put them through 4 years of schooling, before finally allowing them to work on the plants could he?

The only way was to learn on the job.

As for the workers, they truly liked their new work environment..... especially because they could use the 'toilet', soap and tissue paper.

And don't get them started on the magical light tubes that s.h.i.+nes brightly at night, when they pulled the tiny switch upwards.

These plant sites were like heaven to them....

Right now, they all had one question in mind:

When was their king going to start residential construction?

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