"Your majesty have a look!!... All the adjustments have already been made as per your requests" Tim said excitedly.

Landon nodded and took the 4 calendar formats from him.

The first Calendar was a booklet that had about the same size as a 17 inch Laptop, and had 15 pages in total.

Landon flipped the booklet as if he were using a laptop, and read the words on its cover page.

The cover page was Grey in color, and had large bold letters written in Black ink that read:

•The Baymardian Calendar


•Made in baymard ( which was obviously done in small fonts at the bottom)

Landon opened the calendar booklet as he would a laptop screen, and looked through the first 3 pages.

These pages spoke about the royal family of Baymard, as well as brief knowledge on the military, Government offices, hospitals, academies, schools, industries and other establishments.

For now, it just have a brief introduction on the day the establishment was made, what people should do when in need, the overseers in charge of each industry, as well as the doctors, teachers and the top military personnel... and so on.

For example, under the hospital section, it spoke about the date when the hospital was established, hospital location, the main doctors and nurses under the hospital and clinics... and so on.

No major information was written on them at the moment.... but in the future, things like street addresses for shops, or telephone numbers for people like plumbers, would definitely be put there as well.

Even the telephone number for the police station had to be included.

Back on earth, City Calendars all had mall addresses, restaurant addresses and other main addresses and telephone numbers on the first few pages of their calendars.

This way, if someone was looking for the hospital number, or even wanted to report a crime, then they could easily find the right number to call.

Also, if a student was sick and couldn't go to school, their parents could look up the school's number and take a leave of absence for their children..... even the workers could do the same.

Of course in the future, there would also be a detailed book that focused specifically on addresses and numbers.

But the reasons why important numbers were placed on calendars was because they were generally portable and lightweight compared to those thick phone books.

Children would be most likely to look at their cute looking calendars, than those phone books if they were ever in any serious danger.

Plus those thick phone books usually stayed at home and never left the house.

People were generally more inclined to look at things with less pages, than those that were thick.

So putting important numbers on calenders like a '911' energy number was a must.

Landon read through the information and was pleased.

"Your majesty as you requested, we used different colored papers when printing.... as well as different colored ink...." Tim said eagerly as Landon read through the booklet.

The first page was pale blue in color, while the ink used was dark bluish black.

And the second page used dark greenish ink on a pale green paper.

Landon could tell that each page had a different background and ink color as well.

Once Landon had finished reading through those first 3 pages, he began looking at the actual calendar layout.

Each page showed the year, months, weeks and days, which were divided by vertical and horizontal lines.

The calendar started at September 1024, and ended at September 1025.

Presently, Landon was looking at the Pink colored page dedicated to September.

The t.i.tle 'September 1024', was done in 'bold' and was printed with black ink.

Just under the t.i.tle block, was a table that showed every month and date, written in dark pink... (since the page itself was pale pink).

And a little distance under the table, were some words that read:

'Baymardians should always wash their hands before, and after every meal... Cleanliness is next to the heavens.'

Every page had different words which talked about hygiene, health and other issues.. as well as inspirational quotes like:

'Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.'

Overall, Landon thought that Tim and the workers had done a great job with this particular calendar.

Up next, Landon decided to look at the next calendar category.....Planners.


Unlike the last calendar that had to be read as if viewing a laptop, this planner would be read as if one were reading an ordinary book.

Again, there was a cover page with bold letters written on them.

But for the planners, the names for specific establishments were written on them.

Back on earth, schools had their own planners that had the school names on them.. even the hospitals, military and several industries, had their own names written on their planners.

Hence Landon decided that each establishment in Baymard, would have their own planner as well.

For example, the planner Landon was looking at was that for the Food industry.

The Vibrant purple cover page, had the same words as that for the previous calendar..... But now, the words: Food industry" was added to the cover page.

And this time, the only information shown was that of the royal family and the food industry.

New information was added like the products they produced, and were the people could buy their goods.

They also briefly talked about the council of Agriculture, and other health concerns with food.

"Your majesty, for the planners .... I would like to suggest that we give them to only those within those particular establishments" Tim suggested.

"I agree with you... it will make the workers feel proud to belong to certain establishments." Landon replied.

In fact, he couldn't agree more.

For example back on earth, if one enrolled into a university, they would be given a university planner for free that spoke about the university in particular.... the same logic applied to industries and other establishments.

There was no way you could buy a University planner from the malls.. you could only find University planners that had your schol name, within the school bookstores.

Likewise, if one gets a job at an oil plant, they would be given a planner that had the name of that industry on it... It made them feel like they were now part of that Industry's family.

The only exception when planners were given out, was when seminars, career fairs and other hiring events took place.

There, they would be given to those who were interested in looking for jobs within these establishments or entering schools.

On the other hand, regular planners would be the only planners sold in the stores.

Back on earth these type of planners were generally found at the malls, and usually gave information about a country or territory.. As well as the Timestable, periodic table, measurement tables and and other general knowledge.

And these planners usually come in all different shapes and sizes... there wersome that loomed like a heart, and others looked like circles... these were general public planners.

After the few pages that focused on brief introductions, Landon looked at the section for filling the book owner's name and address.

These planners would be used for an entire year.. and by that time, almost everyone would've moved into their new homes which would have street names and numbers.

Hence Landon had requested for the address part to be placed there.

After the name filling page, there were several pages t.i.tled 'Notes'.... and finally, the last part was the actual calendar.

Within the planners, each day of every month had a single page dedicated to them, with s.p.a.ce for planning (note taking).

Landon closed the planner and moved on to the next one.

Office desk calendars.

These ones were the ones that could stand on it's own, and were generally placed on tables.

They didn't have any extra information, just the cover page and the calendar months on each page.

And Finally, the last type was a wall calendar that had all the months and dates on a single page.

These calendars would definitely be mounted within dormitories, schools and other establishments.


"Well done Tim!!.. you can start marketing immediately...this way, poor Joseph would have to run up to the 'Date-marking Hall', just to mark up the days of the month".

"Hahahaha... thank you your Majesty....I'm sure Joseph would be thrilled..

afterall, December is coming.. and no one likes to walk on the snow early in the morning just to mark up the date.

But now that we have calendars, what would we do with those 2 date-marking buildings?"

"Hehehehe...Don't worry, I've already thought about it... You'll know in future."

Tim smiled.

He couldn't help wondering what other surprises his majesty would bring to Baymard.

"I look forward to your big reveal your majesty"

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