Back on Baymard, the military cla.s.s named 'Obstacle course', was currently going on... and Gary was the teacher for today's cla.s.s.

"Come on, Keep up! Keep up!!" He commanded, as he tried to keep the 'military Privates' motivated.

But even though he made sure to focus on everyone, he still found himself constantly looking at a certain little lamb the most.

Ruby was her name, and she was currently 17 years old.

This little lamb that came to Baymard in May, had made the 23 year old Gary feel his heart beat loudly whenever she was around him.

At first, he didn't understand why he felt that way towards her.

Well... Gary was a typical blockhead when it came to romance.

He thought that a lot of women were beautiful... but he had never felt like he should engage romantically with anyone.... that is until a month ago, when he finally realized that he wanted her as his woman.

It took him 5 months to realize this fact.

When his little lamb came to Baymard, she was quiet and weaker than her current self.

But as time went on, her military skills had vastly improved.... and now, she could be seen as one of the top fighters in her batch.

Although he called her 'little lamb', she didn't possess the gentleness that a lamb usually portrayed.

She was stubborn, hard-headed, free spirited and very compet.i.tive.. and for some reason, she seemed to hate him with pa.s.sion.

Before.... Gary used to think that only girls who were damsels in distress and weak, were what women should be like.

But ever since he had come to Baymard with Landon, he had quickly realised that he personally didn't approve of women who waited for things to be handed over to them.

Women now had jobs, and could also fight better than a lot of soldiers within the army.

This showed that with proper training, women too could do what men did.

Hence his mindset had changed, and now... he liked girls like his little lamb.

If his little lamb was ever in danger, kidnapped or even abused.... he was sure that she would fight her attackers with all her strength, than wait around for someone to save her.

He was very sure that in situations like these, his little lamb would probably be able to escape on her own..... way before he showed up to save her.

It wasn't just him.

Most men now liked girls who worked and brought in a certain amount of pay to aid in the running of their homes.

One could never be too certain of the future, so it was better for their wives to work.... in case something happened to them.

In that way, they would be sure that even if they died, their wives would still be able to move on with their lives.. and work steadily to take care of their children.

And of course, there were still others that liked girls who stayed at home and waited on them.

For every type of woman, there would always be a man for them.

"Private Ruby!!!....Keep up!

Why the h.e.l.l are you so slow today?!!" Gary yelled out.

He had found out that he loved teasing his little lamb daily...if he found the time that is....hehehe.

Ruby looked at Gary and gritted her teeth in anger.

If he wasn't her superior, she would have brawled with him right at this moment.

Everyone who had heard Gary, immediately giggled.

It seemed like Major General Gary, loved to tease his future wife.

Who didn't know of their 'love'?

Everyone within the camp.. always saw their interactions like flirting, while both parties involved thought that the other side hated them.

Gary looked at Ruby who looked like she could eat him raw, and smiled.

'Truly a wild thing'

"Private Ruby!!

If you have time to look at me like that, then you have time to run 3 extra laps around the obstacle course at the end of cla.s.s.. Pay attention!!!"

"Yess sir!!" Ruby answered while blus.h.i.+ng.

Everyone immediately misunderstood and thought that she had been looked at Gary romantically.

'b.a.s.t.a.r.d', she thought.

Why did this idiot seem to hate her so much?

And how the h.e.l.l had she actually fallen in love with him?

He always gave her a hard time around the barracks and during cla.s.s.

Actually, the real teacher of the cla.s.s was actually another Warren Officer... but because of her, Gary had decided to teach 3 every month.. just so that he could see her.

But of course, she didn't know any of that... all Ruby knew was that the man that she loved, hated her and picked on her whenever he could.

"Girl..hehehehe.. must you flirt with your boyfriend in front of us all?" Her friend Ava, playfully complained.

"Right!! At least flirt after cla.s.s...heheheh" Yara teased.

Ruby looked at her friends and instantly became speechless.

How was this considered flirting?

Where they truly blind?

Couldn't they see that this villain had been bullying her all day long?

And since when was Major General Gary her boyfriend?

Although she would love that very much, the general seemed to hate her guts.... so how was she supposed to become his official girlfriend?

Ruby felt a little envious of her friends for finally getting the men that they wanted... while she on the other hand, was clearly a man repellant.

Every month, there would be a ranking list for all subjects... and every month, she would be ranked around the fifth position within her batch.. which were those that came during May.

This proved that her combat skills, were current stronger than several hundreds of people in her batch.

And when people looked at her thin but fit body frame, they usually found it hard to believe that this was the same girl who had pinned several guys down, and gave them K.Os.

Her friend Ava, was ranked 2nd for military tactics.

While her friend Yara, was ranked 7th for gun handling and was very rare that she would miss her target.

In addition, because all 3 girls were beauties with skills, the soldiers within the barracks had a lot of respect for them.

Hence these girls were now called the 'Heavenly trio'.

And within this group, everyone else had finally gotten their dream man...except for her.

Her friend Ava, was currently dating Major General Mark.

Major General Mark was the shy type, while Ava was the bold type.

Mark would blush so hard whenever he was close to her.. and Ava would flirt and torment the poor guy whenever she saw him.

But when Ava and she would go to their dormitories to sleep, Ava would tell her about how cute and handsome Mark was... and how much she loved him.

Ruby was always surprised at how much Ava would switch personalities, when it concerned Mark.

That guy was probably the only one who could make her friend feel like a love-struck 5 year old kid.

During August, Ava became annoyed at how long it took for Mark to ask her out... so she marched up to him, grabbed his s.h.i.+rt collar, and told him that:

[From now on, we were dating.

You are mine, and I am yours!...Is that clear General?]

The poor major general instantly smiled and nodded sheepishly.... from his face, one could see that his wish had finally come true as well.

As for her friend Yara, Captain Trey was already dating her.

Yara was like her, very shy and ridiculously awkward when it came to love.

Captain Trey wooed her constantly, and finally made her fall for him.

But in her case, the man she loved seemed to hate her completely.


The cla.s.s ended and everyone got ready to leave.

"Private Ruby!!! Are you going somewhere?

You haven't forgotten about your punishment, have you?" Gary asked with a charming smile on his face.

"No sir!" She replied in anger, while her friends were giggling at the back.

"Well..... I'll leave you to it....lest I ruin your date..heheheh." Ava said while leaving.

"Hihihihi... Have fun Ru!!" Yara said while following behind Ava.

How was this considered a date?

"Private Ruby!.. You know the drill.

start running!" Gary said.

If eyes could kill, Gary would have been dead by now.

She grumbled while running, and Gary followed behind her silently.

Gary had always known that this little lamb of his was strong.... so he knew that in no time, she would be joining them for battle, which he didn't want to happen.

In his mind, he had already made plans for her to stay within Baymard forever.

She could handle the cannons and other weapons during battles within Baymard.

But if there were battles out of Baymard, he wasn't so sure that he would ever agree to such a thing.

Not only him... Even his friends Mark and Trey, had also said that they would never allow it as well.

He knew that she would greatly oppose his decision..... but so what? He was doing it for her own good.

She didn't know it yet, but she was his everything.

And he would rather she hated him, than for her to loose her life outside on a mission.

"Alright private, you've successfully completed your punishment."

As Gary spoke, he moved closer to Ruby very slowly.

Her heart was pounding and her face was flushed red.

Gary stepped closer and lifted her chin gently.

"Private Ruby....

What do I do now?... it seems that I'm madly in love with you."

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