"Tim, Now that we've concluded with the calendars, I need the gla.s.s making department, as well as the plastic department, to make some new items before the month ends." Landon said as he handed over a notebook to Tim.

Landon wanted to make clinical thermometers, and lenses that had different sizes, as well as thickness.

For the lenses, he needed both departments to make plastic and gla.s.s lenses.

Next month, microscopes, magnifying gla.s.ses, telescopes, military Binoculars and long ranged telescopic rifles, would be produced...so he needed these lenses ASAP...

Of course in the future, eyegla.s.ses would also be made from these lenses.

The viewing areas for binoculars, telescopes and rifles, all worked with the concepts of refraction, and sometimes prisms.

Take binoculars for example, light would pa.s.s through a lens that sends the light to several prisms and other lenses... and finally directs the light to the human eye.

And depending on what type of item was to be produced, the lenses could be shaped as biconvex, biconcave, plano-convex and so on.

Also, depending on the shape, size and thickness of the lenses, people could view objects that were several miles and yards away.

Like snipers who could shoot their targets at the top of buildings, from far distances.

For now, Landon refused to make grenades and other heavy artilleries without a separate industry for Militia.

Some of these weapons needed to be installed at high pressures, with the help of computer programs and machines.... they needed priscise computerized measurements to make them effectively.

Gunpowder was a little bit dangerous to make, but not as dangerous as the rest.. hence it was doable.. as for the other weapons, they would have to wait for now.

A slight error, and several people could die... Hence Landon only made things that required bullets and not pressured or complicated weapons.

Back on earth when grenades were made without machines and computers, hundreds of people died daily from making them... These weapons were used for World War 1 and 2, at the expense of other people's lives.

Ladnon didn't want the blood of citizens on his hands.

These were medieval times.

If someone lost their loved ones in the industry, those people would for sure blame Landon.. they would probably hold him responsible and march to his castle.

Although the people were kind and honest, the human heart was a fickle thing when it experienced tremendous pain...

If someone's only family died there, that person would fall into despair and might even loose his/her sanity and moral ethics.

There were people who had turned into murderous villains because of their grief.

The only methods of death that these people accepted, were from disease, war, hunting, and travelling.... Any other method would give them a huge blow.

Plus he didn't want them to fear working at the industry sites, or even pulling out their children from the schools.

Landon would never do anything, if he wasn't sure that the workers would come out unharmed.

So for now, he would focus on making guns and other items that wouldn't necessarily cause a ma.s.sive explosion during the production phase..

And if explosions occurred, they were generally small scale and didn't harm anyone.

At the industries, several failures had already taken place during experimentation..but it was usually the machines that broke down, or the products that got destroyed.

There wasn't any explosion that destroyed an entire room or building...and Landon wanted to keep it that way.

After Landon explained how each lens shape was to be made, he moved on to talk about thermometers.

This was another item that Landon was pleased to make.

Within this era, although people didn't know specific temperatures, they had their own ways of figuring it out.

They used several materials to estimate the temperature of their furnaces... sometimes, they used stones, wood and even gra.s.s.

They used fire for Alchemy, sword making, construction, molding clay, and so on... so of course they had their own way of estimating the temperature.

For example when they were making swords, they would place several palm sized rocks at the outer perimeter of the fire so as to estimate the temperatures.

At different temperatures, rocks would produce different amounts of soot on them, as well as disintegrate.. and at 'molten' temperatures, rocks generally turned into ashes.

Of course these people never got to those levels, as swords generally needed way lower temperatures compared to rocks.

So at each temperature interval, the one of the stones would be removed and the soot thickness would be checked... And the rock would also inspected to see how many pieces had been broken down by the fire.

And of course, those who had been blacksmiths for years, didn't need to use these methods anymore, as they could estimate the right temperatures, just by feeling.

People in this era used their intuition and experience to maneuver around life daily... they made alchemy potions, swords, medicine, clay ornaments, powders and so on.

They did things based on estimation.

The bad thing was that no 2 products were ever the same.. But they did have a 87-95 percent Quality similarity between them.

Back when Landon was building the new Industries, he had requested for industrial thermometers to be made. So the industries weren't his concern right now.

His major concern was for the hospital and clinics.

He had totally forgotten about clinical thermometers and had been completely focused on the industrial thermometers.

So since all the industries now had industrial thermometers, Landon felt that the gla.s.s industry could slow down the production rate of those ones, and make the clinical ones instead.

Hence he gave Tim the design notes on them, since they were somewhat different from industrial thermometers.

Tim looked it's design patterns, and realised that it still used the concept of mercury in a tube concept. Except it was very small and had a short temperature range, compared with the industrial one.

"Also Tim, I need you to take out some of those thin long thermometers and send to the school... the Chemistry students need them as well for their experiments."

"No problem your highness.. I'll send them right away."

"Thank you .... Ohhh that reminds me, how far are you guys gone with the preparations?"

"Your majesty, I've selected 200 people from all departments within the Construction industry and we are now ready to go"


"Should the men start picking up the uniforms for the event?" Tim asked.

"Of course... ..Tomorrow is the last registration date for the citizens, so have the men pick up their uniforms after that... This event needs to be as professional as possible. "

"Yes your majesty".


--The Capital, Empire of Arcadina--

"Your Majesty..... We have been able to produce the snow powder successfully" the royal alchemist said.

Alec Barns eyes lit up.

"What did you say!!"...hahahahha... with this, Arcadina would be the strongest empire within the Pyno Continent...hahahahaha" Alec said excitedly.

The royal Alchemist and his team, smiled as they looked at they looked who had was usually cold and scary... Now he was laughing and clapping like a teenager.

King Barn turned to his knights and began issuing out several commands.

"Quickly!!... Start sharpening sticks and get a large order of ropes and arrows..as well as tubes for the snow powder...

From now on, you all need to walk around with sticks and ropes... I'd like to see who would dare attempt to oppose me with this snow power bahahaha.

Now I'm the strongest ruler within the Pyno continent."

Everyone quickly went to sharpen several sticks, while Alec smiled on his throne.

'Ohh Shannon, if your truly Planning to take my head, then I'll show you no mercy..hehehehe

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