Landon thought that this brother of his, was a clown through and through.

He should leave Baymard just because the future king of Arcadina had commanded it? If the dude was already king, then Landon would understand where such authority came from.

But the last time he checked, this brother of his was still a prince and nothing more.

The future was always going to be uncertain, so there was no way Landon would listen to anyone who claimed to be the future king.

When they finally succeeded in taking the throne, then they would have the qualifications to talk to him.

He was the current King of Baymard so why should he listen to some orders from a wannabe future king?..... Bahahahaha, this brother of his was definitely a jester.

If it were the old Landon, then maybe this jester's plans would have succeeded... but since he was now in control, there was no way that he would bend to Eli's will.

"What?... are you deaf?.. Didn't you hear what I just said?" Brody yelled out angrily.

Both t.i.tus and Brody had expected Landon to get scared at the mention of Eli's name...or even hurriedly accept their lord's kind intentions.

But to their surprise, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d continued to look at them indifferently.

"Heheheh kid... I see that you've finally grown a backbone, all through your stay here.. but so what?

You of all people should know what our lord is like, when he gets angry?.. Do you really want your mother's death on your hands?

What other choice do you have?... I suggest that you hurry up and leave this please!!" t.i.tus yelled angrily.

He couldn't understand what gave this little punk the courage to look at him in that manner. Landon looked at them, as if they were monkeys jumping around in a zoo.

"My answer is no!...No, I and my people, will not leave this place.

As the new king of Baymard, these people are my people, this land is our home and our new kingdom.

This land isn't part of Arcadina, so you all have no right to ask me to follow the orders of the future king of Arcadina.

Even if I and my 300 knights have to fight you all to the death, then so be it.

Why should I, and my people leave Baymard for my brother?" Landon asked sarcastically.

Both men had finally come to the conclusion that Landon was sick in the head... with just 300 men, he wished to fight their lord?

"Didn't you hear what we had just said?.. Our Lord will deal with your mother if you do not agree!!!" Brody yelled.

"I know!"

At this point, Landon was really p.i.s.sed off as well.

Why was it that everyone who came to threaten or negotiate with him, would use his mother as a bargaining chip?

Did they really think that he, himself wasn't aware that his mother was one of his main weaknesses?

It was really annoying, for everyone to use that negotiation line with him.

Brody and t.i.tus were taken aback... Could it be that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had really steeled his heart so much, that he no longer cared about his wh.o.r.e of a mother?


t.i.tus looked at Commander Lucius, and his eyes lit up.

"Commander Lucius!!.... Our lord had said that if you follow him faithfully, he would spare this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's mother... As well as take in all of those poor soldiers who had to follow this b.a.s.t.a.r.d here.

My lord has also promised, good riches and women, to all those 300 knights in Baymard.

To prove your loyalty, my lord just asks one thing from you all.

If any of you can kill or send this motherf***er away, then all of you will became knights under our lord, crown prince Eli, the future king of Arcadina!!" t.i.tus said with a confident smile on his face.

He knew that this mission was definitely going to be successful... Only a madman would turn down such an offer.

Who would choose a loser prince with no power, over a heroic and powerful prince?

As Commander Lucius and the 2 other knights went for their swords, Brody and t.i.tus sneered at they were sure that those swords would probably kill the son of a b**ch now.

'Hehehe... mission accomplished', they thought.

But obviously, they were wrong.


The swords were drawn... but to their surprise, all the swords pointed at them?

Were these knights dumb enough that they still didn't get their message?

Landon looked at the confused visitors, and smiled.

"I will say it again.... I and my people, will NOT leave Baymard... not now, not ever!!

I had thought that as knight Captains, you both would be the smartest bunch that my brother had sent.

But clearly, your brains have been mushed up by those big heads of yours.

If both if you had any understanding of the Pyron language, then you would understand that 'my people', also includes my knights.

So you asking them to kill me, is an impossible feat for them.

And since I've given my good dogs, shouldn't you all hurry back and wag your tails to your master?"

Brody and t.i.tus immediately unsheathed their swords with anger.

How dare this b.a.s.t.a.r.d insult them?

"Good good good... It has been so long since we last met, and I can see that you've also grown a sharp tongue as well.

Since you refuse to know to know what is good for you, then we will leave for now.

But when we return, I promise you that you will pay for those words of yours.

Our Lord will surely not let you go!!!" t.i.tus said, while slowly putting back his sword back into his sheath.

There was no point in them fighting in the enemy's territory, without backup.

They were completely outnumbered, and would obviously die if they angered this b.a.s.t.a.r.d too much.

Since their mission wasn't successful, it would be better for them to meet their lord at JunGo city and air out their complaints against the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who dared to call himself the King of Baymard.

"We will go...Hmmp!!!.. But don't beg us for forgiveness when you realize that it's too late." Brody said while sneering.

"Wait!!" Landon yelled out.

"What?....Regret it already? So you finally know what's good for you?

Well, too late!! When next we return, we will kill you, and that wh.o.r.e.. "


Before Brody could finish his sentence, Landon had already punched him hard on the jaw.

Landon was really p.i.s.sed.

Even before Brody had finished his sentence, he knew that the wh.o.r.e that they were talking about...was his beloved mother.

The next time anyone dared to talk ill of his mother, he would definitely chop off the person's head into several pieces.

"Ahhh!!! ...." Brody screamed, while wiping the blood that trailed off from the corners of his trembling lips.

"You dare hit my comrade because of a maid?" t.i.tus exclaimed in anger.

He couldn't believe that Landon would hit Crown prince Eli's men, because of a that sl** like mother of his.

How preposterous!!

Brody spat out the blood in his mouth, and looked at Landon coldly.

"Who doesn't know that your mother had climbed up the ranks using her thighs...

She's nothing but a common, dirty, lowly, wh..."

This time, although Brody was prepared, he was still shocked that he had lost.. to a wimp?

Landon had rushed up to him and began by punching his face again.


Brody blocked the attack, with both hands crossed over his face.

But before he could prepare himself for the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's next attack, Brody found himself lying on the floor in pain.

What just happened?

Landon had predicated Brody's counterattack... So immediately after punching Brody's face, Landon dropped to the floor and used his right leg to trip Brody down.

Ohhhhhhh!... how far the mighty have fallen.


Brody's huge body, had fallen hard on the ground.

Landon immediately took out his daggar, and stabbed Brody's right leg.

All this while.. Lucius and the other 2 knights had surrounded t.i.tus, so that he wouldn't hinder Landon's fight.

"Ahh Brody screamed while holding his right foot.

If eyes could kill, Landon would probably be dead by now.

How could Brody accept the fact that he had lost to this motherf***er

No!! Impossible!!.. he must have cheated... that was the only explanation.

How could such a tiny body, make a giant like him fall down? Who would believe it?

"You little maggot!!.. I'll get you for this!!.. I swear by my ancestors, that you will die by my sword!!" Brody yelled out crazily.

"And I swear by my own ancestors...that if you ever talk ill about my mother again, I will gouge out your eyes and feed them to the birds!!!

Let this be a lesson to both of you...and your owner, my brother.

The next time you all come to threaten me, my mother or my people... ... blood will be spilled.

Now.. Get the h.e.l.l out of my Kingdom!!!"

Both men knew that more fighting would only get them killed, so they chose to retreat instead.

Brody limped towards his horse, and t.i.tus helped him settle down.

They both wished for nothing more, than to hurriedly meet their lord and plan this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's downfall.

'Just you wait!!!', they thought.

As Landon looked at their retreating figures, he couldn't help but smile.

'My dear sweet brother...I will make you pay for everything that you have done to me, and the original owner of this body.

Since you want this land, then come and get it... I will patiently wait for your attack.

If it's a war you want, then it's a war you shall get!!!'

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