Chapter 559: Surrounding To Watch

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[A newcomer just arrived. Is she the gourmet streamer?] from What The Hell Aston.

[Come on, newcomer. Report your bust, waist and hip sizes. Then I’ll tell how awesome stomach of our Lingzi is] from White ケツ.

[She’s not the gourmet steamer. We are actually here to watch Lingzi refresh our worldview. She has just eaten up two bowls of Egg Fried Rice] from Midsummer Time.

[This is the Big Belly Streamer. Please call her Big Belly Lingzi] from Holy Mythology.

[Come one, Lingzi. Say something about the taste of the Egg Fried Rice] from Asura That Loves Candies.

“Welcome to the new friends. I’m Big Belly Lingzi and I have just eaten up two servings of Egg Fried Rice cooked by Boss Yuan.” While Lingzi was having meal earnestly, a few more newcomers rushed into the live show.

In quick succession, Lingzi saw the messages that asked her to speak about the taste on the screen

“As for the taste, it’s simply fantastic. It’s so delicious that I almost forgot to describe it to you guys. My trip here isn’t for nothing. I feel that I can eat up three menus worth of dishes.” Lingzi patted her own face in disbelief and appeared quite happy.

“Alright, I’m not going to talk with you al now. Let me taste the set meal and see what makes it so special. But there seems to be only one extra pickled dish and a bowl of seaweed soup.” Lingzi immediately signaled Brother Feng to move the camera lens to the Egg Fried Rice Set that had just been carried onto the table.

[Lingzi, drink the soup first. It’s said to be very good.] Asura that Loves Candies directly sent a few messages consecutively to suggest her.

“Okay. I’ll take your suggestions and try the seaweed soup first.” Lingzi was very happy to satisfy her


As for Asura, whose suggestions were adopted, he directly offered several rockets (currency gifts) to repay her.

As a wealthy person, he just did that capriciously.

Lingzi thanked him first before she started to drink the soup.

She had originally intended to drink a mouthful of the soup and then speak about the taste.

However, once the refreshing and tender seaweed that still carried the flavor of the seawater entered the mouth, Lingzi immediately forgot her original purpose.

After a sound of “Gu Dong Gu Dong”, she drank up the entire bowl of the soup in a few gulps.

“Peng”, Lingzi suddenly set down the bowl and said excitedly with her eyes glittering.

“Yum. It tastes so good. Asura, your suggestion is too wonderful. How could the soup be so delicious? It appears to be no more than just seaweed and soup, but it surprisingly tastes so refreshing.” Lingzi directly showed the empty bowl to her audiences.

[Humm. The bowl is so clean. Did you lick? Did you lick the bowl just now, Lingzi?] from Too Much Pressure From Books.

[It looks really tasty. I have never seen Lingzi so entranced] from Yueming Song 007.

[The rumor seems to be true.] from Asura That Loves Candies.

[What’s the rumor, Asura?] from Pomelo Color Rendering.

[This restaurant is said to be magical. Every dish is so delicious that the taste can even conquer the stomach of Michelin Three Star Chefs] Asura That Loves Candies directly sent messages on the screen.

“Right on. Asura is right. It’s really very tasty. I’m going to continue with the next bowl.” Lingzi chimed in joyfully and then started to eat again.

It was just a piece of cake for Lingzi to eat four bowls of Egg Fried Rice plus two small bowls of seaweed soup and two small plates of pickled radishes. She didn’t even need to make any preparations before she ate it up.

Essentially, the dishes in Yuan Zhou’s restaurant had more or less the same amount with those served in other restaurants. A serving of any of the dishes was barely enough for a girl while a man would only be 80% full.

If something was too delicious, one wouldn’t feel full at all even if one was actually sated. Therefore, Lingzi began to eat another delicacy very quickly. After all, her stomach was a dozen of times bigger than ordinary people.

However, she would make an introduction every time a dish was served.

In just a little while, Lingzi had already eaten up 10 dishes on the menu. As the same dishes were ordered for two people, she had actually eaten up 20 dishes.

As a result, even the customers who didn’t really care about Lingzi also got astonished.

“Is the girl alright? How can she eat so much?” Other customers at the side began to ask.

“Yeah. Boss Yuan, why don’t you ask her to eat less? That’s terrible.” A customer straightforwardly stopped Yuan Zhou who had just carried the dishes to others.

“Never mind. She’s fine.” Yuan Zhou looked at Lingzi carefully and then said affirmatively.

“Really?” Seeing Lingzi still eating ceaselessly, another customer asked with a tone of disbelief.

“Yes.” Yuan Zhou nodded the head. Then, he turned around and continued cooking the dishes.

“She’s so enviable!” Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and sighed slowly.

“What do you envy her for?” A customer looked at Wu Hai with puzzlement.

“I can eat much more if I can have such a good stomach.” Wu Hai said primly.

After he said that, Wu Hai acted as if he had thought of something. Then, he turned around and walked towards Lingzi.

Customers in the restaurant were all a little stupefied. Actually, they were very cautious when they watched Lingzi eat. Only those who waited in line surrounded Lingzi curiously. Fortunately, they didn’t say anything as the girl was broadcasting a live show.

However, exclamations were inevitable.

“Hey. If you eat up so many dishes, don’t you feel uncomfortable?” During the gap after Lingzi ate up a plate of food, Wu Hai asked her.

“Huh? No, I don’t.” Lingzi was stunned for a moment before she answered.

“Then can I also have such a strong stomach by exercising? How do you exercise?” Wu Hai asked quite earnestly.

“No, you can’t. I’m born with it.” Lingzi stuck out her chest and said proudly.

“What a pity! If only you can give half of your stomach to me.” Wu Hai muttered to himself while stroking his small mustaches.

“Heihei.” When Lingzi saw Wu Hai envy her so much, she stroked her own short hair and said happily.

“Brother Wu, what do you want such an astonishing stomach for?” Man Man asked with puzzlement.

“In this case, I can eat all the dishes on the menu for every meal and won’t need to worry that I can’t eat it next time. Besides, I can have meals very happily.” Wu Hai revealed a regretful look while looking at the menu on the wall and then at Lingzi.

Man Man then turned speechless. It really sounded like one of Wu Hai’s idea. Everything was for the sake of eating, for eating more.

Meanwhile, the audiences in the live show also began to leave messages.

[Haha. This small-mustache man is so lovable. Look at his envious eyes] from Xuanyuan And Sky.

[Yeah. I can feel him almost drooling due to the envy. But speaking of that, it’s really good for Lingzi to have a big belly. If she can eat something delicious, she can eat her fill without worrying about her figure. Actually, I’m also very jealous of her] from Chinese Ink.

[She doesn’t need to worry about her figure. Yeah, that’s true] from Front Door Little White.

[I feel men and women are all jealous of Lingzi in this way. Look! The figure of Lingzi is considered to be well-proportioned] from Rice Cake.

“Okay. Lingzi is going to eat again. The dishes served this time seem to be a little different.” Lingzi looked the two dishes just served and said.

At the other side, Brother Feng directly moved the camera lens to the two dishes.

[I don’t see any difference. Isn’t it merely the braised pork?] from Severely Aching.

[Yeah. Lingzi, this is braised pork. This dish basically exists in every banquet. I don’t like it as I feel it’s too oily] from Expecting Predestined Love 2012.

[Lingzi, say something about the differences. From my perspective of view, I only feel that the appearance of this dish is good] from Seaman 0417.

“You might see no difference in the camera lens, but from my point of view, it’s quite different. Wait for me to inform you all after I eat it.” Lingzi didn’t tell them directly, but kept them guessing.

As for the dish, it was also true to call it Preserved Vegetables & Pork. However, it was actually one of the five Dongjiang cuisines that Yuan Zhou had drawn lottery of. Its full name was Dongpo Pork Cooked with Preserved Vegetables.

That’s right. Again, it had something to do with that literary giant. After all, he was a man with talent that supported an entire region’s cuisines.

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