Within King's Landing... in addition to this military site, Visa's would also be granted here.

In future once Baymard welcomed visitors, they would need places to keep their carriages and horses.

Hence this new s.p.a.ce, solved that problem.

The city itself would definitely use only cars, bicycles, trains, buses and so on.... So Landon thought it wise, to build something like an airport within King's Landing.

Well... he decided to call it a Landport, since the visitors wouldn't be travelling into Baymard by air.

They would be travelling by bus, so a Landport was technically correct term.

If there were seaports and airports, why couldn't he call it a Landport?

Anyway, the 'Baymard Landport', would be able to provide Visas to visitors... As well as house thousands of visitor carriages and horses the Landport.

Having carriages within the city would cause disturbances and traffic on the roads, so it was best to keep them away.

Hence they needed to be safely stored and well taken care of.

Of course keeping them there wouldn't be free as well.

Depending on how many horses and carriages one brings, visitors would definitely have to pay for cargo storage... as well as Cargo care...like feeding the horses, cleaning the carriages and so on.

If someone wanted to stay for a month, then of course they needed to pay for their horses to be fed, washed and taken care of for the entire month.

And if a visitor requested for their carriage to be fixed, then they would also need to pay for those services as well.

Without these fees, how else were the workers who took care of the horses and carriages supposed to be paid?

Once payment was completed, they would be given different number tags for their cargo.

These number tags represented the stable numbers, carriage storage numbers.. and so on.

So when they were leaving Baymard, they would use these tags to get their carriages and horses back back from the Landport.

And even if they lost their tags, they just had to show their payment receipts... or tell the workers at the help desks, their names, and when they had arrived at Baymard.

Since everything would be recorded down, the workers would easily be able to find their horses and carriages for them.

Also, Landon had planned to get more carriages as well... So that if they needed more carriages, they would be able to buy them at the Landport would have in stock.

For example, if someone bought a lot of goods within Baymard, then they could get a carriage from the Landport and be on their way.

As for more horses, Baymard already had over 4000 horses thanks to that war with City Lord Shannon... So the visitors could also purchase them if they wanted to.

After storing their carriages and horses, they would have to head on towards security.. where they would be checked for carrying poisons or anything that would possibly hurt the citizens.

The only thing that Landon would allow were swords... no poisons, no daggers or any other hidden weapons.

In fact, swords were allowed because everyone had a sword in this era.. Plus swords were huge and could be easily seen, hence Landon allowed them.

But for daggers or other hidden weapons, no way!!!

He didn't want anyone to go around giving surprise attacks here and there.. .. it was either a sword, or no weapon at all.

And if they didn't like it, then they could just turn around and get the h.e.l.l out of Baymard!!

After security check, the visitors would be given luggage carts of different sizes (depending on their cargo load), and asked to head on towards the Visa Terminal within the building.

Of course they had to pay for their Visas.

Even in this era... going into different well established cities, required one to pay an entry fee.

And Landon didn't see any reason why Baymard shouldn't have their own entry fees as well.

After getting their Visas, they had to head towards the 'Holding Terminal'.

This terminal charged fees keeping their carriages and horses here for the amount of time they would stay in Baymard.

What they had payed for at the Cargo terminal, was the amount for storage s.p.a.ce.

But now, they were paying for the holding time as well.

This amount wasn't charged previously, because their Visas hadn't been issued out yet.

Plus it was more convenient, to have the carriages and horses settled first before paying everything.

I mean... wouldn't it be disorganized to have them drive their carriages and horses into the Landport 'check in' areas?

If horses were to ride into airports back on earth, wouldn't it would be weird as h.e.l.l?

Since It was totally unfair for someone who had stayed for just 2 weeks to pay the same cargo fees as someone who stayed for over 2 months, Landon felt like these fees should be implemented.

Of course the amount would be redicoulosy cheap, so as to accommodate those who were poor and not well off.

And finally once they left that terminal, they would were to head towards the last terminal within the Landport.... which basically booked their bus tickets for them.

8 seventy-seater buses, would come once every hour and drive the visitors into Baymard.

So once the visitors showed their Visas to the 'Booking Agents', their tickets would be booked and give their seat numbers reserved.

The agents would also give them several schedules and time options for boarding the buses.

While waiting for their buses, they were free to check out the stores within the Baymard Landport.

There would be stores that sold good travelling bags, clothing items, and most of all food.

He wanted them to feel comfortable, while they waited for their buses.

The Landport would also have areas for arrivals and departures.. just like a regular airport.

For those departing from Baymard, their Cargo would still need to be checked.. lest they try take important or stolen items from baymard.

In this era, most City gates close their doors at 1 A.M.

But Landon wanted to do it at 11 P.M, so that those that worked at the Landports.. and the Bus drivers, would close up before 12:30 Midnight.

Anyway, those were his plans for King's Landing..For now, it was important for the workers to start building those fortified walls.


"So your majesty, you want the workers to use all the Timber heavy machines to clear 1 mile of trees?" Tim asked, while writing down what Landon had said.

"Hmmm just like that.

And remember to tell them to send every tree to the wood cutting department.

I will also send soldiers to protect them daily as well, lest any wild animals try to attack them during working hours."

Since this region was as cold as Canada back on earth... the animals found in the rainforests and other warm climates, didn't exist in Baymard.

Instead animals like the bisons, moose, beavers, hares, black bears, grizzly bears, polar bears, foxes, wolves, Bobcats, lynx and mountain lions (cougars), existed within the mountain forests.

This world also had strange animals that never existed on earth as well.

Like the wild snowy boar, which looked like a mixture between a regard bore and a fox... Its fur was as white as snow, and its had a horn at the center of its head.

Don't dont let it's cute appearance deceive you... this animal was as huge and ferocious as a lion.

Hence the inner forest region was extremely dangerous for normal people.

Although the workers had to sit on those heavy machines and work, one could never to too sure when it came to safety.

So with the soldiers protecting the workers all day, Landon would feel relieved knowing that they were safe.

Speaking of protection, while construction was going on, he would also a.s.sign several other soldiers to scout the area ahead, just in case any other visitors were thinking of coming to Baymard.

The new binoculars could see things from miles away... so if they really saw anyone, they could quickly alert the workers to stop working and drive the machines back into the city.

And although the system would always notify him of any visitors, it would be strange if Landon knew of any visits before the soldiers on the gates.

Hence he needed a scouting team, so as not to look suspicious in front of the people.. lest they think that he was a G.o.d something.

After all Landon was still acting weak... so he didn't want anyone to find out about Baymard's achievements.

For now, it was time to focus on the city wall.

"Your majesty.... would do we do with the s.p.a.ce between both city walls? ... And what do we call it?" Tim asked curiously.

It always seemed like his majesty was 1000 steps ahead of them all when it came to using his brain.

Landon looked at Tim and smiled.

"Let's call it King's Landing.

As for how we'll use the land s.p.a.ce...hehehhe... it's a surprise."

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