Once they were done with the Benefit sector, they began talking about 'Citizens.h.i.+p & Immigration.

"Your majesty.... Under the sector called 'Citizens.h.i.+p and Immigration', I think that we should reduce the number of days that visitors were allowed to stay in Baymard." Nicolas said.

"I agree your majesty.... Instead of 3 months (90 days), let's make it 2 months." Ben.a.z.ir suggested.

"I propose that we make it 1 month" Craig said.

Under the citizens.h.i.+p & Immigration sector, Landon had made different rules for citizens, permanent residences, international students, visitors, and refugees.

He had also detailly explained how those who weren't citizens, could become one.

In future, Landon would allow people to come and study in Baymard.. but they wouldn't be allowed to work here at all.

He would only provide education, and once they were done.. they had to leave the Baymard.

These were dark times, empires were at war with each other, and everyone wanted power.... how could he give his future enemies the chance to attack him?

Tsk!!, wasn't that stupidity?

If it were back on earth, Landon would have no problem letting international students work in his industries, hospitals or even join his military... but the times were different.

He could only give them education, and that was it!!..... And during the long holidays, they were to go back home to their empire.

After all knowledge was, and will always be a human necessity for development.

Back on earth, Landon had been taught that basic knowledge should be free for all.... Of course, being free doesnt mean that they wont pay their tuition.

He could educate them, but it was what they did with all the acquired knowledge that made a difference.

If Landon didn't give a detailed description of all industry processes to the men in Baymard, he was sure that they would still be experimenting each production process for each product for at least 5 years.

Back on earth, even when the first printing press was invented, it took another 40 years for mankind to improve that same printing press..bruhhh.

So with education, he would let the international students get basic and intermediary knowledge.

But the deep descriptions taught in the academies, and industries were strictly off limits to them.

He would teach and show them that chemical 'x' is poisonous and chemical 'y' is toxic...but if they wanted to create their own goods like ink, they had to go back to their empires and combine what they thought were the raw materials, with chemicals that they felt would aid in creating ink.

It was their job to experiment back in their own empires.

There was no way that they would get everything right without a detail description.

There were different reactions, catalysts, additives, and chemicals that did several things during production.

And some of the main raw materials and components had to be taken from refined crude oil and other separate chemicals.

So Landon was very sure that even if they mastered the entire periodic table and knew about reactions and Isotopes, they would still need several years to get to where Baymard was presently at.

Of course in their Chemistry cla.s.ses, they would do basic laboratory experiments, but nothing that would reveal Baymard's industrial secrets.

Please!!..... if it were that easy, then all undergraduate students back on earth would have their own mini industries on the side, as well as cosmetic and other brand companies.

If were that easy, then everyone would also be able to produce medical drugs and other goods.

Without the detailed description, one would need to research for several years.

Back on earth, companies would usually send their workers to other companies... They had exchange programs and intens.h.i.+ps, so that their workers could learn the industry secrets from their conpet.i.tors...it was generally allowed because earth was somewhat peaceful.

But in these times, Nahhhh!!.. for safety reasons, Landon didn't want them to work at the industries at all.

In future maybe, but right now it was a definite NO.

Back to the matter of stays, the international students would get study permits while they studied in Baymard.

If they really wanted to work, then they were only allowed to do so at stores, restaurants or hotels during their short breaks. (Of course during the 4 month long break they had to leave).

In fact they would only work in places that didn't have industry or work secrets..

So basically, they couldn't work in the military and lower region.

They could work within the coastal and central districts, as well as some parts of the upper region.

But Landon could allow them to tour the industries with an tour access pa.s.s.

They would be led by a tour guide of course, and their tours would only take at most a few hours.

On the other hand, 'Visitors' were those that would come for trade, enjoyment, or even those who came to treat their illnesses.

Landon wanted the maximum stay for visitors to be 3 months.

If they had a serious illness that needed surgery and 2 months of constant medical care, then they would get 3 months stamped on their tiny Visa booklets.

But if they came for a 1 week Vacation, Landon would give them 2 weeks on their Visa.

At the end of their stay if they were still within Baymard, they would be caught and banned from ever entering Baymard again.

And if anyone needed an extension, they had to go to the main office and state their reasons... As well as bring evidence to support their claim.

If the officers in charge deemed the evidence to be tangible, then their request would be approved.

After Landon explained his reasons for having a maximum duration of 3 month for visitation, the 3 officials thoroughly understood and agreed on Landon's point.

After all, it wasn't fair to let the sick or those in need of medical attention suffer just because of their policies.


Up next, they looked at the criminal justice sector.

This sector aimed at victim rights, women rights, family violence, criminal conviction, human trafficking, rape, cannibalism, fraud and so on.

They also addressed the marital sector, which looked at the minimum marriage age, child support, abuse & neglect, spousal support, divorce, and separation laws.

From the written laws, it was a crime to not provide food, schooling, housing and clothing to children under the age of 15... After all 15, in this era was already considered to be an adult.

If a family couldn't provide for their children, then they could apply for student loans, health loans, and so on.

Also hitting a child, emotionally harming children, forcing marriage on children, s.e.xually abusing them were all major crimes.

Although 10 year old children were abused and used as s.e.x slaves in this era, Landon was thoroughly disgusted with the idea.

Those citizens or refugees that were caught doing these would be locked up in prison for at least 10 years.

And if it were visitors or international students, then they would be beaten up and permanently refused access into Baymard for the rest of their lives.

Obviously, in the future once the roads were all done and cars were made available, Landon would also add traffic and driving laws.

As they looked at the court and justice rules and systems, Landon quickly realised that he needed to build an impenetrable prison for criminals.

Any spy, enemy or even criminal within the society, needed to be kept in this prison.

In future, he would also need to make prisoner rights and so on.

Yes the prisoners had rights too.. like their visitation rights, phone call rights, basic food rights, lawyer rights and so on...

Sigh.. they was just to much to improve on.

As the meeting progressed, they successfully went through several different sectors like federal land acquisition for businesses, sports, and medical policies.

And finally, concluded with Taxes... Which involved: income taxes, payroll and many more.

8 hours had gone by, with them taking two 10 minute breaks and a 40 minute lunch break within the meeting.

Once Chief Tim successfully created the printing Press, they would start making Ident.i.ty cards for the citizens.

Hence at the end of their meeting, Landon quickly reminded them to start collecting all information about the citizens such as age, date of birth, marriage status and so on.

As well as to also get a population census done as soon as possible.

They had also agreed that every year, they would improve and update the policies as time went on.

Plus if the people gave feedback on Baymard's rules, policies and regulations, then they would reflect on them and might even add them to the policies.

But they would not approve rules that promoted violence, went against morality, or the peoples needsand income. As well as the development of Baymard.


It was only 5 P.M, so Landon decided to head on over to the food industry and aid in planting and transportating medicinal herbs from the farms, to the greenhouse.

As a king, his work never stopped.

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