Angelina Dwight!!

Jenette had never forgotten the insults that this b**ch had given her within the auction house.

"What are you doing here?!!" Jennette yelled out, in anger.

Since this was her private chambers, she could drop the white lotus act and show her true self at will.

"Woowww!!!!.... Easy there princess.

Looking at you, one would think that you were some sort of wild animal in the forest

Look.... you're even scaring this poor worker over here." Angela replied with a charming smile on her face.

Messing around with Jenette always made her day.

"B**ch get straight to the point!!!" Barbara yelled out in anger.

"Sigh... I only came here because my uncle the king, had important issues to discuss with my father.. so he immediately requested that I join you here at once.

Also.... I miss you so much, so didn't you miss me too?"

"Who the h.e.l.l would ever miss you?.. get the h.e.l.l out of here right now!!" Jenette yelled back.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm get out!!" Jennette yelled again.

Jenette was so angry that she felt like smas.h.i.+ng Angela's head with a rock.

If not for this heavy wedding dress that she was wearing, she would have pounced on Angela right now.

Just because Angela's aunt is the first queen of Arcadina, didn't mean that she should think of herself as a princess as well.

She always likes to say things like: my uncle the king, my cousin the crown prince, my aunt the first queen and so on.

Since when did relating to royalty, make one a princess?

Like Jenette had said, when she successfully killed her father, this b**ch here would be the first to go.

"Didn't you hear what the princess had just said? Leave now!!!" Barbara yelled.

Angela smirked as she looked at dummy 1 and dummy 2.

"Awwww you guys are no fun.....fine, I'll go."

Janette and Barbara sneered at her and began smiling.

'This is my house b**ch, what else can you do but listen to my orders?

Let me see how long you can keep that haughty att.i.tude of yours in front of me.' Jenette thought.

"I'll go.

I'll go and tell uncle that you and your friend here, defied his orders and drove me out.

Bye bye." Angela said, as she playfully turned around to leave the room.

Instantly, both Jenette and Barbara turned pale.

Jenette knew that what her father hated the most, was to have his orders defied... so her father would definitely not take it lightly with her.

And given Angela's personality, she was the sort of person to use her white lotus act to even barge into her father's meeting room.

If she barged in crying, Jenette's father... as well as Angela's father, would definitely think that her and Barbara ganged up on poor Angela.

Plus what Alec Barn hated the most, was to be disgraced in front of several guests.

For a man with a big ego complex, everything order he gave out, had to be followed to the latter.

Barbara also knew this as well.

For her, Jenette's father would probably say that it was under her influence that his daughter drove Angela away.

She would definitely be used as the scapegoat in this matter.

Although they didn't like Angela, it seemed like driving her away would only get them into more trouble.

"Wait!!!"... they both shouted out at once.

Angela smiled and turned around to face them.

"You! ... you.. you can't you even take a joke?.. we were just joking with you.. so stay a little longer..." Barbara said, while choking on her own words.

Begging this b**ch to stay was one of the hardest things that she had ever done in her life.

"Just!!!... just.... stay, we were only joking with you!" Barbara said.

"Really?" Angela asked playfully, while looking at Jenette.

"Y..yes", Jenette said while struggling to reign in her anger.

Angela looked at the expressions of Barbara and Jenette, and couldn't help laughing.

They really looked like they had just eaten dog sh**.

"Hahahaha.. this is really hysterical.

I suppose I should tell you both the truth as well.

Hehehehe... what I said before was only a joke, so don't take it seriously alright?

What!!!..... Did you really think that I would bother my father's meeting, just so that I could complain about some insignificant ants?

Heheheh... Janette, do I look that petty to you?

It was really only a joke..... but who knew that you both would beg me to stay?

I feel really touched, so I will forgive you all for the troubles that you both have caused me throughout the years.

After all, Janette.... just like your friend here, you are truly a demented woman.

So there's no point with me getting angry at mad people.

Well ....let me not keep you from trying out your dress.

Ohhh.. by the way, the issue isn't the dress or the tailor... the issue here is you.

Like I've said... once your ugly, you'll always remain ugly." Angela said, leaving the fuming ladies behind.

Only a joke?

Insignificant ants?

Demented women?

Who the f*** did she think she was?

If all this was only a joke, then why did she have to make them beg her to stay?


Jenette decided to calm herself down.... soon her plans would be in motion.

Just 2 more weeks, and all goals would be realised.

On her wedding day, she would be made ruler of Arcadina.

On that day, Alec Barn would die!!!!

Just thinking about it made her laugh hysterically.

'Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha'

Barbara was stunned, and instantly became a little fearful towards Jenette.

Who the h.e.l.l laughs when being insulted?

Only a fool that's who!!!

Had Angela finally succeeded in making her friend mental?

"Jenny?.. Jenny!!! speak to me!!" Barbara said as she shook Jennette vigorously on the her shoulders.

Jenette didn't even respond to her, and kept laughing like a crazed person.

What the h.e.l.l was happening to her friend?

Could it be?

Was she truly a demented woman?

Jenette was laughing out loud, while hitting the table and opening her eyes as wide as she could.

Even the tailor was somewhat shaken by her laughter.

Looking at Jenette, the poor tailor had concluded that what miss Angela said was right.

Yup!!... She was definitely insane.


Unknown to everyone in the room, a mysterious hooded man smiled to himself.. as he watched the entire drama unfold.


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