Today, Landon had a meeting with the 3 government officials that previously came from the empire of Yodan in May.

Every week, Landon and the 3 men would write and revise all acts, policies and regulations in Baymard.

They had been writing these laws since May, and had only successfully finished writing them around mid-August.

Back on earth, all countries had more than hundreds of written policies for the citizens to follow.

Landon and the 3 Government officials: Nicolas, Craig and, sat around a table and went through the several piles of papers.

All the doc.u.ments were categorized alphabetically from A to Z, and were also arranged according to their sectors.

There were sectors like: Agriculture, Beverages, Fishery, Citizens.h.i.+p & Immigration, Transportation, Food Preservation, Schools, Labour rights, Minimum wages, Construction, and Environmental.

As well as other sectors like: Natural resources, Medical, Engineering, Law, Military, Parks, Foreign Affairs, Trade, Water bodies like ocean and streams, Baymard Treasury, Justice, Tax, Energy resources, public safety, and so on.

In general, there were over 50 different sectors which had their own individual acts, policies and regulations.

It was impossible to write all these policies over a short period of time, hence Landon didn't want to address any government issues until they were done.

Take for example, the sector called Agriculture.

This sector had rules, policies, acts and regulations for everything Agriculture.

Within the sector, every grain, fruit, herb, Dairy, meat, livestock, spices, seasonings, vegetables, processed goods like b.u.t.ter, and so on... had their own policies.

These policies focused on marketing, health hazards & standards, the selling price range for all goods, imports, exports, offenses and punishments for not following the law, and the list went on.

For example there were doc.u.ments written on all laws involving apples.

So each food item like tomatoes, had their own separate doc.u.ments and policies.

That was how it was done on earth, and that was how Landon wanted to do it here.

Each fruit or food had their individual expiration dates, so it was only right to write their policies separately.

There were also label requirements and regulations that had to be followed strictly for each food item.

Landon had written doc.u.ments on how long each food item could last, with and without chemical preservatives added to them.

Anything that went to the market had to have an expiration date on it that showed when it was produced, and when it would expire.

He wanted the citizens to start getting health conscious as well.

Right from July, the food industry had been adding chemical preservatives to most of the foods that they had produced.

This drastically decreased the rate at which the foods turned bad.... which was also a good thing.

But still, without the aid of fridges or freezers, these food items still rotted away fast, as compared to if they were refrigerated.

For now, the expiration labels would only show the expiration dates for all foods if they were not refrigerated.... but once fridges came out, Landon would also revise the expiratory dates as well.

Food labels also had to show what chemical preservative was added into the food. As well as safety hazards and signs like if it should be kept away from the eyes and so on.

Also under this Agriculture sector, there were policies on farm income protection, dept mediation policies, insurance acts, and agricultural loans for people who wanted to start their own farming businesses.

It also spoke about farming practices for land preservation and water.

In fact, there were a ton of things that had been written under each sector alone.

Even looking at the Environmental sector, Landon had written policies on littering, deforestation, pollution, recycling and waste management.

He had quickly realized that he needed, a waste and garbage management industry that would recycle containers and destroy all the garbage around Baymard.

This industry would also be in charge of collecting all garbage from the garbage around Baymard.


Generally, each sector would have a board, Parliament or council, that discussed all topics and problems involved within that particular sector.

Like having a Supreme court, Engineering, Research & Natural science council, medical board, Citizens.h.i.+p & Immigration board, Labour rights board, Public safety board, Sports board, Statistics board and so on.

For example, the statistics board would basically collect, compile, a.n.a.lyze and publish all statistics information related to commercial, industrial, financial, social, and economical act.i.tities in Baymard.

They were also in charge of taking population consensus of the citizens, as well as doing several other government jobs.

Also, Landon wanted to make a health & safety Inspection board which would be in charge of inspecting all industries and goods in Baymard.

They would go to the industries and ensure that the goods that are marketed out to the citizens, are not poisonous, expired or harmful to consumers.

They had to ensure that all industries had safety equipments and needs like ladders... As well as check restaurant cleanliness and so on.

In future, Landon would also have them check all the drugs that were being kept in the hospitals and clinics.

After all, they would be the main inspection team in Baymard.


Landon and the men then proceeded to talk about the sector called 'Benefits', which tackled public pensions, employment insurance benefits like maternity leaves, family benefits, education planning & student aid, Disability benefits, housing benefits, Payment plans and so on.

Overall, all 3 government officials were happy with the Benefit sector.

It showed them that when they themselves retired, they would not need to worry about food and other basic necessities.

The important thing was that they wouldn't be seen as a burden to their children or grandchildren.

They truly felt grateful to Landon for thinking about them in their old age.

Back in Yodan, they had been working as Government officials for several years now..... and this was the first time that they had seen this type of policy.

There was no other place within the Pyno continent that gave such benefits.

All of them came to Baymard with their families.... So as they read through the policies, they began to put themselves in the shoes of those in need.

If the ones in need were their own children or family members, wouldn't that be great?

No one could predict the future, so having plans that tackled health and finance would be seen as heavenly to a lot of citizens, slaves, and refugees.

Their king had taken everyone into account.. even disable people, as well as orphans and basically anyone who couldn't help themselves.

They felt proud and blessed to be working under him.

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