"What is this?", Monica asked while looking at the toilet in awe.

Today was the 22nd of September.... It was the third day for the official Baymard house tour.

Speaking of the residential homes... Since the construction workers had basically built several buildings within the new industries, they could easily accomplish this task given to them.

There were 7000 workers a.s.signed to building the homes.... And Landon had made 259 groups, with 27 workers in each group.

The workers worked in the same manner as they did at the industries.

As they waited for the cement to dry, they would run off to do the foundation, floors and walls for other residential homes.

In this way, each group had successfully built several homes at once.

And at the end of the first 11 days of september, over 520 homes had been built.

Landon had been preparing for this tour day since the beginning of the month, hence the citizens had been registering for the tour since September 3rd.

He had also asked for mortgage contracts to be printed off for every house constructed. As well as a.s.sign people to become 'Movers' within Baymard.

For the tour, Landon only wanted 70 homes to be displayed to the citizens.

As for the original Baymardians, they had already started moving into the other homes on the 20th of the month.

Landon had tried to make every home a little unique and different from the other.

Some homes had wider windows, different stair designs, different floor tiles, different structure arrangements and so on.

He had made different designs for each home and given it to the workers.

But although they had different designs, each home had a bas.e.m.e.nt floor, ground floor (first story), and a second floor.

For all homes, the ground floor had at least: a kitchen, high ceiling parlour, a back porch that led to the backyard, Dining room, toilet, and garage.

Of course in the future when bigger homes and mansions were built, more rooms would be added there as well for those who wanted to live lavishly.

On the other hand, the second floor had at least 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a master bedroom that had its own bathroom and balcony.

And finally, the bas.e.m.e.nt had 4 rooms (that could be used as laundry rooms, guest rooms or storage rooms).

With this, Landon hoped that those who had large families could live peacefully as well... Hence these were family homes.

Although the original Baymardians were 1500 in number, some of them were married, had children, lived with their parents and so on.

Hence although the workers had built over 900 homes in District E, only about 416 family houses were actually needed for the original Baymardians.

That's why Landon had told the workers to store house construction in District E, and move on to the next District.

Of course within those 1500 citizens, there were also those who were siblings that had lost their parents. As well as those who were alone, or had few other family members with them.

For these group of people, some of them might still want a family house.. afterall, they would still get married in future... better to start planning now.

But for those who don't want family sized homes, Landon had built apartment complexes as well.

Every after 3 street blocks, would be a street block filled with 3 story apartment complexes.

Of course some apartments were bachelor pads, others had 2 rooms, 3 rooms and so on.

Each apartment also had a balcony, and there was a ma.s.sive car park at the back of the buildings.

As for the orphaned children, they would continue to stay in the Upper region estate were the caretakers could look after them.. And once they grew up, they could get work and get their own places as well.

In this way, Landon hoped that he would satisfy everyone.

Anyway for the tour, Landon had fully furnished those 70 homes so that the citizens could see what their homes could look like when fully furnished.

Of course if they wanted their own pieces of furniture, then they would just have to buy them as well.

And within each tour day, Landon had scheduled 3 tours in total for each home, from 10 A.M to 6 P.M... with each tour taking 15 citizens at once.

I'm this way by the end of the first day, 3,150 people would have seen the homes.

Previously, Tim had a.s.signed 200 workers from the construction Industry to act as real estate agents and drivers.

Some would be tour guides, while others would drive the citizens to the tour destination.

Since the citizens didn't know where the homes were, Landon had them meet up at the Central region square..... from there, the drivers would drive each team up to the homes and take them back.

For example, if he had told some of the citizens to come to Lyore street house 34, it was obvious that none of them would know where it was.

Hence it was only proper for them to be driven back and forth.

For sure, Landon named all the streets based on the birth names of the citizens... it was just too stressful to come up with new names.

There were streets like Lyore street, Tim street, Wiggins, Mariam street and so on.

Each driver had a daily registration sheet with them, that showed the names of those that they were supposed to drive.

In this way, they could do a mini roll call just before heading out.

As for the tour guides, there were 2 groups, those who showed shoes those forts 70 homes to everyone in Baymard... And those showed, and mortgage the homes out to the original citizens.

In Landon's mind, he wanted to the Tour to be perfect, so that everyone could see and marvel at the homes that they, as Baymardians had built.


Monica, her husband Jerry and her children, alongside some other people, currently stood outside one of those 70 homes.

The home was definitely a beauty.

The house exterior was a mixture of grey and black... The windows and door frames (including the garage door) were black, while the other parts of the house were grey.

And from the front view, they could see that the house had another floor above ground level.

Although the house was way smaller than a castle, it could still rival it in terms of looks.

And the most surprising thing was that the roof was somewhat flat, artistic and didn't use sticks, mud or Hay to hold it up.

Landon didn't want to use tiles, since he preferred those modern Hollywood looking mansions that had flat roofs.

It was way cooler, and cost less for maintenance compared with roof tiles.

No matter how one professionally roofed a house with tiles, after several years, some of them would fall to the ground... then you'd still have to bother about replacement, maintenance and so on.

In Landons opinion, it was better to stick to modern flat roof designs.

Jerry's lips quivered as he looked at what he would describe as a mini-castle from the heavens.

He turned around to see his his wife's stunned expressionas well.

"M... M..Monica, this could be our home" Jerry said.

Monica snapped out of her thoughts and n.o.bbed back at her husband.

were they dreaming? they could actually own such a house?.. wasn't this type of place meant for royalty?

She couldn't help but thank her ancestors for sending their king to Baymard... In fact she felt like if she saw Alec Barn, she would seriously thank him for his decision as well.

Thank you Alec Barn!!

The people around her also began talking pa.s.sionately.

"Is it real? We won't have to live in those stick homes any more?"

"Mummy mummy is it true?"

"When has his majesty ever lied to us?... they said that we could move in first because we were born in Baymard."


Several of them did a silent prayer to thank their ancestors again.

To them, the most hated period is Winter... Within that season, their houses would be blown down by the storm and several people usually died drom exposure.

But with a house like this, there was no way that the storm would blow down the homes.

It was a miracle!! Their prayers had finally been answered.

They continued to thank their ancestors, as they walked on large grey outdoor tiles that led straight to the house.

Once they were at the front of the house, a man stepped out through the door and greeted them.

"Welcome to the Baymard house tour.

My name is Hayden, and I will be your tour guide for today."

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