Speaking of which, Landon was still surprised at how low Hertfilia ranked.

Even within the K- cla.s.s ranked worlds, this world was the lowest of the low.

It was an K-100 ranked world.

Landon had guessed that he would have to pa.s.s through each rank until he got to a K-1 world, before he could finally begin at an J-100 cla.s.s world.

Couldn't he have started with at least an K-80 ranked world?

Well... at least he should be grateful that they didn't place him in a Q-level world, which was basically the early man stage where man had just discovered fire.

He was sure that he would have definitely killed himself.

He really couldn't wait to know which G.o.d had the audacity to create a 600 world contract.. as well as the black-bellied system.

He would definitely complain to customer service.


"System... I would like to receive my rewards, as well as upgrade the system's level."

"As you wish host"

Instantly, Landon felt a sharp pain within his brain... and after 45 minutes, he had completely ingested everything.

From his reward, he was given:

•All knowledge on the human anatomy.

•Beginner to intermediate knowledge on biology, Immunology, pathology, pharmacology, childbirth, and clinical skills.

•Patient care procedures

•As well as 5 surgical skills:


▪Debridement of wounds, burns or infection

▪Dental Restoration

▪Wrist Fusion and Hand Tendon Repairs

▪Leg bone Fusion

•25 Drug making processes, for drugs that were useful for the surgery procedures that he had gotten.

Once he had taken in everything, he then decided to look at his new mission.

[Mission: host should perform all surgical procedures, produce the drugs needed for the patients who undergo those surgeries.

As well as teach the people on all beginner and intermediate knowledge that host has received.


•Host should not get complacent.... there are over 3500 surgeries procedures that exist back on the host's planet.

Right now, the system has only given the host 5 main procedures.... And with the host's pace, the system is afraid that even after 200 years, the host would still not be able to get to earth's level.

Since the system doesn't want to exterminate the host's soul, it will reward the host with 10 other surgical procedures.

As well as advanced knowledge on biology only... as well as 5 other drugs for the host to produce.

•Host will also receive recipes to make 10 different cla.s.sic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from earth.

•And lastly, the host will also receive 500 development points (DP) and 3,100 Technology points (TP).

*Host should note that to upgrade the system to level 3, host needs 4,500 DP and 15,000 Technology points.

Deadline: no specific time required


Landon looked at his mission and sighed.

This world was indeed a long way from earth's standards..... not to talk about the other planets within all the other galaxies.

Although he knew how to make smoothies, juice, and one or 2 alcoholic wines... he didn't know how to make cla.s.sical drinks like: fanta, c.o.ke, vodka and so on.

Everyone back on earth could drink all these things... but if they were asked how to produce them, could they?

They are several chemicals added to these drinks, depending on what drink it was.

If they weren't done properly, it could cause abdominal pain, and could also lead to serious kidney problems.

Back on earth, there were people who had even gotten into comas because they drank 'Fake alcohol' (alcohol that wasn't done right)

And one should not forget that methanol, a substance found in Vodka, could cause permanent blindness if the right quality wasn't added.

Landon decided that for now, he would only do the beverages that he knew how to produce, while waiting for the system's reward.. lest he accidentally made people sick.

As for the medical knowledge, Landon was really helpless in that situation.

He knew that he couldn't rush this part.. he had to teach the people his beginner and intermediate knowledge on: biology, pathology, pharmacology, childbirth, and clinical skills.

As well as teach them the other 5 surgical procedures and produce 25 new drugs.

He knew deep down that this mission was again, one that would take forever.

But this time, he wasn't sad.

If the people could grasp these concepts, then when more knowledge was available, they would easily follow through.... since they would have already understood basic to intermediate knowledge on biology, pathology and so on.

But what p.r.i.c.ked his heart, was the fact that he had only been given 5 out of possibly 400 different medical procedures.

This was clearly a setup.

At this rate, when was he ever going to finish it?And those only involved procedures.

He still needed to make over 11,000 medical drugs that were found back on yet.. And yet the system had the nerve to only give him 25?

At this point, Landon didn't even want to know the number of treatment procedures and drugs, that other advanced planets had.

His job was to turn this world into a C-level world like earth, but wasn't that a little too optimistic?

The more Landon thought about it, the more angry he became.

His entire life was a joke to the people above.. or at least Landon believed that they were the G.o.ds.

If 2 years was basically 1 minute there, then who knew if they would make his entire life in Hertfilia as a short 'Harry Potter' movie?

They would probably sit on a Couch, eat popcorn and laugh while watching.

d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!!

Who knew if this was all a betting game to them?

Landon was also suspicious of the system as well.

Sometimes, it sounded like a robot....and the other times, it sounded like a p.i.s.sed off man.

Which was it?

Could it be that the system was actually a lower angel that was tasked with watching and leading its victim?

Where there more like him?

If his life in every world would basically be turned into a movie, then wasn'the nothing more than an underpaid movie star?

'F***!.... I want to speak to management!!'

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