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"Momo... hurry up!!.... we're going to be late!!" Yelled Linda, as she rushed towards the newly constructed building within the school premises.

Little Momo and her, were on their way towards the chemistry laboratory.

Today, they were taking Chemistry 3.

Ever since the beginning of April, they had been taking 6 main courses:

•Biology 1 ( of living organisms)

•Math 4 (simple variable math, like find X)

•Chemistry 2

•Chemistry 3 (introduction to lab science)

•Physics 1

•Phyno 4

Apart from these ones, they also had other fun and creative courses that occurred once a week... like:

•Arts & Craft 1

•Ethics & Morality 1

•Health & Hygiene 1

•Literature 1

•Music 1

• And Physical Education

Another surprising thing for the students was that this year, the school had created a Student Council body based on the votes from the students.

Also, each cla.s.s had a cla.s.s monitor and deputy cla.s.s monitor that's entrusted in a.s.sisting the teachers in cla.s.s, aiding the weak students, roll call... and so on.

No matter what amongst the 2 leaders, one had to be female and the other male.

Generally, once the winners for both the Male Group and female group emerged.... the students would then vote between the 2, and choose who should be the cla.s.s monitor or deputy cla.s.s monitor.

For the biology cla.s.s, the students were taught the basics like: cells, microbes, plant systems, animal systems, invertebrates and vertebrates.

In short, they were taught about all the of living organisms.

Of course for Math 4, they focused on simple variable math... like 5x=10, find X.

In that cla.s.s, they focused on understanding one to two variable equations..... which were usually linear equations.

For chemistry 2, the students would still focused on reactions, atoms and so on.... but now with the use of calculators, they had begun learning about calculating molecular weight and so on.

Of course just so that the students could breathe a little, music, literature, physical education and arts & craft were essentially a must.

In short, this semester was a busy one.

Today, Linda and little Momo were heading towards the Chemistry Lab in the new school building.

Once they got in, they immediately climbed the stairs until they arrived at the 3rd floor... where they were greeted with a large group of students outside the lab.

The area was bustling with busy students.

Friends greeted each other with hugs or playful punches, while others had their eyes glued on their books as they continued doing a.s.signments that were due in the next cla.s.s.

Some already had their lab coats and safety wears on, while others were busy wearing theirs on now.

In fact, everyone was doing their own thing as they waited for the cla.s.s to begin.

Instantly, the duo opened their bags and quickly pulled out their neatly folded lab coats and safety items.

For this cla.s.s, everyone was required to wear their lab coats, gloves, rubber boots, and goggles.

Linda looked at her watch and knew that it would soon be time for them to go in.

And right on queue, Mother Kim and teacher Gophen opened the lab doors from instead and ushered the students in.

"Morning Teacher Kim!"

"Morning teacher Gophen!"

"Morning teacher...."


Everyone greeted their teachers, as they walked in and immediately found their usual spot.

The Laboratory was ma.s.sive, with several working slabs, cupboards with equipments stored in them, and a small storage room at its front.

Linda and Momo immediately spotted their other group members, and rushed over to join them.

Ever since the beginning of the semester, they had been put in groups of 5.

Apparently, these people would be their lab partners throughout the entire semester.

"Alright.... before we begin, you all know the drill.

In front of each group, are 5 question sheets.

You all have 7 minutes to answer them.

Remember, no cheating and no copying.... these small tests make up 20% of your final grade.

Now.... Begin!!"

Linda immediately flipped her question sheet and got to work.

For this Chemistry 3 course, they had 1 theory cla.s.s on Tuesdays, and 1 lab session on Thursdays.

And at the beginning of each lab session, they would have mini quizzes that would test them on what they had learnt in their Tuesday

Chemistry 3 was a course based on Laboratory work, so they had to know about the equipments in front of them, safety lab hazards and so on.

In fact... Ever since the students knew that these questions were 20%, they had taken them seriously

Linda filled her name and school number on the question sheet, before proceeding to answer the questions.

The questions were straight to the point, and easy to answer if one was paying attention during lectures.

And just like that, time flew by quickly... 7 minutes later, the quizzes collected back by teacher Gophen.

And the papers were collected, Mother Kim began distributing the Lab manual sheets for today's experiment.


"Alright.... before we begin our Laboratory experiment, let's recap on what Teacher Winnie has been you all in Chemistry 2." Mother Kim said.

The students immediately took out their books and writing materials.... While others flipped the pages of their books to the last pen-filled page.

It was important for the students to know about what reactions they were going to perform today, hence it was good for them to recap on what they were previously taught.

"So as usual, let's look back on what you all have been learning so far.

I need a few examples of chemistry around us... anyone?" Mother Kim asked, as she waited for the students to raise their hands.

"Yes Filipa?" She said, while pointing at a little girl at the front of the room.

"Air is essentially chemistry, because it's constantly undergoing a chemical change.

For example, we breathe out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen... so air is always changing.

Also... air undergoes changes whenever smoke is released in to the atmosphere by burning, hence it's part of Chemistry."


Any other examples of Chemistry around us?" Kim asked.

"Our bodies."

"The ocean"

"When we make bread."


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