While Gary was busy tormenting his little future wife, Landon was currently in the food industry.

"Do we have enough animal feed for the winter?" Landon asked.

"Yes your majesty... we have enough food for twice the amount of animals at hand right now." Lyore answered.

"Hmmm..that's good.... although there's enough animal feed, continue storing more for now.

Don't forget that at the start of each month, more and more animals will be added to what we already have.

Hence we will have more animal mouths to feed.....

That reminds me.....are the new animal shelter buildings ready yet?"

"Hmm.. no your majesty, not yet." Lyore answered.

For winter... the first thing one had to do, was to ensure that all the animals were kept warm and safe during that period.

Hence, these animals would have to be removed from those horse sheds at the back of the food industry, and placed within warm stone buildings.

So since the Textile industry had just moved out of those 4 buildings, Landon had requested for the chickens, goats and so on... to move into them.

For now, the workers were still making sheds by putting dividers within all rooms within those buildings, so as to accommodate all the animals.

And once everything was completed, all the animals would move in for the winter.

As for the horses gotten from the war with shannon... ever since August, they had already been placed within an estate in the upper region.

So Landon didn't really have to worry about them at all.

Speaking of horses, these animals could actually do fine living outside during winter...As long as they were metabolically healthy, receive enough calories, have enough water and good warm horse blankets around them.

Yes... horses used a lot of calories during winter to keep themselves warm... so it was important for them to constantly take in these calories daily.

That's why during winter, they needed high quality 'hay diets' at all times.

Hence ever since August, Landon had been storing hundreds of dry hay bundles within the warehouse at the horse estate.

And although horses could survive outdoors during winter, Landon had still made different stables within the horse estate for them.

What the horses hated the most wasn't the snow falling on them, but the harsh winds blowing on their bodies... which made it hard for them to tolerate the winter.

Hence when winter hurricanes or harsh conditions come about, Landon would have them stay within the estates.

But on a sunny day, Landon would let them play with the snow around the estate all day long.

Horses were free spirited animals, so keeping them locked up throughout the winter was definitely a No No.

As for the animals in the lower estate, all of them would be kept indoors throughout the winter.

There was no way that Landon would let those baby chicks and other animals stay within those broken down wooden sheds during the winter.

Hence he had decided to move them into those stone buildings within the food industry, lest the winter winds destroyed those sheds.. and blow away some of the smaller animals.


The second thing that Landon wanted to look at, were the crops.

Ever since September, they had been focusing on planting foods that would grow well during the winter.

For example, corn, beans, cuc.u.mbers and eggplants could only grow well during hot climates.

So if they were to continue growing them... even if a few manage to grow, more than 90% planted would die from the harsh weather conditions.

Hence it was beneficial for them to stop planting foods that do well in heat, and start focusing on those that that grew well during the winter.

Crops like lettuce, spinach, leeks, cabbage, carrots, 'Winter rye', 'winter Barley' and 'winter wheats', were the perfect example of winter crops.

"Your majesty.. ....since some food types are going to be scarce during the winter, what do we do if we need them?" Lyore asked.

In fact, Landon had already thought of a solution for this.

Back on earth, the reason why one would see warm season foods being sold during the winter, was because of exportation and importation.

People bought and s.h.i.+pped foods from Africa, the caribbeans and other hot climate regions, to their countries during the winter.

But right now, Landon only had Santa as his official merchant... so if any particular food type was about to run out, Baymard would just have to buy them from Santa.

"Don't worry about that too much, we will buy them from young master Hamilton (Santa) if we need anything.

So what I need you, your accountants, auditors and secretaries to do....is to look over all the record books for each food type, and verify the amount that is generally sold and bought by the people during each month.

For example, I want to know how many bags of beans are usually bought and sold in the stores every month.

The same goes for all food items.. irrespective of whether they're winter or summer crops.

Make sure your estimates also include all the new people that would arrive Baymard at the start of every month.

And once you do that, give it to Chief Gregory within the Baymard Council of Agriculture, in the upper region.

He will know what to do."

Chief Gregory was the main head of the agricultural council, hence he also had the duty of making sure that the people never lacked food within Baymard.

Landon had given him a number of secretaries, accountants and a lot of money as his capital.

During times like this, he was supposed to budget what food stuffs Baymard needed, and buy it from Santa.

From there, he would sell it to the food industry and all other commercial stores and so on.

He was also in charge of exportation of food.

So in the future if the food industry had goods like chocolate bars, they would sell them to him.... and he would sell them to Santa and other merchants.

For now, these responsibilities were part of Gregory's job, since there weren't a lot of workers right now.

But in the future, it would be given to the merchants of Baymard.... and Gregory would only have to collect the import and export taxes from them.

In terms of food and Agriculture, Baymard was definitely ready for the worst case scenario.

Even if Landon hadn't opted to buy these summer grown foods from Santa, Baymard would still have its winter grown food stuffs.... so starvation would definitely not happen.

Well for now, they were pretty much prepared for the winter.


--Secret Base, somewhere in Arcadina--


"Welcome back young master... the Lord and Madam have been waiting for your return impatiently."

The young man unhurriedly walked into the base, and immediately found his parents and uncles.

"Wi...w.i.l.l.y.... you're back!!" Mona Ferris yelled out excitedly.

"Welcome back son!!" Oden Barn said.

"Little w.i.l.l.y is finally back!!!" his uncle Nurrel Ferris said.

"Aye Aye Aye!!!... my nephew is now called the Ghostly prince, so how can you still call him Little w.i.l.l.y?" Said his other uncle Powin Ferris.

"Alright knock it off you two....so little w.i.l.l.y, how did it go?"

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