September was here and once again, Santa had sent his subordinates to Baymard as usual.

Landon bought several seeds and animals, as well as sold his ores to Santa's subordinates.

After he had sorted out the children, new military recruits, caretakers, and the elderly, Landon was left with 5970 new workers, 100 hospital recruits, and 23 people who had professions prior to being slaves or refugees.

Amongst those 23 people were: 7 teachers, 10 healers (nurses), and 6 new doctors.

Of course Landon immediately a.s.signed the doctors to start training under Doctor Gerson.

As for the nurses, they were to join the new 100 hospital recruits and start training under nurses Shanelle and Laura.

Last month, Landon had added 100 trainees in the hospital.... And this month, he had also added another 100 as well.

The hospitals ran for 24 hours every day of the week, so more people were needed for different s.h.i.+fts.

As for the teachers, Landon would use this September to train them.

Although this was the last semester before the long holiday, Landon hoped that by October, these new teachers would begin teaching.

It would be wise for them to use the remaining half of the semester as part of their training... Hence, Landon decided to let them teach courses like Pyno 1 and Math 1.


This month, there were a lot of things that Baymard needed.

Firstly, Landon wanted to start making printing presses... he chose to make lithography steam engine rotatory printing presses.

These steam engine printing presses, were deemed the fastest that could work without electricity throughout ancient times.

These ones could print both sides of a page in a single operation, at an incredible speed as well.

One steam press alone could print over two hundred book pages a day, provided water was constantly fed to the engine, as well as a constant supply of ink.

Since he couldn't make digital printers right now, rotary printing presses would have to do.

Once the printing press could run, I.D cards, Government doc.u.ments and Calenders were a must.


Up next, Landon wanted to focus on mattress making.

He wanted to make 2 types of mattresses, polyurethane foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses were actually made from the polyurethane ones.... the only difference between the 2, were the additives used for making memory foam.

Both foams could be made to feel hard, flexible, or even super soft... depending on whether they would be used in mattresses, pillows, wheelchair seats, bench and couch cus.h.i.+ons, car seats, dish was.h.i.+ng sponges, gym mats, and so on.

Polyurethane foam is generally formed when a polyol, and an Isocyanate are combined.

Once combined, the foam starts forming and rising on it's own at standard atmosphere pressure.

The foam starts rising like how yeast would rise in dough, and quickly solidifies itself.... Hence making the soft, flexible, and comfortable material used for mattresses and other cus.h.i.+ons.

For memory foam, both chemicals used for polyurethane foam are added, along with water and a variety of catalyst and additives.

Also depending on the different chemicals used, these foams could have different colors as well.. like the yellow foam used for dish was.h.i.+ng sponges, or the white foam used for mattresses.


Finally, Landon wanted to focus on textile making.

He knew that during this period, he would focus on all textile materials... except cotton.

Since June, Landon had been buying cotton seeds from Santa's subordinates.

Generally, cotton grew as a shrub.. with the plant taking 5 to 6 months to fully grow and produce cotton.

Since he couldn't wait for that long, he decided to focus on wool, yarn and all other textile materials.

For the past 2 months, the workers had been cutting and storing the fur from the animals which he had been purchasing.

And now, it was finally time to create thread used in making different clothing items such as blankets, winter jackets, winter hats, socks, curtains and so on.

Hence with everything needed this September, Landon divided the 5970 new workers like so:

•Alchemy industry:

▪Foam department: 570

▪The other existing departments: 500

•Food industry: 500

•Textile Industry:500

•Construction Industry:

▪Printing Press: 400

▪Other existing departments: 600

•Actual construction workers:2900


Since there were no available buildings within the construction industry, Landon decided to have the paper making department, share their 4 story building with the printing press.

As for the textile industry... since the animals and their fur were being stored within the food industry, Landon thought that it would be wise to allow them to occupy 4 buildings within the food industry as well... at least until their own facility was built.

Hence he had also decided that since those 1000 workers a.s.signed to build the greenhouse were done, they might as well start constructing the textile industry now.

For this new textile industry, Landon just wanted 8 buildings within it.

And while construction is underway, those a.s.signed towards textile making would do their jobs within the food industry.

In this era, the people already knew how to spin and form textile thread for clothing.. the difference was that all their clothing was hand made.

So for this first week of September, Landon wanted those a.s.signed to the textile industry, to start making thread from all animal fur previously collected and stored.

And while they were focusing on that, Department C6 of the construction industry, was to make mechanical wheeler sewing machines and spinning wheels.

Instead of using electricity, these machines used several pulley mechanisms and leg paddles to spin the threads and sew fabrics.

With these machines, the workers would be more efficient when compared to hand sewing and st.i.tching.

And once the first week of September was over, Landon would then divide the workers into 2 groups... one group would focus on making thread, while the other would be focus on fabric making.

For this textile industry, Landon decided to appoint, Mrs. Sophia as overseer of the industry.

Sophia was the wife of Chief Lyore, and since both industries were basically sharing the same state, Landon decided to appoint her as overseer.

Plus, she was the one who had previously aided Landon in sewing badges for the military recruits.

So from now on, she would be known throughout Baymard as Chief or Overseer Sophia.

And for the food industry, since the greenhouse was already constructed, Landon wanted the new workers to start planting and transferring several medical herbs from the farms to the greenhouse.


With the addition of 2900 construction workers, Landon now had 12,900 workers all together.

It was finally time to focus on building residential homes for the citizens.

Landon divided the group up like so:

•2000 were to focus on installing electric cables alongside the roads.

•4000 where to focus on tarring the roads.. as well as installing all sewage, water, rainwater drainage, and central heating pipes underneath the ground.

•900 would also focus on using heavy machines to level the s.p.a.ce for the residential buildings.

•And finally 7000 workers would focus on constructing homes for the citizens.


Back on earth, the only reason building homes took over 6 months, was because of land surveying, getting land permits, getting architects to make blueprints, hiring contractors, lawyers and so on.

The actual construction process doesn't take that long at all.. depending on the desired house size.

Typically 3 men could build a 2,900sq foot house within 11 weeks (3 months and 2 weeks)... that's without working on Sat.u.r.days and sundays.

In Landon's case, he wanted to build a 2,400 square foot home using 27 men in each group. This would by far slim down the building time, and in about 1 and a half weeks, 27 men would finish one residential building.

And since there were 7000 workers a.s.signed to building the homes, there would be 259 groups made up of 27 workers.

Hence after 1 and a half weeks, Landon expected to see at least 259 homes already constructed.

Landon wanted them to do what they had previously done when they constructed all 3 industries at once.

Once the workers had to wait for cement to harden during the foundation, floor and wall stages, Landon expected them to start construction for other residential homes.

So in that way by the end of the 1 and a half week time frame, each team would actually complete, or at least start 2 or more homes at once.

Of course Landon had made up his mind to also a.s.sist all these industries within this month.. especially the textile industry.

Once the day came to an end, Landon looked at his schedule for September and truly felt like crying.

He was busy as h.e.l.l!

He had to supervise another military exam for the recruits that came during the month of June.

It had been 3 months for those recruits, and now was the period for their first official exam...Hence his presence as King, was a must.

Apart from aiding the industries and making his presence known in the military, Landon also had to visit the hospitals, nurseries, as well as the school.


As he lay on his bed, Landon quickly tried his best to fall asleep fast.... for he knew that tomorrow would be a long weary day.

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