With 5497 new workers, Landon divided then up like so:

•Cleaners: 397 workers

•Textile industry: 300 workers

•Food Industry: 300 workers

•Alchemy Industry: 300 workers

•Construction Industry:1200 workers

•Construction workers: 3000 workers

Previously... the workers, nurses, and everyone else, would clean their work environments at the end of their s.h.i.+ft.

But since Landon didn't feel like it was their job to do so, he decided to get cleaners for the job.

Hence he a.s.signed 397 workers to clean around all buildings within Baymard.

Since driving cla.s.ses were still going on, Landon still needed all of them to start taking those cla.s.ses as well.

They would need to carry their cleaning equipment and supplies, as well as their garbage from their workplaces, using those trucks.


Once all the new workers were settled in, Landon called Tim and Wiggins over to discuss about October's tasks.

"Tim, these are 5 main products that your industry would have to focus on." Landon said as he handed Tim a notebook.

Landon wanted them to make: Conveyor belts, binoculars, microscopes, telescopes and Rifles for the army.

For Landon, conveyor belts were a must.

Now that he had to make medical drugs, there was no way that he complete this task without the use of conveyor belts.

The reason why he didn't make them before was because the estate buildings didn't run on electricity... hence powering them would be difficult.

And the new industries that he had previously created, didn't really need conveyor belts since their products weren't really items.

Those new industries carried things like water and p.o.o.p through pipes.. so conveyor belts weren't used at all.

Hence he had never required conveyor belts before.

There were several 9 types of conveyor belts that Landon wanted Tim to focus on.

These belts were: PVC conveyor belts, Rubber belting, flag wire, woven wire, hinged metal, food industry belts, plastic belt & chain, Slat belts, and general purpose belts.

Each type had its own types of chemicals, additives and raw materials that were needed for making the belts.

Some used rubber as one of their raw materials, others used metals, fabrics and so on.

But Baymard presently had all the raw materials needed, hence making every belt type wouldn't be an issue.

Making these belts basically required a lot of industrial rollers, that flattened and smoothed out the belts.

For example when making general purpose rubber conveyor belts.... liquid rubber, liquid plastics, chemicals, volcanizing agents and carbon black, would be mixed and immediately pa.s.sed through 6 industrial rolling machines.

And although the raw materials are liquids, the rubber and plastic make it feel like slime... hence when the mixture gets sent to the rollers, it would get flattened out like pancakes.

After that process, the thin flat belts are then sent to cutting machines, pressing machines, and wrapping machines.

With all this in mind, Landon needed Tim and the workers to use the first 2 weeks of the month building several steam engine machines for the conveyor belts.

Up next, Landon wanted to focus on Rifles for the soldiers, binoculars, telescopes, and of course microscopes.

With both plastic and gla.s.s lenses made, as well as prisms, the workers could finally start production.

All these objects basically involved creating molds from different substances, like rubber, metal and so on.

For example with binoculars, several molds would be created for each part and ring of the binoculars, that would enclose the lenses and prisms.

And of course once these molds were completed, the workers would mix heated liquid plastic with a black dye.. and later place this mixture into the molds.

Once the thick plastic molds got dried....the binocular's lenses, prisms, and parts...would be sealed and put together using a clear silicone sealant (glue) and tiny metal screws.

"Wiggins, this is were you come in.. for this month, I only need your industry to make this Silicone sealant.. as well as other glue types" Landon said, while handing Wiggins a different notebook.

"No problem your majesty... it shall be done." Wiggins replied.

This glue would simply be made by heating silicon from sand (silica) with methyl chloride, and other chemicals.. to get Silicone (with an 'e' at the end of its name).

This silicone would then be reacted with several other chemicals to form silicone sealants (glue).

Back on earth, this sealant was one of the most popular ones used within the industries.

Unlike other sealants, silicone kept its elasticity and had a lot of stability in high and low temperatures.

It was used in sealing almost everything.. from toys, to machines, gla.s.s, fabrics, wood and so on.

Once Landon had explained all procedures to Tim, he began to look at the construction workers.


"Tim...For now, have those new 3000 construction workers start working with the other workers....so that they could gain experience fast.

At the same time, withdraw 3000 workers from the old group and have them deal with the 3 projects on the next page of the notebook."

Tim immediately flipped through the notebook in his hands, and took a look at the projects.

"Your majesty, how would the men be a.s.signed?"

"Let's divide them up equally.. Every project should have 1000 construction workers" Landon said.

The first project was obviously for the workers to build a 'Waste & Recycle Management Industry'.

Previously, people used to throw their rotten foods and waste in the streams.. but since Landon revised the rules, all waste was being burnt at the lower region.

Even burning was dangerous for the environment, hence he wanted to build this industry.

It would be in charge of recycling, as well as disposing residential, street, and workplace garbage.

The next project Landon wanted to construction workers to build, was the 'Pharmaceutical industry'.

He had 25 types of medical drugs to make..and without conveyor belts and electrically powered machines, drug production would be ridiculously slow and time consuming.

Hence he needed 1000 construction workers to start construction A.S.A.P.

With October just starting, Landon had expected that these 2 industries would probably be done around the first week of December.

As for the last project, Landon wanted to make a grand mall for Baymard.

Building this mall would take at least 8 months (May next year), and at most 10 months.. hence Landon wanted to start construction now.

And as each month went by, the number of workers would increase causing this time frame to decrease.

In fact back on earth, Landon had visited a lot of places due to school compet.i.tions and engineering seminars.

He had also gone to Singapore and was amazed at its growth... just the airport alone made him feel like he was in a different world.

The Jewel Changi airport had a gigantic botanical world, that made him feel like he was on the set of Jura.s.sic park.

He also wanted the mall to have a train stop at the ground level, just like the mall in Montreal, Canada.

This would definitely aid those who had shopped a lot, and didn't have their own cars and so on.

But your majesty, why is this particular using si ma.s.sive? Is that really okay?" Tim asked while scratching his head.

In Tim's mind, he was wondering why his majesty wanted such a ma.s.sive building when they have only few products available.. and even if they made more in future, could it really fill that kind of marketplace?

Tim was a little skeptical on this one.

Infact Landon didn't blame him.. obviously Tim hadn't seen the products that existed back on earth... and neither did he have the threat of having his soul destroyed.. so how could he understand Landon's amitions?

Landon's mall design, had made s.p.a.ce for everything within most malls back on earth.

And since it would take at least 8 months to complete it, he was sure that within that time frame, he would have made escalators, and other important indoor fixtures needed as well.

Although he was building a large scale mall now, he knew fully well that it would probably take several more years before he could add things like cinemas to it.

His dream was to meet the mall standards back on earth, hence he built it large so as to accommodate for the future.

His mentality right now was: 'Go big or go home'.

"Hehehehe Trust me Tim.... You'll thank me in the future."


---Goblin Town---


A young knight walks in to the room hurriedly.

"My lord, you have a letter"

"Oh." Said a young man who unhurriedly sat up from his bed.

He opens the letter and after 2 minutes, his hands start trembling from anger.

He immediately throws the letter into the fire and starts laughing like a lunatic.

'Hahahaha my dear brother... I have to admit, I had really underestimated you.... but not any more... this time, I'll hit you with everything I've got.....hehehe'

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