--The Royal Palace, Yodan Empire--


Today was the day that everyone had been waiting for.

Tonight, King Maclaine would announce the heir to his throne at the royal Banquet... before announcing it to the public a few days later.

Of course all the n.o.bles were invited for the feats, as well as some important knights and merchants within the Capital.

It was believed that sometime within the banquet, king Maclaine would make the announcement.

All around the palace, everyone began dressing their best for the banquet.


Make sure that I look better than that tramp Ivy!!!" Queen Sedora yelled.

The maids hurriedly brought out all her jewelry, and the selected dress for the occasion.

Just mentioning Ivy's name, made Sedora want to smash everything within her room.

It was all that b**chs fault.

Ever since Sedora had slept with Maclaine, she had been getting all these ugly rashes, pimples and boils all over her face and some parts of her body.

The apothecaries had said that she had probably gotten an allergic reaction from eating something... but she couldn't identify what she was allergic to.

Because of this, she always had to wear a light veil when going out, and also a ton of makeup on her forehead region.. so as to make the pimples look less visible.

In her mind, it was definitely Ivy's doing.

Although she doesn't know when or how Ivy had sneaked such foods into her meals, that didn't mean that she would accept the fact that Ivy was innocent.

In her mind since nice it was an allergy, then it had to be something edible.

"Mother, please quell your anger!!" Prince Benedict said, as he didn't want others to hear his mother screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Little Beny, how can I be calm?.. This was all that wh.o.r.e's doing!!!"

"Mother, why are you so worried about that mad woman?

After today's matter, will she continue to be a threat to us when I become the crown prince?" Benedict said.

"Mom, don't worry.... when brother becomes king, then all of us will teach her a lesson." Said princess Diaz while trying to suppress her anger.

"Hmm just be patient for tonight mom." added prince Lupinia.

In fact, the 2 princesses weren't angry at Ivy at all... they were more angry at the fact that their mother couldn't convince their father to make them rulers of the empire.

Fine!!... They didn't excel in anything other than needlework, literature and poetry... but couldn't they learn how to wield a sword and fight on the job.

If their father would just give them the opportunity, then they would be able to prove that they were as good in ruling the empire as any of their brothers.

Granted, they didn't know much about the geography, trades and the people within the empire.. but so what?

Wasn't the Capital the only important place within the empire?

Since they knew the Capital well enough, didn't that mean that they were competent enough to be King?

In their eyes, their father was just stubborn and selfish... while their mother was just a traitor who had turned her back on her daughters for her son.

Why was it Benedict that had to compete for the crown and not them?

With all these thoughts racing through their heads, how could they not be angry?

Sedora's eyes lit up, as she looked at her outstanding son and her 2 gorgeous daughters.

"Little Beny, how did it go? .... Was your dad pleased with your work?"

Ever since they had known that Maclaine was going to choose a successor, all the prince's had been doing their best in their studies.

Just last week... Benedict was praised undoubtedly by the royal teacher, on his swordsmans.h.i.+p skills in the presence of King Maclaine.

Maclaine laughed and looked at second prince Benedict proudly, as if he had already decided to make him the crown prince.

After that day, Maclaine would come over to practice with Benedict every single night.

It was already speculated all around the empire, that Benedict was the chosen one for today's show.

The more Sedora thought about it, the happier she became.

So what if her face was covered in pimples? she still had a banging body and her son would definitely be king

Since she was going to wear a veil today, no one would find out about her condition... hence she felt a little better.

She sneered when she thought of Ivy and her son Malfoy.

Over at Ivy's place, the atmosphere was tense as well.

Ivy was fuming mad at the thought of Sedora's son.

All the princes were good at particular aspects (subjects) within their studies.

For example, although prince Benedict was undoubtedly the best at swordsmans.h.i.+p, he was also one of the weakest when it came to battle tactics.

The same concept could be said for most of the prince's... and prince Malfoy was no exception.

In Malfoy's case, he excelled in war tactics and was average when it came to swordsmans.h.i.+p.

Weren't war tactics important as well? Why did Maclaine only get overly excited when it concerned Benedict?

A while ago, she would have been overly confident... but the more she and Sedora were at each other's throats, the more she felt like her goals wouldn't be so simple to accomplish.

That d.a.m.n villain would probably use some underhanded method, so as to make her son king.

Who knows if she would have visited the matron to have her vote?

In fact, Ivy was also very skeptical towards the matron as well.

Although the woman acted as if it was only right for the first prince to be the crown prince, one could never be too sure when dealing with a grand harlot like her.

Like her late mother had always said..... one needed to be extra careful when dealing with b**chs and sl**s, especially those who slept around her.

"Mom.. don't worry too much... I'm confident that I'll still become the crown prince.

Although father praises brother openly, he also praises me a lot within his study room.

Without strategy, how could anyone hope to keep this empire safe?

Don't worry mom, I'm sure that father knows this fact as well." Malfoy said.

"He better!! ... or else I will wring his neck myself!!"

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