"Congratulations to host for properly housing all the original citizens.

Would the host like to receive all rewards now?"

As Landon heard the system's notification, he couldn't help but smile.

Finally!!!!!... it had been a hard and tedious journey just to get to his point.

He felt like doing Micheal Jackson's moonwalk right about now.

"Hm hm..show me my stats first, before I receive my rewards"

"As you wish host"


>Host name: Landon Barn

>Age: 15

>Status: King of Baymard

>Level: Beginner (Still Level 1)

>Current Situation: Healthy

Mission Status: Completed

>Sub-Mission: Make 20 G.o.dly food recipes and 5 spice recipes.

Mission Status: Completed

▪Full knowledge on Human Anatomy, and beginner to intermediate knowledge in the medical field.

▪5 Randon Medical Techniques for treating patients.

▪Lastly, 350 development points (DP) and 2000 Technology points (TP).

>For creating oil, plastic, ink...(in fact the system listed everything that that Landon created)..... Host also received 920 DP... 13,000 TP...and 5,200 BP.

>Host can upgrade choose to upgrade the system to level 2, using 10,000 TP and 2,000 DP to do so.

>Host's current balance is 1 DP, 5 TP and 0 BP.

>The host's current balance is as a result of using mind altering spells on enemies, buying knowledge on heavy machines, paper making, soap, printers, textile steam machines and attending the auction.]

He could upgrade? Landon thought while reading his stats.

"System, remind me again..... when I upgrade, what kind of benefits will I have? And will I finally know more about your existence?"

"Answering to host... as the levels increase, the host would be allowed access to more technological advancements from every planet and Galaxy.

Host should stop thinking that earth was the most advanced planet that had ever been created.

Actually, the host's planet called earth, is a lower medium ranked planet.

For now, the system's lower levels can only provide technology that existed on the host's planet.

But at higher levels, the host should be able to access information from over 312 different galaxies..... Which in turn, also have millions of planets in them.

The host should know that there are planets that are advanced with genetic mutation, planets that were similar to the 'Jetsons' Cartoon show on your previous earth.. and so on.

Like this system had said, its Almighty.

So host should be reminded that even if you die on this planet, you will still have to go to other planets to develop certain territories.

The system doesn't require the host to develope the entire world..

Since the host is at a primitive and savage world, the host should definitely guard his technology.

But when the host reaches planets that have established world peace like earth, then the host can allow people from all over the world to take his technology.

The system will not allow this technologyto be used for slavery and abuse... so host should take note.

And as a reminder... Our contract only ends after the host has developed at least 600 worlds... The host is required to upgrade his territory or region in those worlds, to earth's level or higher.

Also... it's best for the host to know that, there are also planets with magic, dwarfs, elves and dragons..... but in those worlds the host would have to make the people rely on technology more than magic..

Hence those worlds have 'SSS'-level difficulties when completing them.

For now, the host is still in an 'K' cla.s.s world at the lowest difficulty level.

So if the host cannot even handle this world that basically has no danger in this system's opinion, then the system will immediately terminate the contract and destroy the host's soul forever!!!

And to the host's last question, host should note that the system's existence is something that the host isn't qualified to know of....yet.

But when the host has successfully gotten to level 300, then the host will be able to access knowledge about the real controllers of the galaxies... as well as the system's existence.

All host should know is that 2 years spent in that world, is equivalent to 1 minutes spent in the system's realm.

Even if the host spends 100 years there, it would be the same as the system watching a movie back in its realm.

So whether the host chooses to develope his territory slowly or faster, is up to the host.

Good luck host!!.. This system will be watching you from where it is."

Although Landon knew about the matter of the 600 planet contract thing, he still felt like it was a slavery contract.

Why wasn't it 10 or even 20 planets?

He could only blame his luck!!!

Other people died and transmigrated into becoming Wuxia heroes... but his case just had to be different.

What sort of bullsh**t was this?..... And why was his own System always black-bellied?

Sigh....did the G.o.ds really hate him that much?

When he came into this world, the system had already told him that it didn't matter how fast he developed the place... provided the people understood the concepts.

Even if he safeguarded his technology, in the next hundreds of years.. and maybe even thousands, the technology would definitely leave Baymard and spread worldwide... causing the world to develope to a higher ranked one.

This world needed ground rules like the creation of the United Nation that was formed back on earth, that took care of everyone worldwide.

It would make no sense to give out his technology, if they would use it to enslave more people.

He didn't want people to go around colonizing and s.h.i.+pping slaves from other continents and so on.

He wanted to try his best to make sure that no person like Hitler, popped out of nowhere.

And although it was hard to accomplish, he had made up his mind that as he lived, he would definitely try his best to see it through.

He needed to make peace treaties with nations that were willing and sincere.

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