"My lord, how do we handle the other prince's?"

Eli looked at Zarius and thought for a while.

Indeed!! .. he knew that his impatient younger brothers, would definitely send a.s.sa.s.sins after him again.

Not only did he have to deal with that d.a.m.n Ghostly Prince, but he also had to deal with these mosquitoes as well?

How annoying.

Sometimes, he wished that his younger brothers would at least try to grow some brains... I mean.. if their first a.s.sa.s.sination attempt failed, why would they think that the next one would work?

In Eli's mind, there were 3 possibilities.

It was either he got attacked him on his way to the JunGo City, or attacked on the battlefield, or attacked on his way back to the Capital.

Either way, he had made enough preparations to deal with any sort of complications on this mission.

The funny thing was that the a.s.sa.s.sins which they hired, were actually his men.

Sigh.. his younger brothers were such a disappointment to him.

How did his father produce trash like them?

"Zarius, is there any need to worry about little insects? If I died from their attacks, wouldn't that be a great insult to my name?

Right now, the only thing that I want to know, is if t.i.tus and Brody have gotten to Baymard yet."

Ever since Eli had been told to go to the Capital and receive the border mission, he knew that his plans for Baymard would be delayed.

But never the less, he had still sent his subordinates down there to find out about Landon's condition.

To use a.s.sa.s.sins or even Slytherin and his men, would be a great insult to their skills... hence he had decided to send his subordinates over there.

For someone like Landon, just a few subordinates would do.

"Worry not my lord, no one can survive from that poison." Zarius said.

"I know...That's why I want t.i.tus and Brody, to recruit those useless soldiers that my dear brother had taken to Baymard.

Although they're useless, they are still knights.... After all, useless men still have their uses.

They are the most suitable for s.h.i.+elding attacks at the front lines of every battle.

And since I'm still building my forces, it would be wise for them to join me while they still could.

Because after this mission is over, Baymard would definitely be mine.

And if anyone stands in my way, hehehe....."




It was finally sunny in Baymard.

For the past 3 days, rain had continuously fallen and only one person's mood was dampened.

The citizens had this crazy theory that the ancestors were crying from joy, but Landon knew that it wasn't the case.

No one hated the rain right now more than Landon did.

When it rained continuously, Farming and Construction had to be delayed because of the weather.

If the rain drizzles lightly like how it did on the first 2 days, then the workers who worked outside could still get some work done for a couple of hours.

With that kind of weather, Landon wouldn't mind at all.

But when it rained cats and dogs like yesterday's weather, the workers would have to sit in the cafeteria of their respective industries, and wait for it to simmer down.

For an entire day, no one could continue construction because of the heavy downpour.. and if greatly slowed construction time.

It was really annoying.

Of course the other workers that worked within the buildings still worked, since they were indoors.

Finally last night, the rain had decided to leave Baymard in peace.

The city became boisterous again.

Today Landon headed over to the Medical & Healthcare Academy, to give the teachers books on: human Anatomy, biology, Immunology, pathology, pharmacology, childbirth, and clinical skills.

He had spent these past few days within the system's time capsule, writing books on each subject.

Of course he could buy the textbook from the system...but again, it would look suspicious to the citizens, especially those who made books.

Hence he still had to write down these books and send them to the lower region, to be printed off immediately.

Previously during August, 10 new nurses and 6 new Doctors had arrived in Baymard.

These new people were immediately made teachers within the academy.

And although they taught the students alongside the other doctors and nurses that came in May, Landon still gave them private lessons every Sat.u.r.days and Tuesdays.

Today, he wanted to give them these new textbooks for them to study.

Landon expected that by January, they would start teaching the academy students these subjects.

Unlike the public school that went on holidays around Christmas, the health and medical academy had its break during December, and started its second semester in January...And by mid-April, they would have their own holidays where they could choose to work in the hospitals and clinics.

Although each teacher would have to teach just one subject, Landon still expected them to be knowledgeable on the other subjects as well.

Hence at least once a week, he would test all the teachers to see if they had grasped the concepts of each subject.

As well as give them a.s.signments and pointers for them to focus on.

There was no way that they could read all the pages of each book.. hence he decided to split each subject into different courses.. like biology 1, biology 2 and so on.

Within the next semester, Landon wanted to have them teach them to teach 2 courses from each subject.

So they would have to teach, biology 1& 2, Pathology 1 & 2.. and so on.

Off course in the future, they would continue teaching courses like pathology 4 and Immunology 5.

But for now, Landon needed them to fully prepare them for January.

After distributing the books, Landon gave them detailed course outlines for each course.. as well as their teaching schedules for next semester.

"Your majesty for this current semester, since all of us teach during the weekdays, can we take our tests on Sat.u.r.days?" Asked Nurse Mabel.

"Sure, I don't see why not.. It's fine with me." Landon replied while nodding.

"Thank you your majesty." Everyone said.

"With all these new textbooks, I wanted to discuss the library system with you."

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