Again within the sewing department, there was also a sector that focused on beddings.

Using the size chart for the mattresses (king size, etc), this department was able to make items like bed sheets and mattress quilts that would be used to cover the mattress foam.

Of course when making the quilts, they sized up a bit so as to give room for fitting and sewing.

To make any side of the quilt, the workers placed thin layers of foam between 2 thick fabrics and sewed them together.

Of course on each side of the quilt, they would sew criss-cross designs which kept the thin foam layer within the quilt from moving around.

If any one had ever seen a mattress back on earth, they would quickly notice these designs as the many lines that ran across the mattresses surface from all directions.

Since Mattresses were generally rectangular in shape... the top, bottom and sides of the quilt were done separately.

And at the end, the quilt parts were then sewn together..... making the rectangular shaped quilt, look like an extremely thick gigantic pillow case.... that had only one section opened (unsewn).

And once the mattress foam was brought in from the Alchemy Industry, the workers fitted the foam into the quilts, and used pins to close the opened section.

They also folded all the excess loss fabric on the mattress, and pinned it towards the edges.

For the next phase, the workers left the table size sewing machines, and used the big guns.

Since there was no way that those tiny tables could contain those large mattresses, Landon had made steam powered sewing machines.

Once more, 17th century earth had done it again.

And at this point, Landon had already concluded that the 17th century was the birth era for Steam engines.

Those people used steam for almost everything.

In fact in the 18th century, these people went as far as to create steam cannons and guns...bruhhh Landon was done with them.

I mean...he understood the reasons such as metal being expensive..... but for war, that wasn't a good strategy.

What if some people had drank all the water, or their enemies destroyed your water tank? Even something as basic evaporation could lower the water levels..

It was good that they thought about saving cost and energy, but with some of their steam inventions, Landon couldn't help but feel that they had gone a little too far.

Anyway, the steam powered sewing machines could only be used on big items like couch cus.h.i.+ons, mattresses and so on.

It was better to imagine the machine as an airport metal detector door.

There were 2 thick needles placed at the top and bottom of both sides of the door.

These needles could be adjusted to any height that was required for the items.. As well as the width of the door.

For the case of the mattresses, once they pa.s.sed through the narrow doors, the needles would start sewing their corners.

At this point, only the top and the bottom would have been st.i.tched.

So the height of needles were adjusted and the mattress pa.s.sed through the machine again.

This time, the other sides of the mattress were st.i.tched up properly.

And at the end, the pins that were used to grip the mattress were carefully removed.

Of course with the mattresses successfully made, the 'inspection and storage' department also ensure that no pins were left on them.

Presently, mattresses alone had 12 storage rooms which all differed depending on the bed size.

So after inspection, they would be stored away neatly according to their sizes.


Since all the sectors within the sewing department had no issues or reported injuries, Sophia went on with her Inspection.

She began by inspecting the National flag.

The flag had a green background.. And at its center stood, a circle that had several stars surrounding it.

The left side of the circle was blue, while the right side of the circle was red... And of course, the stars surrounding the circle were white as well.

His majesty Landon had told her that:

•The green symbolized Agricultural prosperity and fertility

•The Red stood for power, vibrancy, courage, War and domination

•The Blue symbolized liberation, alertness and good fortune

•And the white symbolized Peace, Purity and Harmony.

Once she had heard the meaning of all those colors, she was very impressed and pleased with the flag..... who wouldn't want to be identified with those qualities?

Right now, she was inspecting all the different types and sizes for the national flag.

There were 3 main types that were made presently:

•The civil flags: which was basically a version of the national flag that could be used by civilians..they could put in their homes or offices... the sizes ranged from double extra small to large.

•State flags: which would be flown in Government buildings

•And War/Military flags: which would be flown in the military, coast guard, police station and other fighting units within Baymard.

Once she was done with inspection, she immediately went to her office to write her report.

On the 3rd week of September, all her products would officially be marketed off to the citizens.

And With only a week and some days left, she began checking the amount of products needed for her to meet her goal.

In her entire life, she had never had such a huge responsibility before.

Before Landon came to Baymard, her life goal was to sit at home, feed her husband, do all the housework, sew, wait at home all day for her husband, take care of her children..and that was it.

Truthfully, she had been bored with that repet.i.tive lifestyle for the past 15 years now

But ever since his majesty Landon had come to Baymard, her boredom immediately flew out the window.

And now that she was Chief, she had a lot of people that looked up to her... so she didn't want to disappoint them.

It felt strangely satisfying and fulfilling to have a different targets every day, week and month.. it felt like she was contributing to the society.

If someone had told her that she would one day do this kind of job, she would hit their heads with a cooking cauldron... but look at her now...

Whenever she went home, she and her husband Lyore would gist about their work.... and how far behind, or ahead they were on their target schedules.

She felt very motivated to do her job.... the salaries were good, the food was good... and more importantly, she now felt like she had an important purpose in life.

A day in the life of Sophia.

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