September had pa.s.sed, and it was finally October.

And finally, someone decided to grace Baymard with his presence.

"Ho ho!!.. did you miss me little bro?" Santa said while giving Landon a big hug.

"Hehehehe... So you finally remembered me?.. I thought that I'd only have to see you next year."

"What are you talking about?.. how could I dare to forget my little bro?.. do you think that I'm that heartless?" Santa said while looking wronged.

"Speaking of which... bro, where did you get these clothes from... Did you buy them?.. where can I get mine?"

Santa's eyes glistened as he continued to look at Landon from head to toe.

Landon was wearing a thick long jacket, black pack pants, a thick blue s.h.i.+rt, and a black scarf.

"Hehehe... bro.. to be honest, it was made from here... don't worry, Baymard will start selling them out soon."

Landon didn't want to start exporting any goods, until he was sure that Baymard was at least 90% secure.

He could only start exportation when he had made more military weapons.

If he sent out goods now, it would bring people's attention to Baymard.

Some people might even sail here just to see the place.. and if they realised that it had even more products, they might even bring more people to attack Baymard.

Most nations and empires in this era, were fueled with greed and the desire to dominate other territories.

Even when Landon had attended the auction in the Capital, he had heard of how Arcadina was still fighting with Terique over land.

Then what would happen if people realised that Baymard was basically a Gold mine?

These greedy people would never let him have peace.

For now, it was better to lay low and continue growing stronger steadily.

Hence for now, Landon only traded his ores, raw materials and chalk.

Although Chalk was amazing, it wasn't amazing to the level were people would sail over the ocean or cross borders just to get it.

Hence Landon felt that it was a safe idea to keep selling them.

"Bro... I hope I'll be the first one to get them once you start selling" Santa said excitedly.

He could guess his little bro's reason behind not selling out these items now, but they were just so good looking.... especially on this his little bro of his.

Taking these goods now, would not only endanger his little bro, but also him as well.

Some of his enemies might hire or gangs members, to threaten him and his family back in Carona, just for information about the goods.

Hence he too decided that it was only okay to sell them, when Baymard became open to all.

But the more he looked at the clothes, the more curious he was about what other products were enclosed within Baymard.

Everytime business was conducted, he or his subordinates, would only do it on the deck by the

It was only during his first meeting with Landon, that he had seen the lower regions of Baymard.

It was bushy, the farms had just started to produce food, and the people mostly focused on mining out the ores.

It had been several months since he had last seen the territory... and although he was curious, he knew that he shouldn't pry too much into his little bro's business.

"Okay okay little bro.. let's get down to business.

My men told me that you wanted learned people as well.. so we had found 507 learned men from the slave markets.

Some of these people came from merchant families and had been sold and betrayed by their families..... while others learned while working with other masters as slaves.

Little bro, I can a.s.sure you that many of these learned slaves used to run their masters businesses and houses .... so they would definitely not disappoint you."

As the two men chatted away, their subordinates began loading and unloading things to and from Santa's s.h.i.+p.

Landon's workers loaded the ores and chalk, while Santa's Subordinates offloaded bags of seeds and animals... the slaves/refugees also came down from the s.h.i.+ps as well.


And once Santa had finally left, Landon proceeded to settle down the children, the elderly, and those who volunteered to be soldiers, doctors/nurses, cooks and caretakers.

Up next, he decided to start with the learned slaves.

The reason he needed them right now, was so that he could train them to fill in several office positions all over Baymard.

He decided that while they underwent training under him, he would a.s.sign some of them to be: secretaries, accountants, auditors, receptionists, and so on.

He needed each industry well as hospitals, schools, military and all other areas within Baymard, to have these people working within them.

Landon wanted to make sure that money was being properly circulated within Baymard.

Some of these people would also work in payroll offices within each industry, hospital.. etc.

Presently, payrolls were handled by all the overseers, Doctors, and other personnels with higher work positions.

Which was clearly not their jobs, hence Landon had asked for learned slaves so as to relief them.

As for the new accountants, they needed to track each workplace's income and expenditures... as well as provide financial information about everything concerning the workplace.

So if they had bought trash cans for example, Landon wanted to see how many they bought.. where and when the bought it.. the amount for each trash can and so on.

He wanted detailed financial reports and doc.u.ments for everything that was bought and paid out within those workplaces.

And of course, once the accountants had made their financial statements, the auditors would go over them to ensure that they were correct.

Landon also expected all the head accountants, auditors, and secretaries from each department, to always attend meetings with the overseers and supervisors... So as to talk about budgeting, and smart financial decisions.

Of course, their main job was to make sure that all the workers got paid...and the industry or other workplace doesn't go bankrupt.

The Secretaries on the other hand, would handle all the paperwork within the workplace... from answering calls to scheduling meetings and so on... these people would do it all.

And of course in future, some of these people would also work in Banks, government Offices that dealt with exports, imports, insurance, the Baymard government Revenue Agency, and so on.

As for their training, whether they were secretaries, accountants, auditors, or receptionists...Landon had decided that all of them would still attend all the taught within Baymard.

As well as: Accounting, entrepreneurs.h.i.+p, and customer service courses... which would be taught by him personally.

Landon expected the workers to work while training. Hence gaining experience and theory at the same time.

And at the end of the week, everything that they had done at work, would be checked personally by him.

There was no way, that Landon would wait for them to use several years learning these concepts..(like how universities students did back on earth).

Hence they could only learn on the job, and with the help of his

Only in this way would they be able to learn faster.


Once he was done with those learned slaves, he was now left with 5497 workers.

Finally, it was time to make new products.

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