Anfter 8 minutes of waiting, the customer representative came back with another account book in his hands.

The representative opened the book and read the first 2 pages, which gave a detailed description of those who could access the Industry's account book.

The book stated that only overseer Tim, chief accountant Angelo or chief auditor Todd, could withdraw funds from the Industry's account.

Actually... the representative had to make sure that at least 2 out of those 3 people, were represent before any withdrawal could be made.

So if Tim had come alone to withdraw money from the account, the representative would have refused to withdraw the funds for him without any of the other 2 parties present.

And in the case for adding funds into the industry's account, only 1 person was needed for that transaction to be done.

Since they were adding money today, just Tim alone would have sufficed for this transaction.... but they had all decided to come so as to get used to this banking system.

In the future, they knew that this 'bank' as his majesty had called it, would also cater to their personal needs.

Hence they all thought that it would be better to understand how this 'account thing' worked now than later.

"May I see your Ident.i.ty Cards please?" The representative asked.

Tim, Angelo and Todd, brought out their I.Ds and gave it to the representative.... who quickly cross checked if their names, place of birth and date of birth that was written down on the bank book was the same as those on their I.Ds.

Actually, this method greatly pleased Tim a lot.

Over the past few months, Tim had been having trouble managing the industry's finances.

If not of his Majesty's help, he probably wouldn't have known what to do.

Coins were heavy and tiring to count.. and with a large industry like the construction Industry, several hundreds of coins were profited and used on a weekly basis.

Coins were very hard to handle.. last night, Tim, Angelo, Todd and some industry supervisors... had spent over 6 hours counting several bags of coins about 4 times.

The first time they counted the money... when they were almost done, someone accidentally shook the table, and all the coins scattered all over the floor.

That was the first time that Tim felt like crying.

Do you know how much effort it took to gather all those coins back?

They had lost some copper coins and sikver coins somewhere within that room.. and no matter how they checked, they couldn't find them.

Do you know how long it would take to count every single coin over and over again?

Sigh... It was too frustrating.

They also had to separate the silver coins from copper coins.. and so on.... Tim had never felt helpless like he did last night.

Plus for now, everything was fine.. but Tim knew that in the long run, it wouldn't be safe for them to keep all their coins within the industry.

Honestly, he sort of felt relieved that they could dump all this work with the bank.

After confirming their ident.i.ties, the representative gave back their I.Ds, and led them towards their vault.

"Here we are... Vault 004" the representative said while singling out the door key from the pile of keys in his hands.

Each workplace, had its own storage room where their money would be kept safe and locked at all times.

Landon called these rooms vaults.

The doors were made of iron....and within each vault, were several ma.s.sive lockers that were placed around the walls... as well as a table with 6 chairs at the center of the vault.

Once they got in, they pushed their carts of money in, and took several seats around the table.

Of course before the representative could write on the account books, he/she needed to count the money in the presence of Tim, Angelo and Todd.

And since it was too much for one person to do, the representative called for backup and began counting the money meticulously.

If Landon had seen this scene, he would have definitely felt that it was too similar to that of Disney's Scrooge Duck... where he was counting his coins within his vault.

Once all the coins were counted, the representative took both account books and wrote;

•Date: October 12th, 1024

•Amount added: 1,350,000 Copper coins (135 gold coins)

•Transaction done by: Tim Mayers, Angelo Wambly and Todd Grayham.

•Customer service Representative: Jacob Burns.

•Everyone's signatures

•And a Bank ink stamp

After everyone had signed on both account books, The representative took one account book... while Tim and the other two left with the other one.


5 P.M

Time for the bank to close up for the day.

While everyone left the bank... Landon stepped in, to have his meeting with the new Bank managers, chief accountant and chief auditor of the bank.

"Your majesty... our only main issue is counting those coins.

Most industries and even the hospital, bring over millions of copper coins for us to count at once.

This could take several hours which would greatly waste the customer's time.

So I think that we need to hire more people to count the money." Said Bank Manager Dionne.

Over this past week, Dionne had been learning and practicing accounting daily.

Due to his job at the bank, he was able to understand more concepts about accounting and banking... even though he just started taking lessons with his majesty.

Yes!!!... he made a ton of mistakes at work.... but luckily, his majesty was always there daily to sort out any issues that they had.

But their greatest issue was the matter with counting the coins.

He was really hoping that his majesty would think of another way for them.

"That's true your majesty... but I'm also afraid of bank s.p.a.ce.

If we don't expand the building, I'm afraid that by the end of next year, all the lockers in the vaults would be overflowing with money.

And by that time we would have to place the money on the floors and make hills and mountains of coins in all rooms." Chief Accountant Fiddler said.

Instantly, the image of Disney's Scrooge Duck came into Landon's mind.

Was it really not possible to swim in money? Well he might just have to find out.

"Hmmm.. I will higher more people next month, as well as make new money which would be lighter to carry, and easier to count and store.

As for the future, we would make a bigger and better building." Landon replied while stroking his chin.

Everyone was shocked.

New money? Baymard was going to make it's own money?

What kind of money would it be?

In all their years as slaves, they had never seen any form of money other than copper, gold and silver coins.

All empires within the Pyno continent used the same coins, so they really couldn't picture how Baymard's money would be.

Landon decided that in this matter, rather than explaining it to them, it was better to show them.

He knew of the matter with the coins, that was why he had made the bank workers only cater to the industries and other workplaces.

Firstly, the workers were still at their learning phase, and needed to take in fewer clients so as not to overload themselves.

Secondly, it wasn't easy counting all those coins daily.. hence they wouldn't have the time to focus on the citizens.

So for now, the bank could only work for the military, industries, hospital, school and other workplaces.

But come February, they would begin catering for the citizens as well.

And by that time, the workers would have gotten enough experience, the bank's new building would have been constructed... and paper money would have already been used throughout Baymard.

For now, what he needed them to do was to focus on learning all about the banking system.

Within this time frame, they were allowed to make as many mistakes as they could... Since they had few clients, and their work would always be checked by Landon at the end of each day.

But come February, mistakes couldn't be afforded when dealing with a large group of clients.

As for the future bank's building, Landon wanted it to be ma.s.sive.

In fact, Landon would prefer the lobby to be extremely large like a 5 star hotel lobby.

In this way, several customers could be attended to at once.

Of course the building would be at least 4 stories high.. and have several vaults, offices and chambers within it.

"Your majesty, all the account books for today had been brought over"

"Alright... let's begin."

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