As the auction progressed, Landon continued observing all the items displayed.

So far, all the items weren't really impressive to him.. but to these people, these goods were mind blowing.

There were a lot of pottery items that showed the art style of the people of Morgany, as well as new goods like horse saddles, unique clothing items and so on.

Finally, it was time for the last item on the list to be auctioned off.

This item that had brought everyone out today.

Even spies and were seated within the crowd...including those from the Ghostly Prince's side.

It was finally time for the big reveal.

"Esteemed guests, for our final item... we have what is popularly known within the Morgany Continent as snow powder.

For better understanding, we decided to show you all what it could do."

Immediately, an auction worker came up to the stage with a wooden boards, some tubes, ropes, sticks, snow powder, arrows and bows.

For the first setup, several sticks were tied together in the shape of triangles, and mounted to the ground.

The auction worker made 2 triangular stick-stands, and placed a long large stick above both triangular mounts.

It was kinda like 2 camera tripod stands, that had a stick placed on top of them... this long stick connected both Tripods.

Each tripod stick-stand, had 3 legs that formed formed a triangle, and stood mounted to the ground...

One end of a large long stick was placed on top of the first tripod stick stand, while the other end of the stick was placed on the second stand.

Once that setup was done, the worker then filled a tiny tube with snow powder, placed the tube on one end of the long stick, and aimed at a wooden board a little distance away from the setup.

The tube had about the same size as hand-held dynamite sticks back on earth.

When everything was ready, another worker quickly brought a fire torch and lit the tube.

Once it was shot, white smoke instantly began to fill the stage.


One-fourth of the board was shattered into pieces.

Everyone was shocked.

Even the calm and collected spies and almost stood up from their seats.

What kind of weapon was this?

This was groundbreaking technology that would definitely help them in their quest for power.

Jenette was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with joy.. this was exactly what she was looking for.... With this, her victory was definitely guaranteed.

She would kill her old man, as well as that b**ch Angelina.

As for Landon, he had realised that the explosive power was not even up to 20% of his gunpowder back in Baymard.

It was understandable, since the people didn't necessarily understand science.

For these people, if they combined several stones with charcoal, then gunpowder would be formed.

But that wasn't necessarily the right way to go about it.

For example most of these rocks only contain maybe 30-50% sulphur within them, and the other components were seen as impurities.

So since these people didn't understand chemistry, or even knew what sulphur was, how could they succeed in creating any powerful explosions?

If they wanted to have a good explosive power, then they needed to use at least 98% pure sulphur.. . And the same thought process went out for the other raw materials.

That was why chemical extraction and preparation was necessary.

Another important factor was that they didn't know the ratio in which they should mix the raw materials.

Back in Baymard, Landon had made several potion cups, containers and gla.s.s dishes which were used by the people to estimate the ratio.

The correct ratio was 2 parts pure sulphur, 3 parts charcoal and 13 parts pure saltpeter.

These cups and containers were now used even in cooking.

People could say things like: add 3 parts rice, 4 parts water and so on.

Once the right ratios were properly mixed, Landon had the men fill sacs of gunpowder and place in the storage rooms.

Apart from the people in Baymard, the rest of the world didn't know the ratio, and just went with what they thought was right.

In fact, there were so many reasons why their explosive power was weak... Heck, it sounded more like a loud fart, than a thunderous clap.

And from the looks of it, those around the shots weren't even affected by the explosive force form the shot.

Well... this was definitely good for Baymard.

Back on earth, hand-held cannons were generally made between the 12 and 14th centuries.

And even at that time period, gunpowder still had a weak explosive power.

But when the era of science and all the geniuses like Albert Einstein came about, people started understanding were they went wrong with gunpowder.

The era of science mainly happened between the late 16th to 20th century.

People started building large gigantic cannons, war machines, and gunpowder guns.

But presently, sticks were used to launch the gunpowder filled tubes at an inclined angle.

As well as attached some of these gunpowder filled tubes onto metal arrows, and use their bows to launch their attacks.

These kind of weapons would never be enough to destroy Baymard's walls, that's why Landon could sigh from relief.

Within the audience, King Barn had also disguised himself as a V.I.P merchant.

This snow powder was what he needed to prepare himself against City Lord Shannon's attack on him.

He had been having several sleeplessn nights since the disappearance of City lord Shannon.

If the fool really planned on attacking him, then he would use this gunpowder to completely destroy Shannon.

For now once he got the powder, he would get his alchemists to study and create large scale batches.

And if anyone got in his way of obtaining this powder, hehehehe... thet person would wish that they had never been born.


"My esteem guests... we have only 50 large sacs of snow powder being auctioned off today."

One had to know that this powder was extremely expensive, so the merchants couldn't bring a lot back from the Continent of Morgany.

"These sacks would be sold in groups of 5 .... So let's start the bidding for the first group shall we?"

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