"Your majesty, we have finally completed construction of the new plant site for the Textile Industry." Tim said.

It had been a month and 2 weeks since construction for the new textile plant began.

Landon nodded and smiled at both Tim and Sophia.

"How was it? Do you like what you see?" Landon asked the already excited Sophia.

"Hahahha Your majesty It's perfect!!!

Although I only saw it yesterday, I was already blown away by the site.

Hahahha thank you your majesty.. thank you." Sophia said while fidgeting around like a little girl.

The new Textile plant had its own gate... as well 8 ma.s.sive 4-story buildings within it.

Each building was made extremely wide (like a campus residence building), so as to make room for the future.

"But your majesty, now that we have these 'electrically powered machines', what do we do with all those steam operated ones?"

"Just place them in the plant warehouse for now..... also, I will send your industry new cooks and soldiers to protect you all when you work."

Sigh... for now, Landon had been using the soldiers as guards... but he knew that it wasn't right.

That's why he decided that next month, he would start training people for the 'Police Academy'... As well as the 'Baymard Guard Training Academy'.

He hoped that by February at most, they would be ready to start guarding the citizens, as well as the different work establishments like the bank and so on.

"How are your driving cla.s.ses going by?"

"Hehehe Your majesty... I've been taking these cla.s.ses for 2 months now, and can currently drive the trucks around Baymard safely.

Also, my industry needs more trucks, so we are going to buy them from overseer Tim's industry tomorrow. "

"Ohhhh?.. that's good then... after all, you guys also need to transport your goods as well.

But just to remind you, everyone can drive those trucks.. except you..

At least not until you take the test in another 4 months time."

"Your majesty isn't that too far? Why not make it a month's time?" Sophia asked while pouting.

Tim who was standing a little behind Sophia... looked at Landon, opened his eyes wide and started blinking multiple times, as if saying: please don't accept your majesty.

Who in the lower regions didn't know how Sophia drove?

Even her husband had advised her multiple times, but the woman was really a stubborn fellow.

"Heheheh .... no can do.

When you take your driving test and get your certification license for driving the loading trucks then, then we can talk.

Don't forget, this certification only allows you to drive the loading trucks... if you want to drive the other heavy machines, then you would need to take cla.s.ses on driving them as well."

"Don't worry your majesty, I..I... I will heed to your advice when driving." Sophia said with awkwardly.

Landon looked at her and smiled.

Something told him that this woman would definitely look for a short cut in this matter.

Landon would describe her driving as wreckless.

And it wasn't that she didn't know how to drive.....nooooo... that's not it.

She was just one of those people who gets adrenaline rush when speeding on the roads.

It was all fun and games, until someone dies.

Hence Landon had to stop her from driving.. that is until she completed all her tests and got his personal approval.

Funny enough, she had total control over the truck.. which surprised Landon greatly.

But no matter what, reckless driving was not allowed in Baymard.

The other women and men in her industry drove with care and moderation...but Chief Sophia was different.

It was almost like she was the reincarnation of famous race car drivers back on earth.

"Okay okay.. I believe in you...

Also, you all have 4 days max to move everything into the new plant.

And once your all settled in, I'll come over daily to show you guys how to use the new machines."

"Thank you your majesty" Sophia replied.


"Your majesty, what do we do about those 1000 construction workers who had just built the plant?" Tim asked.

It looked like it was finally time to build a fortified city wall.

Right now.... the empty s.p.a.ce between the City wall and the outer forest, was just 1 mile wide (1600 meters).

What Landon wanted to do was to build another City wall, at the start of the forest region.

As well as clear 1 mile of trees within the forest.

So basically, Landon waited to make Baymard similar to the city in 'Attack On t.i.tan'.

In this case, Baymard would have 2 city walls in total.

The first wall, would be the current stone wall.

While the second wall, would be the new wall that was going to be built with steel frames and concrete.

Landon wanted this wall to be at least 6 meters thick... so that even if someone uses snow powder on the walls, it wouldn't necessarily break or cause any damage to them.

Although the snow powder in the empire couldn't do anything to the current castle walls, Landon still liked to prepare for the worst case scenario, hence he wanted to build new walls that were ridiculously thick, in preparation for any surprise attacks.

Plus in Landon's opinion, steel framed reinforced walls, would also ensure that the structure stands longer and stronger.. compared to the current stone wall.

And although the current stone wall is 4 meters thick in width, Landon still thought that it wasn't thick enough.. So he decided to make the new walls to be 6 meters thick.

Of course before building the walls, he had to ensure that there was enough s.p.a.ce in front of the new walls for launching cannon and missile attacks on their enemies.

Hence he needed the workers to first clear up 1 mile of trees within the forest.

That cleared yo s.p.a.ce would be the new battlefield for future battles.

For naming purposes... Landon had decided to call the s.p.a.ce between the first stone wall and the new wall, 'King's Landing '.

Yes!!... he took the name from the famous T.V series Game of Thrones.

He just couldn't resist the temptation.

Just thinking about his favorite tv series, made him cry with regret.

If he had known that he was going to die so soon, he would have binge watched everything all over again.

Where there any new seasons or episodes out?....

Did John Snow finally died for good?

That guy was really ticking Landon off... What an annoying character.

If you want to die, just die already... why keep us waiting for several seasons and episodes?

Who did he think he was?


Actually, Landon would have previously named the upper region as King's Landing...but he felt like it wasn't right to do so, since the people had been calling it the 'upper region', for hundreds of years now.

But now that he was adding new land to the territory, there was no way in h.e.l.l that he would miss the chance to name this area.

Anyway, Landon had planned that King's Landing would only be used for military purposes, as well as for Visas.

Focusing on the city's defense, Landon had decided to build several military buildings that were interconnected and kse to each other, within King's Landing.

These buildings will also have several inclined bridges at their top floors, that connected the buildings to the top of the new city walls.

Only by entering these buildings, could one access and shoot cannons or missiles, from the top of the city walls.

Since these buildings would be interconnected and close to each other, an electric fence and gate would be placed around their perimeters for security reasons.

As for building access, only authorized military personnel, would be able to have access to these buildings.

Each floor within these buildings would also have tight security and emergency lockdown procedures, for when intruders infiltrated the buildings.

Of course, there would also be a clinic within the site, that would focus on treating war injuries and so on.

Long story short, this military site would be one of the most heavily guarded sites in Baymard.

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