"Your majesty, we have visitors."


Actually, Landon had already known that visitors had come due to the system's warning.

But since there were only 2 men, what was there for him to be worried about?

He and the guard that pa.s.sed on the message, got into a loading truck and drove towards the city walls

Once the truck was parked a little distance from the city walls, Landon unhurriedly went into one of the city wall posts and changed his attire.

How could he let people see him in these new clothes?

It would be suspicious, and might even make people think that he had found some valuable treasure here.

Everyone in the empire knew that Landon was poor right now... So how could he afford such clothes? And where and who had he bought them form?

Landon wanted to avoid catching people's attention hence he had always made sure that those that worked at the gates, would wear those old worn out clothes when on duty.

Likewise, Landon had kept spare worn out clothes and several horses around the city gates just for situations like this.

That way even if visitors came, it would still look like Baymard was a poverty stricken place.


"Puuiiii these people are too appalling."

Presently, t.i.tus and Brody were fuming outside Baymard's gates...since they were denied access into Baymard.

How dare these low grade knights stop them from going into their lord's future land?


As they looked at the knights in their tattered attires, they couldn't help but sneer.

Once their lord returned from his mission, he would definitely straighten them out... that is it they were smart enough to follow their lord.

"Brody, just look at how dirty their clothes are? Hehehe... I reckon they haven't had a good meal in a while." t.i.tus said.

"True, they do look like barbarians in those rags..... If we can promise them enough food, I'm sure that they would even team up and kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d prince all by themselves.

After all, they must surely hate him for putting them in such predicaments." Brody replied.

"I don't think so.....Although they look hungry, they still seem to be faithful to that low life prince and commander Lucius.

When we mentioned lord Eli's name, there was no hint of desire or excitement on their faces."

The knights that had stopped them, were all dressed in worn out clothes and shoes.

Even after they had mentioned their lord's name, those stupid good-for-nothing knights didn't even try to curry favor with them with.

Although these knights weren't disrespectful to them, they were p.i.s.sed off because they had expected these knights to beg and treat them like heroes who had come to save them in their times of need.

Never would they have thought that these beggars, would act like they were the ones who had chosen the wrong lord to serve.

Truly a bunch of ignorant fools.

"Do you think that they treated us this way because of Commander Lucius?"

"Hmmmmmm... From the way I see it, these men would probably be willing to die with their leader than to join us... so recruiting them might be troubling.

But the most puzzling thing was that when we requested to see prince Landon, they immediately acted as if he were alive... they even said they even said that we would have to wait for his arrival here.

Is he really alive?"

"If he's truly alive, them we would have to act friendly with the b.a.s.t.a.r.d... so as to find out how he survived, and report it back to our lord."

"He's probably dead... I think it was just a scare tactic to keep us away from Baymard... As if we would ever get scared of that wimp."

As they discussed, 4 men on horseback rode towards them.

As the men rode closer, Brody and t.i.tus became shocked when they spotted Landon amongst the group.

From their discussions, they had already concluded that Landon was dead and that this was just a scare tactic... So when they saw him, how could they not be shocked?

Wasn't he supposed to be dead? What sort of sorcery was this?

When Landon was leaving the Capital, everyone knew that he was either sick, or poisoned.

But no one knew that Landon was poisoned with the Nalat Wisp... well no one...except, Prince Eli's 12 main knight Captain's, his 2 Commanders and Slytherin Cord.

Brody and t.i.tus were really puzzled about his recovery.. Just how did he do it?

Although Landon's presence greatly surprised them, that didn't mean that they now valued him or respected him in anyway.

Granted, his presence would definitely make their mission harder.. But so what?

In their minds, their lord would definitely get this land whether or not the b.a.s.t.a.r.d died.

And although they tried to act friendlier, they still couldn't completely suppress their anger or stop their sarcastic remarks.

"Hehehe exiled prince Landon, or should we say Peasant Landon... It looks like all this time that you spent out of the Royal palace, has made you forgotten how to welcome your guests." t.i.tus said, while trying to hold his anger in.

He still wasn't over the fact that this trash had kept them waiting outside the gates for so long.

The 2 other knights that came with Landon and Licius, were already so angry that their faces started turning red.

What insolence!!

These visitors didn't even speak respectfully to their king at all.

Did they really think that prince Eli or whatever his name was, could even compare to a single strand of hair on their king's head?

Just one word from Landon, and those 2 knights would have probably fought Brodh and t.i.tus to the death.

As for Landon and Lucius, they were relatively calm.

How could they not recognize these visitors?

When Landon was still 11 years old, Eli had just turned 15 and had been given his own personal army to groom.

Landon had remembered how these knights would trip him whenever he pa.s.sed by Eli in the palace.

As for Lucius, how could he not remember these notorious students of his?... It looked like they were still the same as they were back when they were younger.

"I do apologize for that... you see, my health isn't too good.. so I couldn't make it on time.. I'm terribly sorry for keeping you guys waiting." Landon said while smiling.

t.i.tus and Brody's eyes lit up... this was the perfect time to find out how this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had ridden himself from that deadly poison.

"Since you say that it was because of your sickly body, then we as magnanimous people, would not bear a grudge with you over that.

But if I remember correctly, your appearance when leaving the capital was ghastly... Was it still that Illness from that time?" Brody asked curiously.

Landon looked at them, and could easily figure out what they wanted to know.

Just from the fact that they had come for this land...as well as they fact that they had asked this question, made Landon realise who was the culprit responsible for murdering this body's original owner.

'Eli was it?.. So your the reason why I woke up on the way to Baymard, in such unbearable pain?

Hehehe... I can only pray that you are ready for the war that's coming your way brother.'

Landon smiled.

"Well.. I was poisoned when I left the Capital, and once I arrived at Baymard, Queen mother kim used up all her coins to invite a healer from the Continent of Morgany, to cure me.

Mother had heard that the healer was staying at the Empire of Yodan, so she readily invited him over to treat me." Landon replied.

As they listened to Landon's explanation, Brody and t.i.tus began nodding.

It seemed possible, since there was no known cure for it within the Pyno continent.. only someone from another continent could have the cure.

And from what Landon had said, it seemed like the person had come to the Pyno continent for a visit.

It was likely that, that person wouldn't be around anymore... After all, a lot of time had pa.s.sed since the b.a.s.t.a.r.d had been poisoned.

It was unfortunate that they would be giving this news to their lord only now.. Such G.o.dly healers were truly hard to come by.

And if they lord had such a healer, he would become even more powerful in the future.

Once both men had gotten their answer from Landon, their overall demeanor changed from friendly to fierce.

Why should they continue being friendly with a loser?

"We won't waste time with trash like you.

Our lord Crown prince Eli, has demanded that you and the people leave this land immediately.

Are you going to leave or not!!!

Bare in mind that the consequences for disobeying lord Eli's command, is equivalent to disobeying the command of the future king of Arcadina."

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