Previously during the month of August, Landon had allocated a large estate within the upper region to the medical volunteers.

He decided to let the estate be a Medical & Healthcare Academy.

Medical care emphasized on disease treatment and care..... While healthcare looked at signs, prevention of diseases, and health promotion and awareness.

Generally, medical and Healthcare had more than hundreds of different professions within it.

From pharmacists to medical a.s.sistants, emergency medical technicians, cardiac surgeons, nutritionists, radiation therapists, and so on.

In future, these students would have to specialize in particular areas and perform several operations and jobs within the hospital and clinics.

For now, Landon had given them schedules which they had to follow strictly.

They also had to attend the math, Chemistry and Pyno being taught within Baymard.

Chemistry was basically a main course for them... understanding matter, chemical reactions that occur within the body, and chemical compositions within medical drugs was a necessity.

Right now, 100 volunteers had also joined the Academy within this month.. making a total of 200 students.

For their schedules, aside from math, Pyno and Chemistry, the students also took:

•First aid

•Wound care & treatment

•Medical rules & ethics

•Medical ma.s.sage therapy

•Patient care, management and recording

•Patient communication

•Disease management & treatment

•And finally.... 'Hospital time', where different groups of students would spend 3.5 hours in the hospital aiding the nurses and doctors.

With the schedule that Landon had made, on a daily basis the hospital had students who came over and took care of the patients... under the supervision of the nurses and doctors.

The students also did hospital rounds, comforted the patients and did other medical tasks.

In this way, they were learning and practicing at the same time.

Today, Nurse Shanelle had 2 groups to supervise during her 8 hour s.h.i.+ft.

The first group of 15 students, would come for 3 and a half hours....While the other group would come after her lunch break.


Once all the students from the first group had arrived at the front of the hospital, she began her roll call.

"Kenneth Carby!"


"Quebo Jones"



As she called out their names, she used a blue pen to tick their names on the list that she was holding.

Once roll call was done, she led them to the locker room that had spare lab coats, gloves, rubber shoes, hair caps, face masks and so on.

The students quickly wore the lab coats and shoes provided, as well as put their gloves and face masks in their lab coat pockets.

Once everyone was done, they followed nurse Shanelle to her office for a 30 minute meeting.

It was now 8:30 A.M, and Shanelle's s.h.i.+ft started at 9 A.M... the students were told to always come at least 35 minutes earlier.

"2 days ago, your group came to the hospital and worked under me.....We have been working together since the start of August..... So you all know the drill."

The seated students immediately took out their notebooks and pens, as they waited for her questions.

"Patient Julianna in Ward B-2, says that her tummy is constantly upset, her stomach feels like it's full of water (bloated), she vomits a lot, and her tummy aches as well.

She also says that she always feels like going to relief herself, she has a fever, and she out a lot of gas frequently.

She also has trouble swallowing, always feels nauseous, and her stool is loose and watery..... . Causes.. Go!!"

The students raised their hands in attempt to give their hypotheses.

"It could be due to indigestion.. she might have been used to eating food without drinking water.... After all from the lectures, indigestion is known to cause bloating, gas release, and deep aches and pains around the belly."

"Hmm... your answer could have been correct.... but how do you explain the other symptoms?"

"It could have also been diarrhea!!.. all the symptoms match it well"

Nurse Shanelle smiled.

"Correct, the patient is indeed suffering from diarrhea... so what causes diarrhea?"


"Lactose intolerance"

"Food poisoning"


All the possibilities listed down were in fact correct.

But for this case, food poisoning was the main cause of the issue.

In this era, people didn't have fridges and better ways to store food... Hence, they didn't know the meaning of expiration dates.

For them, food was edible unless it was visibly rotten.

These people would cook food and leave it outside for days, while eating it.

In fact a lot of them died from food poisoning, and had tummy aches frequently.

For these people, it was normal to eat and have tummy aches.. provided fever and sickness didn't take their lives.

Even when their meat, bread and other food items were molded, they would away the molded parts and continue eating the foods.

At least with the existence of plastic bags and containers in Baymard, the people could successfully cover their food from flies.

But that still didn't change the fact that all food items would expire.

Landon had taken his time to write books on basic hygiene, and the causes, symptoms and treatments of common problems that almost everyone back on earth knew.

He wrote about lactose intolerance, malaria, fever, the common flu or cold, rash treatments, sore throat pain, the importance of was.h.i.+ng hands and so on.

Although he hadn't received the medical reward from the system, he wrote about these everyday illnesses based on what he knew.

Landon was sure that everyone on earth had gotten sore throat, fever, flu, headaches, tummy aches, and all the other 'easy' illnesses at some point of their lives.

"Good!!!... so since her diarrhea was caused by food poisoning, how do we solve it?"

"Have her go on a clear liquid diet for 1 day, so that her upset stomach can settle down."

"Have her hydrate by drinking a lot of water regularly"

"Letting her avoid milk and spicy foods"

"Having her drink a mixture of boiled ginger and water.... this could reduce inflammation along the throat, as well as strengthen her stomach"

"Plus ginger would also act as a good antibiotic."

"For her fever, nausea and headache..... we could also add 'featherfew', milkvetch root, and white peony root to the ginger-water mixture"

Nurse Shanelle and the students discussed amongst themselves, and came up with the perfect treatment for Patient Julianna.. As well as several other patients in the other Wards.

They had used 5 minutes to talk about each patient on Shanelle's patient checklist.

And after 30 minutes, it was time finally for her s.h.i.+ft to begin.

Shanelle gave each person in the team specific duties for the day.

Some were in charge of preparing and boiling all the medicines for all the patients on the roster, as per Shanelle's instructions.

Others were in charge of communicating with the patients about their illnesses, medication and prevention of their sicknesses.

Some also did therapy ma.s.sages, wound treatments and and so on.

Of course, before any medication was administered, Shanelle was present to supervise the students... she was also the one that wrote in the patient's medical book as well.

Each time the group came over to the hospital, their duties would change... this was done so that they would gain experience and understanding towards all medical procedures within the hospital.

And just like that by the end of the group's s.h.i.+ft, Shanelle had a 10 minute meeting with them on what they did right today, as well as their individual mistakes.


As the group made their way out of the hospital, they kept discussing the events of the day amongst themselves excitedly.

They loved the comments that they had gotten from the patients, as well as those from their supervisor Nurse Shanelle.

Treating people's illnesses, also made them have a sense of accomplishment.

In their opinion, volunteering and choosing to be medical / healthcare students was the best decision that they had made throughout their entire lives.

They had everything.. money, food, housing and job satisfaction... ... what more could they want?

They were proud to be seen as future doctors and nurses of Baymard.

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