Chapter 593: Inexplicably Touched



Yz said that quite naturally. The expression on his face was also very normal and he didn't appear to be angry, either.

The banquet hall essentially wasn't very spacious, thus the seats for rest weren't arranged very far from the chefs. Though not everyone could hear the comments about themselves, the remark on the roasted eels could be heard by all.

Because the position where he stood was just facing the seats for rest.

When yz brought that out, Zhong Lili became stupefied immediately. She looked towards yz subconsciously with a look of suspicion.

Even the corner of the mouth of Li Minghui, who had talked with Chairman Masheng cheerfully and humorously just now, twitched without him realizing it.

"This guy causes disorder better than Liu Tong." Li Minghui sighed inwardly.

"I've never expected someone to be more sharp-tongued than me." Once in a blue moon, Liu Tong felt comfortable with yz.

Everyone knew that it was always Liu Tong who raised an objection in normal times, but yz was tougher than him. By saying that, yz simply meant that everything about the dish tasted bad and nothing was good.

That really caused disorder among the people on site.

"Good boy. How dares he say that?" The grey-haired middle-aged man looked at yz with an interested look.

"It seems that this is the highest level of speech. Unless he doesn't say anything, he surprises everyone once he talks. A few words of him even attract more people's attention than mine." Only then did Wu Jun feel the loving care that yz offered him in these few days while Wu Jun was looking at him.

After all, yz never talked in such a manner to him.

"I don't know why, but I just feel a little touched by him inexplicably in the heart." Wu Jun touched his heart and then an inexplicable feeling of being touched arose spontaneously.

"Haw-haw. Young people are really sharp-tongued." Chairman Masheng smiled faintly and appeared that he didn't care about that.

Nevertheless, the chef that cooked the eels couldn't help bowing to yz first and straightening himself and then said.

"I'm sorry for letting you down. Please do tell me what aspect isn't good enough." The name of this chef was Dashi Xiujie. His working age was as long as 20 years, but he was no more than 38 years old. As he was in the prime of life, he naturally didn't lack the temper and air of arrogance.

"Yeah, yeah, right. If you has any opinion, please specify it." Chengtian Yilang also chimed in at the side.

Oh, right. The chef Dashi Xiujie spoke Japanese just now and Zhong Lili translated it to yz.

After all, yz can't speak Japanese. He can neither understand nor speak it.

"No. This is the home court of your honorable country. For the sake of respect, I don't wanna say that out." yz said earnestly with a manner of primness.

Once he said that, everyone on site choked instantly, including all the Chinese chefs.


It really sounded weird to say that. If one respected somebody and didn't wanna say anything, why didn't he say nothing tasted good? Judged from yz's manner, however, he wasn't like picking a quarrel.

After all, yz said that in accordance with what he thought inwardly. Consequently, he said that with a quite natural tone.

"Xiujie, the exchange meeting hasn't ended. You have to think carefully about this gentleman's opinions and can't rely on the specific direction that others point out." It was the experienced and knowledgeable Chairman Masheng who said that at that moment.

He said to Dashi Xiujie straightforwardly with a slight scolding tone.

"Thank you for your opinion." Immediately, Dashi Ziujie apologized to Chairman Masheng and then thanked yz.

"You are welcome." yz shook the head.

"Sir, you are so young and you can find out Xiujie's shortcomings at the sight of the dish. You are really impressive." Chairman Masheng turned to praise yz.

"You are way too courteous. But Mr. Yuan is a gifted chef that even Chairman Zhou places high hopes on. His capabilities are equally matched to Master Chu Xiao's." Li Minghui was quite shrewd. Instantly, he started to talk about yz's capabilities.

After all, it was understandable for yz to bring out those words if he had such kind of capabilities.

Just as expected, Chairman Masheng became curious.

At the other side, Zhong Lili asked yz with puzzlement, "Mr. Yuan, why did you say so?"

"Wu Jun passed your word to me that we must be low-profile and simple and must say things in short." yz cast the load upon Wu Jun indifferently.

Though Wu Jun didn't specially mention that he helped Zhong Lili to pass her word to yz, yz figured that out from the fact that Wu Jun came to find him so timely and told him so many detailed matters needing attention.

"Wu Jun! Mr. Wu, please bother to tell me how you can say so." Compared with yz who was cold in temperament but handsome in the appearance, the talkative and funny person Wu Jun naturally became whom Zhong Lili believed to be the culprit.

On hearing that at the side, Wu Jun immediately became dumbfounded. He must have been cast the load upon by others and it seemed that he was even unable to take it off him.

Probably, presumably or maybe, he had truly conveyed the message like that.

"Can I say that I am treated unjustly now?" Wu Jun looked at the indignant manner of Zhong Lili and sighed in the heart.

"Ahem ahem ahem. I'm going for the taste test now. Actually, I haven't finished it." At last, Wu Jun said that and escaped.

Everything was going smooth except the only variable yz during the exchange meeting. The Chinese chefs gave some of their opinions while Liu Tong was responsible for finding faults.

Since yz had set a bad example, Li Minghui specially warned Liu Tong not to overact. After all, they were not here for quarreling.

In the evening, yz didn't dine together with others, as usual. Wu Jun took him to the izakaya that he was most interested in.

It was the one that Sun Ming had recommended to him and besides, wasn't open yesterday. They were very lucky this time. The izakaya was open and many customers went in and out half a dozen times.

"This izakaya is well-known for its horse meat. Do you wanna eat it? I don't think the horse meat is delicious. You are just hunting for novelty." Wu Jun mumbled.

"Well, I heard their Roasted Salmon is also not bad." yz lifted up the curtain and entered the door straightforwardly.

"Alright. Do you wanna drink some wine today? Speaking of which, didn't you say you never drink wine? You said it would affect your taste sense. Then do you wanna drink it today?" Wu Jun talked endlessly, but he didn't walk slowly. Right after yz, he entered the izakaya.

The pub was very small and it was the commonest style of Japanese izakaya. There were a long row of bar counters and several small tables, the kind for two persons. Several waiters were busy working inside.

Seeing somebody enter the restaurant, a waiter greeted them immediately, "Welcome."

"Order dishes." Instead of answering Wu Jun, yz said straightforwardly.

In yz's eyes, this guy behaved as if he couldn't control his mouth. Therefore, he didn't talk much with him in most cases.

"Okay, alright. What do you wanna eat? I will order it." Wu Jun appeared to be helpless and thus said.

"One serving of first-class Roasted Salmon, one serving of Horse Meat Sashimi and Horse Oil Sashimi as well as a bowl of white plain rice." yz ordered four dishes.

"Okay, got it. Let me go to order the dishes. No wine?" Wu Jun pointed at the rows of wine jar on the wine rack at the opposite side and asked indecently.

"No need. That's all." yz refused flatly.

"Alright." Wu Jun shrugged helplessly. Then he turned to the waitresses and began to order dishes with the help of his hands.

The most unusual thing was that the waitress surprisingly understood him.

"Though he has the destructive power five times higher than Wu Hai, he's actually useful on some aspects." yz stroked the forehead and said inwardly.

After they ordered the dish, yz and Wu hai just got seated on the chairs and began to wait for the dishes.

"Wow. This Horse Oil Sashimi looks so thin. It definitely tastes good." Suddenly, some Chinese words passed to them from the side.

In the surroundings full of Japanese, these few words were quite abrupt.

Then, yz's attention was diverted to the people subconsciously.

"This Horse Meat Sashimi is also very nice. Every slice was arranged neatly on the iceberg. It feels like they have been processed with a clean cut, thus they appear so neat and beautiful." Another female voice sounded right after that.

"Exactly. The knife skill of these sashimi is far better than that in our country." Another male voice sounded with a tone of admiration.

On hearing the last sentence, yz knitted his brows subconsciously.


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