--The Capital, Empire of Yodan--


"d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n that s.l.u.t!!!... Just who does she think she is?"

Ivy was throwing a fit, as she continued to break all the clay vases around her.

For a moment, she looked like a spoiled 5 year old kid who didn't get the Christmas gift that they had asked for.

Ivy felt like this month, was a month filled with misfortunes... nothing seemed to be going her way.

A while ago, Ivy had sent her goons to sail towards the empire Carona so as to search for s.l.u.t number 5 and her children.

She knew that when her goons would arrive, they would also need to stay there for at least a month or 2, before sailing back to Yodan.

So there wasn't really anything she could do about the situation.

Hence, she had immediately put s.l.u.t number 5 at the back of her mind.

But within this past month, s.l.u.t number 2 had been annoying her to bits.

It all started when her husband, King Maclaine, announced that around November, he would choose a crown prince amongst his first 5 sons.

As soon as Maclaine gave the announcement in the morning, she had quickly sent her subordinates to buy a 'Love Flare' potion from the apothecaries.

This potion was essentially a strong Aphrodisiac which could cause strong stimulant responses from the person who drank it.

A regular Aphrodisiac could make people dizzy and feel that they had been tricked... but this one was more similar to v.i.a.g.r.a.. but way stronger and way intoxicating.

Because of its effectiveness and subtleness, it was one of the most expensive potions in the empire.... only the rich of the rich could get it.

Ivy had planned to go over to Maclaine's chamber with wine, and ask one of her maids to mix the potion into the wine.

To make sure that the first prince, her son, got the crown prince position, she had prepared to give Maclaine the time of his life.

After dressing up seductively, she quickly went over to Maclain's chambers.

But before she knew it, that s.l.u.t, who was Maclaine's second wife, had already gotten a head start.

When she got close to the chambers, the guards had told her that Maclaine was busy and wouldn't be able to see any guests at the moment.

Of course he was 'busy'.. she could clearly hear how 'busy' he was right from here.

The outrageous couple had been making loud and unnecessary love-making moans that could probably be heard by everyone on the palace.

"Yeaaahhh-O-Yeaaahh.. Right there my love"


"Yes Yes Yes my love!"


The outrageous couple were literally breaking down walls within the chamber.... Did her husband plan on murdering the s.l.u.t? Why so aggressive?

In fact even the guards were having a hard time keeping the things between their legs down.

And so she went back to her chambers, and hence started throwing a fit lit a 5 year old child.

"My queen..... you need not worry.. you are still the First wife, and Prince Malfoy is still the first prince of Yodan" said Po, one of her personal maids.

"Yes my queen.. surely that snake queen Sedora, wouldn't be able to convince his majesty just from these shameless actions of hers" said Mia, her other personal maid.

"My queen... compared to prince Benedict, Prince Malfoy is clearly the better choice.. so you need not worry about the snake." Didi said.

"And more importantly my queen.. you are ten times more beautiful and outstanding than queen Sedora" Azi added.

As she listened to her person maids, her mind that had previously been in turmoil, gradually calmed down.

They were right!!

If a king could change his mind because of s.e.x, then wouldn't that make him a useless king?

Besides, how could such a despicable and shameless woman like Sedora exist?... Tsk Tsk tsk...to actually use s.e.x for her goal... how shameless!!!.

As she began cursing Sedora, she actually forgotten that she too wanted to use her s.e.xual prowess on Maclaine.


"Yes my queen", Po said while bowing.

"Tomorrow morning, go over to apothecary Bayne and get 'Wart crow Powder'... Make sure that no one sees you leave and return."

"Yes my queen"

Although Ivy had calmed down.. her pride and her ego were still hurt by the fact that someone had did a one-up on her.

How could she take such an insult with a grain of salt?... To make matters worse, she was sure that the s.l.u.t would try to push her own son to be crown prince.

How could she allow that to happen?

Since the b**ch loved her face and body so much, she would just have to destroy it immediately.

Wart crow powder was also an expensive powder that could cause pimples, boils and rashes to appear on a person's skin.

It was perfect for the s.l.u.t.

"Mia! Didi!"

"Yes my queen"

"Both of you will keep a close watch on Sedora's movements, as well as the other s.l.u.ts within this palace.

Also once Po brings the powder, you two would secretly send it Lemi and Cyla.

Tell them to sneak into Sedora's chambers, and mix the powder with Sedora's normal face powder.

They also need to spread some of the powder on her pillow, as well as her bed."

"Yes my queen"

Lemi and Cyla were her spies within Sedora's group of maids.

Each queen had at least 30 maids and 4 personal maids.

The first 30 maids were those who cleaned the courtyards, got food, do laundry, run tiny errands and so on.

And of course the other 4 personal maids, were higher level maids that knew their queens secrets and did despicable deeds for them.

Lemi and Cyla were just ordinary maids in Sedora's courtyard.. which was perfect for the operation.

Since they were essentially cleaning maids, they could place the powder without anyone noticing... they had been working there for 11 years now, so no one would really suspect them of anything.


"My queen"

"You will stay by my side for for the entire day.... It would look suspicious if I don't have at least one of my personal maids by my side.

Also tomorrow afternoon, we shall go see the matriarch."

"Yes my queen".

Matriarch Yelda was king Maclaine's mother.

If a crown prince was to be chosen, Ivy was sure that Yelda's opinion would have a 40% weight value to the matter.

Who in this kingdom didn't that King Maclaine loved his mother to death? His mother's words carried a ton of weight within the empire.. especially within the palace.

Hence, everyone had been sucking up to that old hag since the beginning of time.

Ivy was the sort of person that hated troublesome matters.

She had been pretending to like that old hag for decades now... And truthfully, it was quite tiring and infuriating.

Plus she hated the fact that someone other than her husband, had a final say in their marital affairs.

It was also because of that old hag that Maclaine had taken in so many wives and concubines... all because the woman was obsessed with having many grandsons.

When she was pregnant, the old hag brought Sedora in and married Maclaine and the s.l.u.t together... and like so, the old hag kept bringing in several women into the palace.

Payback was a b**ch!!

Ivy had decided that once her son ascended the throne, she would definitely poison the hag to death.

But for now she had to continue her suck-up act, so as to please the old hag.

Soon, she would make matriarch Yelda pay for ruining her marriage.

It was only a matter of time.

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