The guests all came in and took their seats.... of course some were V.I.P members who had their own private booths as well.

Some guests wore masks, while others came with no disguises.

As for Landon, he had gotten a V.I.P booth by altering the memories of the auction house managers.

To them, Landon was a renowned merchant from the northern part of the empire.

Speaking of snow powder, it was basically the watered-down version of gunpowder.

Landon wasn't surprised that it was invented around this period.

Back on earth, China was the first to invent snow powder in the late 8th century.

And between the 10th to 13th century, Chinese goods made their way to other Asian countries, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Alchemists tried their best to copy and make their own explosives... as well as take several trips to China, so as to further study these explosives.

What Landon wanted to know was the strength of powder's explosive power.

Once the host came on stage, the room instantly quieted down.


"Welcome Esteemed guests... today's auction only entails goods from the continent of Morgany.

Up first, let's start with what the Morgany continent calls 'Horseshoes'.."

The entire audience was shocked... why would horses need shoes?... Was it some sort of fas.h.i.+on statement?

"I know what you all are thinking.... but these shoes could allow the horses to travel for long distances, without their feet getting injured."

Once the men heard the host's explanation, their eyes instantly lit up.

It might seem like a trivial matter.... But in actuality, it was not.

All these men were either n.o.bility like the Barons, knights, merchants and so on.

Some of them had gone on secret missions, that made them take tricky roads, and even paths around the forests.

On their journey, short dried up stalks of gra.s.s, would sometimes p.r.i.c.k their horses feet.

And even on the roads, they would be pieces of wood or sharp rocks that could cause splinters for the horses.

No matter how tough the feet (hooves) of a horse were, if they stepped on something that was similar to a needle, then they would feel immense pain.

So basically, horseshoes protected their feet the same way shoes protected human feet.

Without shoes, it would be very painful and stressful for human beings to run or even walk on rocks or other terrains for long distances.

Generally, if a horse was domesticated, and only stayed within a stable or estate, then they didn't really need horseshoes.

But if the people were going to use them in pulling carriages for hours, and taking something like a continuous 2 month journey, then they definitely needed them.

And in this era, n.o.body kept horses just for the sake of pampering... horses were treated like cars since they pulled carriages.

They were also seen as war necessities, since they also pulled wagons filled with war supplies and equipments.... Plus they also carried the knights on their backs constantly.

Merchants and travellers also used horses on a daily basis... so everyone was somewhat interested in these 'horseshoes'.

Some of the men seated within the audience, had paused their journey for several days whenever their horses were injured.

At times, it could thoroughly disrupt a mission or even supply of goods.

But now with the help of these horseshoes, they could finally go about their journey without the fear of delaying their schedules.

As the host spoke on the importance of the horseshoes, an auction worker came to the stage and handed him several parchment papers.

"The design sketches (blueprints) for horseshoe production and fitting, will be auctioned out today.... And they buyer will also receive 2 samples of these horseshoes.

Now, let's start bidding shall we?"

"10,000 silver coins for everything."

"13,000 silver coins"

"50,000 silver coins"


Several men fought to win the bid.

And at the end, it was finally sold to an influential merchant, who probably wanted to capitalize on the horseshoes and make profits from it.

As for Landon, he didn't really need horseshoes because all his wars, would probably be fought around Baymard's city walls.

Plus in the future, he would use things like machine guns, military altanks and so on.... Hence his horses would probably end up being domesticated.

But if he really needed to leave Baymard with his knights, he would probably make these horseshoes and keep up appearances by using the horses.


"Up next is a beauty potion that would make any woman look 10 years younger.

This potion was made by the renowned Alchemist, Lupio.

I'm sure you all have heard of his fame and deeds within the continent of Morgany."

As the host spoke, the women in the audience became more and more excited.

Who didn't know the renowned Alchemist Lupio?

His products had been marketed within the Pyno continent for the past few years now.

From charcoal eyeliners on sticks, to thick liquidy paste substances that reduced eye puffiness once the women woke up to other products.

In short, Alchemist Lupio's products were focused on the needs and necessities of women.

Once the bidding war began, the women looked at each other as if they were enemies on a battlefield.

"15,000 silver coins", someone yelled

"18000 silver coins"



"50,000 silver coins!!!" A servant from Jenette's booth said.

"55,000 silver coins!!" Angelina's servant seconded.

Jenette immediately looked at Angelina's booth with rage.

The booths were kind of like high balcony seats at an opera show.

Every V.I.P had a mini balcony and could also see the other V.I.P members on their balconies.

They also had Megaphones so that they, or their servants, could yell out their price.

Angelina smirked as she looked at Jenette, who was just a balcony away from her... In fact they were so close to each other that they could literally have a conversation amongst themselves.

"70,000 silver coins" Jenette's servant yelled out.

"75,000 silver coins" Angelina's servant seconded again.

Jenette was fuming mad.

"B**ch, your doing it on purpose."

"Whatever do you mean? Isn't this an auction house? Don't I have the right to bid as well?..or do you think that just because your a princess, I should stop bidding?" Angelina responded.

Jenette face started to twist as she tried very hard to control her emotions.

She immediately made up her mind that once she became queen, this sl** would be the first one to go.

Swore swore that she would definitely burn the b**ch down, and pee on her grave.

"I suggest you cut the c.r.a.p!!.. since I as a royal princess is bidding, then you should at least give me some face!!"

Normally, Jenette could easily deal with anyone and keep her white lotus act intact...but when she was dealing with Angelina, a white lotus Grandmaster... she as an ordinary master, lost tragically.

When ever she met with Angelina, her true self would always show.

Angelina felt the same way as well... she was always seen as weak and helpless... but when she clashed with Jenette, she became to a tigress.

Angelina smirked as she looked at Jenette's scrunched up face.

"Face?.. why didn't u give me some face as well? My aunt is the official wife of your father.. so technically, I too am part of royalty... so why should I give you face when you clearly don't care about mine?

And by the way, why are you here bidding for this beauty potion?

Have you finally come to terms with the fact that your appearance is hideous?

Tsk Tsk Tsk.. I'm actually surprised that it took you so long to grow a brain.

I hope that now you've finally realised that your ugly face and body, doesn't deserve to be tied up with brother Anthony" Angelina said.

Hideous?.. her, Jenette Barn, hideous?... she knew that this s.l.u.t Angelina had plans of using this beauty potion to take her man.

Over her dead body!!!!

Landon and a few people who had their V.I.P balconies around both women, leaned in and began watching their cat fight.

Landon really wished that he had brought popcorn for the show... He had to admit... this Angelina had a sharp tongue.

"Can't you at least show some respect?!!!" Jenette yelled.

Angelina tilted her head and slowly looked at Jenette from head to toe.

"Show some respect?.. To who?

In my eyes, you are nothing but a royal, irresponsible and senseless harlot.

Your just a dog in heat!!!"

Those around them almost coughed out blood... this girl was indeed savage.

At this point, Landon R.I.P'ed Jenette as he looked at her red raging face.

Rest in peace elder sister.

"You're too much!!!!..... Aren't you just jealous of me?"

"Hahaha.. I, Angelina, jealous of you?....

My dear royal harlot..... Jealousy is an unsightly and ugly thing.... And so are you in that dress."


The bidding ended with Jenette finally winning.. But before she could rejoice, demoness Angelina spoiled her victory.

"Can I give you some advice?" Angelina asked.

Since Jenette had won, all her previous anger had long dissipated... So she decided to listen to whatever bullsh** Angelina had to say.

"Advice?, Yeah sure, go ahead" Jenette said while gloating.

"An ugly person will always be an ugly person..... So when you use the beauty potion, don't await a miracle."

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