--Outskirts Of Cronkit City, Arcadina--


In the dead of night... the frosted rain, trickled down ont 5 hooded men who were currently making their way deep into the forest.

They quickly rode their horses and hurriedly arrived at their destination.

When they were certain that they weren't being followed, all 5 of them jumped off their horses and quickly tied them to several trees, a little further away from their destination.

Walking forward, they moved towards a secret cave, that was well disguised within a ma.s.sive gathering of trees and shrubs.

The entrance of the cave was dark, cold and awfully quiet..... but unknown to these men, several hidden guards keenly watched their every move.

After walking into the cave for 7 minutes, they finally saw 3 floating lights coming their way.

Of course even though it looked like it was floating, they immediately knew that people were definitely headed towards them..so they stopped and waited for the carriers of the fire torches to approach.

"Young Lord, my master has been expecting you." Said the leader of the 3 men who carried those torches.

They nodded and followed these strangers deeper into the cave.

They walked in complete silence for another 10 minutes, and finally arrived at a stairway made from mud and sticks.

Looking down, the men thought that this was the longest stairway that they had ever seen in their lives.

They had been walking on these never ending stairs for 45 minutes now, and had been moving upwards, downwards and even sideways during their journey.

The men felt like they had been climbing and descending several hills....And it almost seemed like there was no end to these stairs at all.

[What a long a** stairway], they thought.

After their 45 minute journey, the men arrived at an extremely wide platform at the top of the stairs.

The other end of the platform had 2 ma.s.sive boulders, that sandwiched another stairway in between them.

The men began climbing the stairway and after 5 minutes, they had finally reached the end of their underground journey.

Standing on another platform were 8 guards that surrounded a ma.s.sive iron door.

'Knock! Knock! Knock!', one of the guards at the door knocked it 3 times, indicating for it to be opened.

They immediately stepped through the door... And to their surprise, they found themselves within a room in the city which they had just sneaked out of.

How did they know that they were back in the city?

Looking outside the windows, they could see the famous 'Gilburn building' within Cronkit City.

So they had just been walking underground the forest towards the city this whole time?

Anyway... the small room thet they were in, was very dusty... and the walls gave off the feeling that they would break down at any moment.

The 3 men continued to lead them past different rooms within the building.

And finally, they once again went through another secret pa.s.sage which led them to a ma.s.sive room that was fit for a king.

Was this all within the broken building that they had just walked through?

Why did this hidden room look like this, when the others looked deserted?

Looking at the golden floors and walls.. as well as the beautifully crafted Furniture, the men felt like this room showcased how rich the owner was.

The room was also filled with several beautiful women, who were all naked.

Some played around in a little pond at the center of the room, while others laid down at the sides of the ponds, eating and drinking wine.

Some were even making out with each other, while looking at the men seductively.

There were also those who played instruments, while others danced completely naked... shaking their firm bosoms and b.u.t.tocks in front of the men.

These beauties could definitely tempt even the most holiest of men, if they didn't have enough will power within them.

Their faces were pure, clean, and innocent looking.. while their bodies were literally temples of sin.

But even though these women looked innocent and inviting, they always had several tasks to complete every time visitors came along.

For example if an enemy or several unexpected and uninvited guests arrived , then these women had to successfully seduce them.

As well as give them poisonous wine and food to eat.

And when these men successfully fall into their hands, it was also their job to kill them and dispose of their bodies.

Although these women weren't trained fighters, they were given several hidden daggers for the completion of their mission.

They usually hide their daggers under the rugs, within the pond, and all other hidden areas within the room.

Of course if their seduction game failed, then they needed to wait for the right opportunity to attack their enemies with these weapons.

And when the visitors were welcomed guests, they had to successfully seduce them, so as to make most business transactions favorable their boss.

The men swallowed hard and forced themselves to look away from these beautiful women.

In fact, some of them were starting to have b.o.n.e.rs just from looking at these women kissing, rubbing each other and shaking their endowments in front of them.

It was truly a nightmare.

"Please wait here, while we inform master of your arrival." Said one of the 3 men who led them here.

Once those 3 left them, the women slowly walked toward them like nymphs, and started talking to them and caressing their bodies.

Infact, one of the women playfully traced her fingers around one of the men's junk and chest, instantly making him hard.

"While you wait, would you like to have a good time?" She asked in a low but playful voice.

The man had a hard time rejecting such a beautiful and innocent girl, so he looked at his leader in hopes that his leader would reject her for him.

They were here for business... and although, everyone would love to have a piece of these girls, it was to risky at the moment.

Firstly, they hadn't taken permission yet.. so what if after touching these women, the owner of the place threatens to kill them?

Would they really take such a huge risk over their wild desires and fantasies?

And to make matters worse, this wasn't even their turf.

For all they knew, this could be a well designed trap for them.. although they highly doubted that such innocent women would ever have the intentions to hurt them.

"I'm sorry ladies.. we are here for business so we can't really do that for now okay?" Said their leader in a soft and coaxing way.

Just then, one of the hidden guards who had been watching the men, sneakily left and hurried to inform his master.


"So your saying that they didn't fall for the bait?"

"Yes master... they didn't fall for it." replied the guard.

"You may leave now."

The guard who was kneeling on one leg, got up, bowed at his master and quickly left the room.

"Hmmmmm it seems like they aren't the type to do pleasure before business...

Since you 3 led them here, complete the job and bring them to me."

"Yes Master"

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