"Host, Snow powder has made its way to the continent of Pyno, and will be revealed tonight at the Teenal auction house within the Capital.

Does host wishes to attend, or watch through the system's monitors?

Since the auction is not being held at the host's territory, then viewing through the monitor would cost host 45 Development points, 80 Technology points, or 15 Bonus Points.

Likewise, attending the auction with a warping spell, would also cost host 85 Development points, 120 Technology points, or 23 Bonus points for 2 trips back and forth.

And If host chooses to go, the system also offers a disguise package for 20 Development points, 50 Technology points, or 5 Bonus points.

Which option does host choose?" the system said.

Landon had been telling the system to alert him on any major developments that were happening around the Pyno continent.

It would be a shame to have an almighty system and not use it.

Speaking of which, Landon found that his system was somewhat of a rude introvert..... It would only talk to him if it was absolutely necessary.

Occasionally, he would interact with the system before going to bed... or when he wanted to use the time capsules.

And on a weekly basis, the system would nag him about completing his mission.

Back to the matter of the auction, although Landon could use the system monitors, he had still decided to attend the auction instead.

He had been cooped up in Baymard, and felt that he should use this opportunity to observe the changes within Arcadina.

"I'll attend the auction with the disguise package... so use my Development points for payment."

"As you wish host"


Jenette walked into the auction house with her guards by side.

As she walked, she couldn't help but remember the conversations that she had been having with her father and her mother, within these past few weeks.

Her dream of becoming the first queen in the continent was ruined by that strong man b**ch Penelope.

How dare she s.n.a.t.c.h her dreams of becoming the first female ruler within the Pyno continent?

And to make matters worse, when she had proposed the idea of her being Queen, her father literally told her to get out!!.

Why was Penelope's case different from hers?

Wasn't she smart, cunning and beautiful as well?

Wasn't she royalty, and a good manipulator as well?

Jenette had heard the tales of Penelope, and had instantly called it bullsh**.

Who would go out of their way to help peasants if they didn't want something from them in return?

Hmmp!!.. For her, Penelope was a grand manipulator.

A person that could make all the men around her favour her, was something that a seductress was good at.... And she wholeheartedly believed that Penelope was such as person.

Jenette being a master in the act of 'White Lotusing', how could she believe that Penelope was that pure and innocent?

When she asked her mother for help, her mother had immediately told her to get rid of what she called 'silly dreams'.

Her mother had been preparing her her blood brother James, to take the throne from Eli..... So how could she entertain her daughter's fantasy dreams?

Jenette was utterly disappointed in her mother.

Why did it seem like her mother loved her younger brother more than she did for her?.... Anyway, she had already made up her mind.

Now that all 3 of her brothers had gone to fight at the borders, she would use this period to kill her father and sit on the throne... with or without her mother's help.

The good thing was that she had a whole 8 months to get the job done.

Her brothers had just left 2 weeks ago, and it would take them a little over 2 months to arrive at the borders.

Plus another 4 months, in which they had to fight and stay within those border cities, until they were sure that the Terique knights wouldn't attack the cities anymore or call for reinforcements.

And after that period, her brothers would use another 2 months to head back to the Capital on horse.

All this left Jenette with enough time to plan her father's downfall..she could attack anytime with the 8 month period.

Hence she decided that after her wedding in November, she would attack the old dog and take her place as Queen of Arcadina.

Hehehehe.. just thinking about it made her smile.

That was why she had been looking for ways to improve her forces, as well as increase their numbers.

A few days ago, she had heard that 2 new products had arrived from the continent of Morgany.

In this world called Hertfilia, there were 9 continents... but the people from the Pyno continent only knew of 4.

These 4 were the ones that they would sometimes do trades with.

From these trades, the people on the Pyno continent, had realised that 3 of those continents were somewhat backwards in development.

But the continent called Morgany, was more or less the same as them in terms of civilization.

Travelling s.h.i.+ps would usual take several months to move from one continent to another, hence trade opportunities and goods from there were seen as treasures.

Who didn't like international goods?

She had come today because of two products.

One was a liquid beauty potion that was rumored to make any woman's skin glow.

And the final item was something called 'Snow' powder.

The merchants from Morgany, had said that snow powder was only discovered within the last year.

Apparently some alchemist called Endo, discovered it by accident. As well as received some injuries from it from the accident.

Isn't this what she had been looking for?

If she could get some of this snow powder, wouldn't she be able to deal with her father instantly?

No matter how much it costs, she had to get her hands on these G.o.dly products.

As she walked in, she immediately spotted one of her nemesis.

Angelina Dwight!!

The b**ch that had always tried to seduce her fiance.

Why was she here? Did she come here to buy the beauty potion as well?

No!!!... There was no way in h.e.l.l that she would let this sl** get the potion.

Although she had finally gotten engaged, she was still insecure when it came to her man.

What man wouldn't want a beauty?

Men were allowed to take as many wives as they wanted, so she was afraid that he would eventually take that b**ch as a concubine.

No matter what, she had to get her hands on that beauty potion before Angelina did.

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