A week and a few days had pa.s.sed, since those 2 morons had come to Baymard.

Chief Tim, Chief accountant Angelo and Chief auditor Todd, were heading over to the newly established bank called the Baymard Trust Bank (BT Bank), at the upper region.

Chief Accountant Angelo, was in charge of overseeing all other accountants within the construction industry.

And Chief Auditor Todd, was in charge of overseeing all other auditors within the construction industry.

There were several accountants, auditors within the construction industry.

Each department within the construction industry, had 3 accountants and 4 auditors, a.s.signed to them.

There were also 10 accountants and 4 auditors that were in charge of all matters relating to payroll within the industry.

Once all the accountants within each department had made their financial statements, they would pa.s.s it onto the auditors within those departments... who were in charge of cross checking them.

From there, all the statements would be sent to Chief Accountant Angelo, who would go over them again and make adjustments if needed.

And once he was done, Chief Auditor Todd would take it from there and crosscheck all financial statements again.

Once everything was checked, both Todd and Angelo.. as well as the managers (supervisors) and some company secretaries, ..would have meetings with Overseer Tim, so as to talk about the next steps for the industry.

They decided on financial decisions, like whether they should buy this... buy that and so on.

Last week, Landon had made sure that each workplace went over to the bank, and opened an account there.

They had paid for the account application fees, account fees and other minimal charges that included tax.

For large businesses, there were given different option plans to choose from, that showed different benefits altogether.

Speaking of the bank, Landon had given an entire estate within the upper region to the Baymard Trust Bank.

Today.... Tim, Angelo and Todd, were heading over to the bank to add money into the industry account.

Once they arrived, they jumped out of the loading truck and carried several bags of coins towards the bank.

Entering into the main building, Tim spotted several lines of wheeled carts at the side.. and when he looked around the bank lobby, he saw several other people placing their bags of money into the carts and his eyes lit up.

Once again, he was thoroughly pleased with how meticulous his Majesty's planning was.

Truth be told, these bags of coins were extremely heavy as well.

"I think that we're suppose to use this thing to place our money inside..!" Tim said while using his elbow to nudge Angelo.

Angelo looked around and nodded.. since everyone did it like, that then it must be so.

Todd placed the bags on the ground and brought 3 carts back.

Last night, they had spent several hours counting money and placing them in several bags... In total, they had brought 1.35 million copper.. which was basically 135 gold coins.

And after placing all their money onto the carts, they quickly wheeled the carts towards an available bank customer service representative.


"Good Morning and Welcome to Baymard Trust Bank.

How may I help you all today?" Said the representative with a friendly smile on his face.

The representative stood behind a counter, and wore black paints, black pet.i.te coat and a grey s.h.i.+rt.

"h.e.l.lo... uhmm we just opened a business account last week.. and we would like to add money into the account.

The name of the business account is the 'Construction Industry'.. and the account number is '00000011'.." Tim answered as he looked at the account card in his hand.

This card was similar to his I.D card, but it only showed the industries name..as well as the account number.

Although Tim didn't know the importance of the account number yet, he knew that his Majesty would never do anything that was worthless.

Hence he was sure that in the future, he would probably get to know the hidden meaning within those numbers.

Because no matter how hard Tim thought, he just couldn't see its use at all.

Was the mind of a king really different from that of his subjects?.. How much more information does his majesty have up there?

"Perfect... and did you bring in your business account book with you?"

Since there was no internet yet or computers, everything had to be done with books.

That meant that each workplace had 2 bank account books.. 1 stayed within the workplace, and the other one stayed within the bank.

"Yes.. it's right here.." Angelo replied, while giving it to the representative.

The account book had a thick blue cover and had the account name and account number written on its cover.

"Perfect.. please hold onto your account book, while I go bring the account book that is currently stored with us."

With that, the representative quickly left the lobby area and went towards another hallway.

"Do you think that this bank thing will be similar to that of money temples?" Angelo asked Tim in a frightened manner.

"Yeah... do..do you think that it will be the same?" Todd asked shakingly as well.

In this era... although they had banks, they weren't as organized and structured as they were in modern times.

Banks here were called 'Money Temples', and were strictly used for money lending.

To put it simply, people didn't have bank accounts.... hence they didn't go to these temples to add money into their accounts.

They went there to borrow money from these temples.

Poor people borrowed money to treat Illnesses, pay Bill's and so on.. even some rich people borrowed, just to keep their businesses afloat.

And as the days go by, the interest rates would stack up ridiculously high.

At the end, some people end up paying the amount they owed....plus another 40 to 70% of what they originally borrowed.

And if they couldn't pay up... they or their family members would work as slaves within these temples for at least 15 years or more.

These slaves did everything.. satisfied their bosses s.e.xually, cooked, cleaned, and so on.

To put it simply, these temples were underworld bosses, that had the means to defend themselves and catch all those who owed them.

Everytime these temples did transactions, they would always go behind the scenes to ensure that the person who had taken their money, fails to pay it back..hence ending up as a slave.

By then, they would just ask for ridiculous amounts for interest and make things difficult for the poor person.

How could one ask for an interest rate of 40%, or even 70% of the borrowed amount?

These temples were just straight up thugs

Angelo and Todd had just come to Baymard a week ago, and knew all about the slave life so of course they were scared.

Although they knew that Baymard didntwelcome slavery, wasnt this bank thing part of slavery?

Tim looked at them and shook his head.

"I know why you guys might think like that....but trust me, that would never happen.

From what I've been told, this banking thing is far from what those temples do.

Here, everyone could have a personal account and these representatives are present just to cater to our needs.

Plus when we keep money in the bank for a long period of time, we could actually make more money off the bank as well.

Slavery is not and will never be allowed in Baymard.... so don't worry about this too much.

Baymard is different.

Believe in our king"

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