--Goblin Town, Arcadina--


Eli and the men on his team, were still journeying towards the border city called JunGo.

His brothers and their teams had gone towards different routes, since they were heading towards different border cities as well.

It had been a month and a half now, since they had all left the Capital.

And all through his team's journey, they had been sleeping in the woods and had never bothered to sleep in any of the cities, towns and villages that they had previously pa.s.sed by.

Of course they had only stopped just to fill up their water drums, as well as restock their food supplies .

Because this was an important mission, it wasn't really good or safe for them to keep sleeping within those places.

Every empire, had their own spies residing in other empires... So it was only right for them to a.s.sume that their enemies also had spies within several cities, towns and villages.

One could never be too sure, hence they had decided not to keep on sleeping in the woods.

Of course when they left the Capital, they had only decided to have 2 main checkpoints/cities within their journey.

Goblin City and Ferndale City, where the checkpoints that they had agreed on.

Both cities were extremely large and had secret pa.s.sageways by the woods for n.o.bles and their knights... In this way, no one would really know that they had even arrived at these cities.


Eli laughed, while looking at the fireplace where he had just thrown the letter into.

Actually, it was a letter within a letter....So there were basically 2 letters in total, that were rolled up together and tied using a thin, but st.u.r.dy rope.

Eli continued to laugh as he recalled the words on the letters.

He knew that Letters were definitely sent from Slytherin's end.

The first one read:

[ We Underestimated Him...I'll brief you when we meet at the borders.

I think he wanted me to give you this letter .]

As for the second one, it was a letter from his supposedly elder brother, the Ghostly Prince.

[ My dear Eli ,

How have you been? Are you eating well? Are you sleeping well? Are you missing me?

As usual, I'm fine on my end... And would like to thank you for the gift that you had sent through your friend.

Ahhhh.. what was his name again?...Slyvester?, Slytona?... Slytherin!!.. Yes!! it was definitely Slytherin.

Hehehe... I have to say, I was expecting much more from you.

I mean.. As the crown prince, how could your forces be so weak?

Tsk Tsk.. Truly disappointing.

I hope that next time, you would step up your game and take this seriously... Your making it seem like I'm bullying you.

I a.s.sume you don't want anyone calling you a weakling, right?

If so, then don't disappoint me next time!!!!

Okay okay okay.. I won't hold you up any longer. Have fun protecting the borders.

With lots of love,

Your secret admirer.

P.S....I had also sent a little suprise to one of your Southern bases as well... I hope that you like it too.. Afterall, it's only fair that I return the favour. ]

Every sentence from the letter p.r.i.c.ked Eli's ego and heart.

No matter how he looked at it, this brother of his had just instigated that he was a weakling.

How could he be considered as a wimp?

He, the one whom his enemies called the bringer of death?... He, a wimp?

And what's up with the secret admirer stuff?

Eli was really surprised that Slytherin had failed.

This showed that this older brother of his, had people in every place within the empire.

Such a man would definitely be hard to kill, so they really shouldn't have underestimated him.

The more Eli laughed, the angrier he became.

To the onlookers, he looked like a psychopath when he laughed in that manner.

The thing that p.i.s.sed Eli off, was that even till now, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't disclose his name or whether he was truly Eli's older brother or not.

Eli knew that the ghostly prince was probably his older brother, because he had heard that his father had killed all his family members when he was younger. Hence he was sure that the ghostly prince was his father's b.a.s.t.a.r.d son.

But of course what Eli didn't know, was that he was completely off the mark with this one.

The Ghostly Prince wasn't his elder brother.... he was Eli's older cousin.

What Eli feared the most, was the surprise that this brother of his had sent him at his Southern bases.

Eli had 3 bases in total.

The first one was the one that everyone in the empire knew of... It was within White Wood city.

This was the territory that Alec Barn had given him when he turned 15.

The other 2 bases where gotten with the help of Slytherin, and were located around the southern part of the empire.

Within these past 2 years, He had been secretly recruiting more men with the help of Slytherin.

Since his father was always watching him, he couldn't afford to do things openly, hence he had been building his forces in the shadows.

"My lord, are you alright?" said Eli's personal knight and guard, Zarius.

Zarius was truly frightened by Eli's crazed laughter... His lord looked truly mad.

His lord had thrown the wooden chairs into the fire, while laughing.... Just what was written on those letters?

Zarius was utterly confused.

"Hahaha.. I'm alright.... Everything is good.. Don't I look fine?" Eli said as he smiled at Zarius.

Zarius almost stopped breathing when Eli smiled at him.

'My lord, how do you look okay? Can you not frighten me so much? And why are you looking at me like that?'

His lord's smile had truly terrified him.

"Zarius!!... Send Yenti and Zion to check on both bases at the South.

A storm is about to begin... and I'm not the one who will die from it!!"

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