-The Royal Palace, The empire of Arcadina-


"No! No! No!!!!

What the h.e.l.l is this supposed to be?

Janette looked at the high polished silver mirror and frowned at her own reflection.

How could the tailor still mess her wedding gown up at a time like this?

This was the 6th time that she had tried on the same dress.. and every time, she would notice one or 2 mistakes with it.

Her wedding was going to take place on November 5th.... which was 2 weeks from now, and this was what she was going to wear?

In this continent, wedding gowns were typically honey colored... to represent the bright s.h.i.+ning sun, that would light up and bless the groom with every good thing in life.

The golden dress had thin strips of white fabric placed around the neck, waist, sleeves and the bottom region of the gown, to represent purity of the bride.

Although every wedding dress had the same color, it was still up to the bride to come up with her own unique design..... Provided the gown didn't go above her ankles.

The bride also had to make sure that her back and b.r.e.a.s.t.s weren't exposed as well.

In the Pyno continent, the brides usually wore hair veils on their heads, so that only their faces could be seen.

But Jenette really wanted to stand out more... so she wanted her hair to be let free on that day, she wanted her man to be mesmerized when he saw her.

As for her wedding dress...she wanted several flower patterns, to be placed on different areas on the dress.

And although her dress was long and form fitting, she had chosen to go for an off-the-shoulder gown, that had large arm sleeves and a slit in the right side of the gown which stopped at knee level.

Yes.. she wanted a slit.

When she dried on her wedding gown for the first time, she had accidentally ripped the bottom part making a slit.

When she looked at the silver mirror, she was shocked at how s.e.xy it looked.

Hence she decided to keep and modify this beautiful mistake, for her wedding.

Jenette knew that because of her reputation, people wouldn't really bother about the slit... but if it were someone else wearing such a look, people would immediately call the person a sl**.


"You tell me.... how the h.e.l.l an I suppose to mesmerize my fiance in this hideous dress?!!" Jennette screamed.

"But...but..but my princess, you are definitely gorgeous in this dress.

I'm sure that he would love you no matter how you looked." Said the s.h.i.+vering royal tailor as he looked at Jenette.

Although everyone often said that this princess was the most purest and kindest of all, how could he not know her true self?

He had been the royal tailor for 20 years now.... And because of this, he was well versed with this so called pure maiden.

Everytime the royal family had events coming up, he and his subordinates...would personally take their measurements and make several clothing items for them.

Actually from a bystanders point of view, Janette looked absolutely stunning.

But in Jennet's eyes, she looked nothing more than her usual self.

And that's not what she wanted for her wedding day at all.

She wanted to be the most beautiful maiden in all the land..... she wanted to outs.h.i.+ne everyone, so that no one would stand a chance in trying to seduce her husband later on.

Right now, she looked like her regular gorgeous self, so where was the magic?

Didn't they all say that wearing a wedding gown would make one look like a G.o.ddess.

Right now, she looked like a stunning Mortal maiden... but who the heck wanted to look like that?

She wanted to rival even her ancestors who were now G.o.ds, so how could she be pleased with this kind of c.r.a.ppy work?

To be fair, it was the mirrors fault and not the tailors.

Since these people didn't have gla.s.s mirrors, they polished flat silver or even copper and gold surfaces, to make mirrors.

These sort of mirrors could only reflect light by 20 to 30%... So the image on the mirror wasn't exactly clear, and didn't really show the real beauty of the person.

"Shut up!!!!!!

Excuses, excuses... that's all you know how to do.

Are you saying that I, the first princess of Arcadina, is blind?!!!!

Are you saying that my eyes are deceiving me?

I've told you that I don't like it, so stop making excuses for your work!!!" Jenette yelled.

"Didn't you just hear what she said?

my friend here said that you should fix it up... so just do your job!!!

Why are you even a royal tailor if you can't even sew properly?"

Standing beside Jenette was her long time friend, Barbara Salazar.

Barbara came from one of the high cla.s.s n.o.ble families, and had been friends with Jenette ever since she was 10 years old.

Barbara was more like a lackey that followed Jenette everywhere she went.

If someone bullied Jenette, Barbara would be the first one to attack or plan the person's demise.

"Listen carefully, I want the waist a little tighter, the breast line a little lower, and the slit a little wider!!" Jenette commanded.

"B...but.. my princess, wouldn't that be too shameful?

People who were those clothes are typically seen as...as.... "

"Are you trying to say that I'm a harlot?"

"No no no..my princess... all I'm trying to say is that..."

"Shut up and do what I say!!!" Jennette yelled back at the tailor.

"Y....yes....yes yes my princess.. I... I will personally adjust it once I leave .

This.. this time, it will be perfect." The tailored rea.s.sured while bowing several times.

"A princess threatening a poor defenseless worker?... how fascinating.."

Jenette and everyone in the room turned towards the door, and saw the devil herself walking towards them.

Angelina Dwight!!

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